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María - Valencia29€
Trusted teacher: You will learn how to flow with good alignment between postures, how to beautify your practice while taking care of your health and increasing your energy level, strength and flexibility. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a style that uses the structure of the different sun salutations to connect body, mind and spirit, including different yoga postures to the sound of music. In addition, in the sessions you will learn breathing exercises with which to free yourself from stress and anxiety and different techniques to learn to harmonize your emotions. About me: 🔹 What is the class structure? 🔹 We will start with an initial warm-up or intro of the class, then we will begin to introduce Vinyasa, to which we will include different asanas/postures explaining the correct alignment. We will explain the step by step between postures, how to breathe and flow correctly. In the sequence we will include flexion, extension, twisting, force, traction, lateralization, balance and inversion postures. To finish or during the practice we will include breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises. You will have tips to build the self-practice that your body and mind need so that after the process you will know how to practice without always needing the guidance of an experienced teacher. If it is of interest to you, I will be able to explain concepts of Yoga, Buddhism and ancient Mesoamerican cultures and their connection with this self-knowledge tool from more than 3000 years ago. 🔹 Who are the classes for? 🔹 The classes are adapted to all bodies and levels. Your age doesn't matter. We can all practice Yoga! 🔸 About me 🔸 I have taught all kinds of people with very varied physical conditions, very agitated minds and initiated and advanced meditators. My classes are online and face-to-face multilevel, both beginner, intermediate and advanced yogis and yoginis have improved their skills thanks to the classes. I have two Yoga formations: · Training of Yoga Instructors RYT200 European Yoga Alliance & Yoga Alliance USA of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. · 300h certified Integral Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training - Satyananda School Colombia - Mayan Cosmovision. See you at Yoga practice!
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Trusted teacher: Nota: Abajo sigue descripción en Español. ... Below is a list of the styles and topics for classes, performances, lectures and productions:  Body Awareness and Conditioning- the functional foundation for efficient movement, done correctly from a healthy biomechanical perspective.  Latin American Dance: Cha Cha, Samba, Cuban Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive  Standard Ballroom Dance: Social Rhythm, Slow Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz  Popular Latin Rhythms: Salsa/Mambo, Merengue, Bachata, Brazilian Zouk  Argentine Rhythms: Tango, Milonga, Vals, ...  Spanish Dancing: Sevillanas, Paso Doble, Rumba Flamenca, ...  Jazz and Contemporary Dance  Wedding Dances  Personal Training  Technical, functional and artistic advice  Choreography and production  Coordination and direction of projects ....... Some examples of workshops are: 1. Social Dance Classes Simple class, mainly focused on student entertainment so that they learn without pressure, practice, dance, socialize and enjoy the moment. 2. Dance Technique Workshop Analysis of the movement with practical examples of how to improve it. Focus on elements and priorities in dancing. Control of time, rhythm, musicality (melody, harmony), interpretation and creativity. How to make the dance more precise and efficient at a functional level, more elegant, more beautiful and more captivating. Connection and communication, leading and following, etc. 3. Body Awareness and Conditioning Workshop Balance the flexibility, power and control of the dancer. ....... I want to create opportunities for growth, positive energies and special moments in the lives of all my students and the public. Dance is an essential part of life, a non verbal language which communicates through movement and expression and an incredibly powerful activity for us to become the best we can be. Carpe Diem, _______________ Pedro
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Explore your Inner Voice and Unleash your Creative Spirit Welcome to a unique journey of self-discovery and expression through music and movement! In this Holistic Singing and Movement course, I invite you to explore your inner voice and unleash your creative spirit while working in harmony with your mind, body, and emotions. What will you learn? In this course, you will not only acquire solid vocal techniques and movement skills, but you will also experience a profound transformation in your relationship with music and your own voice. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you: Vocal Exploration and Resonance: You will learn to free your voice and discover its natural resonance. You will develop an understanding of how to use your vocal instrument effectively and expressively. Conscious Breathing Techniques: You will master breathing exercises that will help you connect with your body and use your breath as a tool for relaxation and emotional expression. Emotional Expression Through Singing: You will discover how to channel your emotions through singing, allowing you to release tension and connect more deeply with yourself. Movement and Release: We will integrate gentle and mindful movements to complement the singing, releasing physical and emotional blockages while connecting with the music. Improvisation and Creativity: You will experience the magic of vocal and movement improvisation, fostering your creativity and self-confidence. Healing and Wellbeing: You will use music and movement as healing tools, exploring how they can relieve stress and improve your overall wellbeing. Who is this course for? This course is designed for anyone, regardless of their level of experience in singing or movement. If you want to connect with your inner voice, release emotions, improve your confidence and enjoy a unique musical and therapeutic experience, this course is for you!
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Native speaker. Learn Easy! Spanish Conversational Fun, Games, Role Play and Latin music! (New York)
Claudia is a very kind and helpful person. She has very enjoyable classes through learning with music, cooking, games and textbooks to help improve my Spanish in a fun environment. She is a great teacher!
Review by LIAM
DESIGN: Graphic design commissions, editorial layout, video editing ... (Madrid)
A very kind and patient teacher who listens to queries and helps resolve them quickly and efficiently. Professional manner and overall excellent experience. I 100% recommend Rocio.
Review by NATALIE
Meditation from home. Buddhist, tantric, yogic and Mesoamerican techniques. (Playa del Carmen)
I love Maria and how she tailors her sessions. I am looking forward to having more sessions with her in the future!!
Review by BRANDAN