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    Narrate and sing my story: Creative writing for infants.

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    * I am a writer and I remember the girl I was writing and reading as a perennial and beautiful game. My classes aim to promote the imagination and habit of reading in childhood, so that, through an assertive textual understanding and proper management of writing tools, each child is able to narrate in prose or verses their own stories.
    ** I do not promise to make writers, but better people. Read and interpret adequately trains for the solution of situations in all other instances of life. Write with ease and correction propitiates an intimate and collective space for creativity. Imagining with freedom feeds that growth towards the best version of each one of us in adulthood.
    (We can do the course for adults too, even interactive with the family)

    Extra information

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    Essential materials: a notebook, a pen or pencil, desire to read, imagination and respect.


    At student's location: Around Madrid, Spain

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    General info


    School, Spanish for adults


    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    45 minutes
    60 minutes
    90 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    Spanish, English

    About Me

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    I am a Cuban writer. My first novel, The four vertices of the triangle, is available to everyone on the internet; You can also read my Rumiante blog. I have taught Spanish Language and Literature to adolescents for four years, then Cuban Literature at the University of the Arts ISA (in Havana).

    In my experience, it is not about children and teenagers today not like to read, but that they do not know what they would like to read. This occurs due to weak or null reading patterns and competition with new entertainment (video games, etc.), but also, to a large extent, due to the distance they perceive between writing and reading, because they do not establish a relationship between these processes that all We do: each one of us writes his own story and is reading (trying to understand) that of others.

    I propose ten personalized classes where we will start with the diagnosis of the reading skills of each student. With this clarity of the starting point, we will do reading workshops of literary works (according to their age) and in each lesson we will practice: first, the elementary writing norms and then, we will nurture the style of each one, in particular, with tools and narrative and poetic techniques. To finish we will have a space for oral narration and other ways to share our writings and ideas in general with the world.

    Reading is not just fun, it's useful. Write the same: give life to a new world, much like playing God ... let's play together.


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    Bachelor of Arts, Hispanic Philology (2011).
    Postgraduate Graduate in Pedagogy (2013).
    Graduated from the Narrative Techniques Course of the Literary Training Center "Onelio Jorge Cardoso" (2015).
    Graduated from the Digital Journalism and Multimedia Course of the IWPR (2017).

    Experience / Qualifications

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    Four years teaching Spanish-Literature (equivalent to Spanish Language and Literature.
    Two years teaching Cuban Literature to the new promotion of artists of the island.
    I wrote for Metropolitan Radio, the Portal of Young Cuban Art, Blasting News and other platforms.

    Some of my publications:
    The four vertices of the triangle. Novel. Ediciones Guantanamera, Seville (2016).
    "Los chiquitos", I tell in the anthology The poetry of life. Druck-Zuck GmbH, Germany (2017).
    "Jugando", I tell in Ariete: Anthology of the youngest Cuban narrative. Ediciones Guantanamera, Seville (2018).
    Poems loose in other anthologies.

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