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Trusted teacher: Hello everyone and welcome to this training on programming and more specifically on software development in C, my name is IMAD and I will be your trainer throughout this course I am a computer engineering student specializing in architecture, software development and web development. C is a very popular and used language. It is found almost everywhere such as in video games, most PC software and even in embedded. C is a very good candidate if you are looking for a first language to learn software development because it includes many notions that are found in most other languages. Thus mastering C guarantees you a much simpler and faster learning of other programming languages. In this training for beginners and intermediate in development, we will learn the basics of software development. How from lines of code we can make executable software on our machine. Then we will see the basics of the C language and, among other things, how to manage memory via variables, how to make our program live with loops and conditions or how to use the standard C library (STL) to interact with the user. Once these basics are acquired, we will increase the level a little with the dreaded pointers and arrays. this is often the part that newbies to C dread the most. But I guarantee you that with me it will finally seem very simple to you ;) So yes it's a big program but I guarantee you that you won't notice the time passing. Who is this course for? - University students specializing in computer science. - Beginner in software development. C is one of the best languages to embark on the adventure of programming. - People wishing to learn to develop in C or review and master the basics of this language.
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programming courses: R programming and statistical treatment
Very good experience so far. Kaoutar is committed to making me learn within the initially agreed on boundaries and put together a learning plan based on the booked lessons. She showed to be sensitive to my individual needs, assigns regular homework to put content into practice after each lesson and also regularly asks if further clarifications are needed. Keep it up!
Review by MATTHIAS
Programming courses in Python for beginners, intermediates and advanced. (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre - Sint-Pieters-Woluwe)
Abdelkhalek can explain everything very well so that a person with no or little programming experience could understand. He is a friendly and patient person with a lot of experience. To crown it all, I'm very happy with Abdelkhalek, my Python experience and I am look forward to booking more session with him! :)
Review by MICHELLE
Computer Science ( Python, Machine Learning, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence) (Vienna)
negar is a great teacher! very patient and accommodating, and very good at explaining tough concepts. Her approach is very hands-on process-oriented and I feel like I'm actually learning something instead of just copying code. Would recommend!
Review by KLARA