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70 guitar teachers in Spain

Certified teacher in Rockschool Level 4 Performance Diploma and Grade 8. I have studied musical language and harmony at the Creative Music School. I have taken many Courses on genres such as Blues, Country, Rock'n'Roll, Metal or Funk, Guitar Techniques as well as Masterclasses with great guitarists such as Paul Gilbert or Tomatito. Grim Comet guitarist. National and international tours. Enjoyable electric guitar classes, learning with songs, dealing with harmony, improvisation, riffs, rhythmic patterns, technique and much more. Everything we see in class I will always relate to songs, which is how you really see the usefulness and practical application of what you are studying. I believe that learning should be fun, enjoyable and without pressure to achieve good results. Having specific short, medium and long-term objectives but enjoying the journey. That's why you set the pace and decide what area or style you would like to delve more or less into, and the duration and frequency of the classes. If you are interested in having an official qualification, I can prepare and present you for any Rockschool degree. Availability and flexibility of schedules. During the pandemic, I renewed my entire team to offer an online experience that does not differ from in-person classes. This has allowed me to have students from outside Madrid and Spain. If you have any reluctance, I encourage you to try online and you will see that with my system there is no difference between the two modalities. Find out without obligation! See you!
Guitar · Music theory
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Rosa - Barcelona34€
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Learn to play the guitar (for beginners) or improve your playing (for experts) (Estella-Lizarra)
My review is based on two 60 minute online lessons but also on communication outside of the lessons. Mirko comes across as a genuinely nice guy. When messaged, he responds quickly. Last night I had a small question regarding a piece from our lesson, that I wished would be answered prior to our next meeting and he answered in a very timely fashion and to full satisfaction. If you're someone who wants to build a solid foundation, then I think that you don't need to look any further. Like a concrete slab floor that needs hardening prior to further construction, he doesn't rush through material but makes sure that you're ready before the next stage. As I was not a total beginner, Mirko would start at the lowest or near the lowest entry point after I showed him a range of the things that I was familiar with. So a good starting point for me was a simple I-M rest stroke alternation exercice on the first string and he gradually increased the difficulty. He also introduced me to a short piece that I haven't heard before and right now I can play 40% of it and the plan is to play it fully by the next lesson which is a very realistic goal. When it comes to conveying techniques it would be too early to make a comment because as I already had acquired a reasonably good technique, we didn't focus much on it (yet). I will conclude by saying that if you're someone who doesn't like structure and only wants a taste of everything that a guitar has to offer but not really fully digest anything that is presented in front of you, then skip this teacher. I ,for one, am happy that I found Mirko.
Review by MATTHIAS
Music Lessons Guitar/Bass , Production , Composition , Music Theory (Barcelona)
Francesco is a very skilled and cool teacher. He takes your from your current level and plans out a personalised program for you to improve. His way of using analogies to explain complex terms and make you understand difficult theoretical concepts in a much simpler way is truly impressive. After two months of lessons with Francesco i definitely feel my level of playing has improved a lot. 5/5 would recommend to anyone who wants to take their playing to the next level.
Review by LASSE
Guitar lessons, for Modern and Classical guitar and for all levels! (Madrid)
Rafaelos is a wonderful down to earth teacher. Every lesson has been a blast and he's amazing at helping me develop my musicality. I feel comfortable even when making mistakes due to his relaxing vibe and ability to teach in a way that takes into account my current shortcomings. Thanks for being so patient with me Rafaelos!
Review by JEFFREY