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42 guitar teachers in Spain

Trusted teacher: I like to plan the class ahead of time, preparing what the student wants to study or what I think is convenient to improve for their guitar development. In the class it will also be possible to work on the classical guitar repertoire, read sheet music and others that are deemed necessary to complement the knowledge of the student. On the other hand, in relation to other specific issues of music, I also propose to work on the following topics: Harmony: • Circle of Fifths • Link of chords, treatment of dissonances, type of cadences. • Major Mode • Minor mode (use of forced movement notes) • Interdominants/secondary dominants/first circle of fifths chords. • Chords belonging to the region of the minor subdominant. • Third-party relationships. • Augmented sixth chords (German, Italian and French) and their relationship with the tritonal substitute. • Tensions in the different chords. • Use of disabled people. • Greek modes (major scale, harmonic minor, melodic, other scales). • Modal exchange. • Poly chords. • Modality (pedal point, super structures) (according to Miller). Counterpoint: • Resolution of different dissonances. • Counterpoint for 2 and more voices. • Avoid parallels. • Ornamental notes (delay, anticipation, change note, etc.) • Invertible/changed counterpoint. • Canyon. Guitar arrangements: Added to the elements that are worked both in harmony and in counterpoint. • Chord melody (analysis of jazz standards) • Phrasing (articulations and fingering as fundamental elements). • Chord Inversions/Voicings/Drops. • Use of textures and timbres of the guitar. • Conducting voices on the instrument. • Choice of tonalities for the arrangement. • Analysis of arrangements and transcriptions (Lobet, Dyens, Bellinati, among others). • Management of Sibelius for editing and layout of scores and tablatures.
Guitar · Music theory
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Philip - Málaga36€
Trusted teacher: Soy Profesor con Licenciatura en Música/ Etnomusicología y Certificado de Posgrado en pedagogia musical (Reino Unido). Tengo 18 años de experiencia de enseñanza en escuelas (colegios e institutos), formación de profesorado, hospitales, escuelas de verano, con grupos comunitarios y centros para niños excluídos. Estaba jefe de estudios de música en dos institutos secundarios y recientemente en el escuela de Great Ormond Street Hospital School- unos de los hospitales infantiles mas grandes del Reino Unido. También tengo experiencia en gestión de proyectos educativos musicales con una variedad de organizaciones culturales en Londres (por ejemplo, Royal Opera House, Serious Productions, Brit School). He tocado con grupos en Korea, Costa Rica, Burkina Faso, Ghana y por supuesto en muchos lugares en el Reino Unido y Europa. Doy clases en inglés y/o español - para ayudar a los estudiantes a acceder a aspectos culturales del inglés y para apoyar sus estudios actuales o futuros. Ofrezco clases en: - Contrabajo (jazz e imrov) - Bajo Electrico (afrobeat, rock, pop, funk, soul, jazz) - Guitarra (afrobeat, rock, pop, funk, soul, jazz) - Percusion (África occidental, Brasileña) - Teoría Musical (esto es parte de todas de las clases o un clase especializada) - Técnica y lenguaje de Jazz (todos instrumentos) - Composición (canción popular, harmonia moderna) - Tecnología musical y ciencia del sonido - Pronuciación inglesa para cantantes Todas las clases son prácticas con recursos adicionales online. Presenciales (en sala de ensayo del profesor)/ a domicilio (depende el tema de clase)/ online
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Trusted teacher: I offer personalized Guitar classes (Online and face-to-face) + Harmony and / or music theory (optional) applied to the instrument. For initial, intermediate or advanced levels and at the rhythm of each student, adapting to their way of seeing, understanding and living music, as well as their work rhythm and the styles they want to learn. I am a professional musician with more than 12 years of experience as a guitarist, I have traveled styles such as Jazz, Rock, Funk & Soul, Blues, World Music (Folklore), Pop, Reggae, playing and composing in a multitude of musical projects and concerts. Graduated in professional medium degree in Jazz and modern music, I am currently studying the higher degree of "Jazz and modern music (Conservatori del Liceu)" and I am also a qualified sound technician (experience in music production and recording). Class content: - Introduction to the instrument (optional) - Objectives exploration (What do you want to play? And How to achieve it? - Instrument technique (... Pick, finger technique, slide, fingering ...) - Visualization and understanding of: Scales, chords, arpeggios, progressions, phrases ... - Application in your favorite music. - I work as a rhythm guitarist and soloist. - Improvisation (language, philosophy, visualization and sound material) - Reading of encrypted chords and / or scores (optional). - Musical theory applicable to the instrument: Modern harmony, analysis. Private or group classes, in my studio and online. Barcelona downtown area and surroundings.
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Trusted teacher: Hola, me llamo Martin, muchas gracias por visitar mi perfil. Soy belga aunque actualmente resido en Madrid desde hace poco. It's been more than 10 years since the self-taught guitar began, thanks to the maestro;…Youtube. Mis inicios comenzaron con el ukelele, later pasé a la guitarra y rápido me enamoré de la bajo, aunque me gusta experimentar con all los cacharritos que hagan ruido, sobre todo con la batería. Me gusta escuchar y aprender un poco de todo, por eso, en cuanto a mi musical profile, hmm, yo lo definiría en unos cuantos estilos como; psicodelic rock, pop, folk, bossa nova, Latin music, jazz and classic music pero lo que mas me gusta es la improvisación. Estos últimos años he deepened mucho in el lenguaje del jazz, y los Latin American ritmos, aunque anteriormente he tenido más conciertos basados en el pop y rock. También hago musical production with the Ableton program based on experimentation and electronic music. Me he trained with maestros de la talla by Guillaume Vierset, François Delporte, Bo Vanderwerf, Olivier Stalon, Michelle Massot and Laurent Blondiau in Belgium. He studied at the Jazz Studio school in Amberes, at the MAI center in Nancy (France), and at the Jazz Cultural Theater in Bilbao with Joshua Edelman. Después de todo mi recorrido, consider que iniciarse como músico puede ser difícil, pero mágico al mismo tiempo. ¡Nada de métodos!, cada estudiante es diferente, y por eso, en función de tus capacidades, exigencia, constancy y gustos, me iré adaptando a tu manera de trabajar. Mi objectivo; divertirse desde el minuto zero a la vez que trabajamos duro.
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there's a lot of people who wanna learn guitar from YouTube but I can tell that will never gonna make you improve Because you always wanna play bunch of fast things that looks cool, But you know that you can't play it well right? Even If you do, it doesn't sound the same, isn't it? I am here for you I will let you know where you are at, and what should you do to play the things that you wnat, that's what I do, I am jsut a navigation, who tells you a right direction, and you are the one who need to drive a car, anyways, let's have fun and explore the new world which called music! learning an instrument is really cool thing you will learn the tools that you need to expresse your feelings into music and that's the reason why we all listen the music and the moment you make it, you will become an artist just like me I, with a lot of teaching experience, I will do my best to reach the level you want to get career Music Force, Fender Custom Shop LTD 1959 Strat Relic Demo - 'Hard Times' (Cover) by Guitarist 'Jonghee' Music Force, Suhr Standard Legacy Limited Edition Demo - 'Feeling Fine' (Cover) by Guitarist 'Jonghee' Hexguitar Sting F200BT Demo - Frankfrut Forward -grio feat.skinny brown, gi$t Guitar session Memo-ifi (gi$t,U-Jin) Guitar session Outro-rovxe, ifi Guitsr session Movie - D.NO Guitar session HANUM- We are runnin' so fast (Feat. Guitar Session Seoul vibes, fruity-kozypop Guitar session Weekends -dalmood Guitar session 'Because of You' LIVE Guitar performance and others
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CLASSICAL and modern GUITAR teacher! *Graduated with Higher Degree and Master * (Vera)
Carlos Javier
We had a guitar lesson from Carlos for our 8-year-old son. Carlos was very kind and seriously tried to improve my son's guitar skill. My son enjoyed his lesson a lot!
Review by MANA
Music Lessons Guitar/Bass , Production , Composition , Music Theory (Barcelona)
The lesson was great and super interactive we talk about my weak points and where i should focus for now and i think it was a perfect experience
Review by RIBAL
Guitar, bass guitar, theory, composition, arranging and music production. (Barcelona)
My first class was exactly what I expected it to be. Graham is very understanding and it was a real pleasure.
Review by TIM