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Ilia - Berlin23€
Trusted teacher: Can learning English be fun, insightful, productive and affordable at the same time? I believe so! Whatever your background or profession, deciding to learn a foreign language is a great way to add another dimension to your life and make your mind work in a new way. You become a (slightly) different person, since along with a new language, one learns to look at the world in a slightly different way. This is why my approach to teaching English is not only aimed at laying or strengthening the foundational knowledge - grammar, speaking, writing and listening skills, but also at introducing students to the culture of the English-speaking population. We will find out what English speakers find funny, what drives them to tears, what makes them feel proud and what they get embarrassed about. Open to students of all levels, my course usually is taught online, using a variety of visual aids and a wide range of material, from textbooks to YouTube videos. In teaching advanced learners, I often refer to pieces of literature such as novels and poems, since they easily spark discussions, which in turn improves the students' grasp and feel of the language. In doing so, I take students beyond ordinary textbooks and grammar books, since they are no more than guides to learning, not absolute authorities, and because to me language is a living, constantly evolving matter, which you must submerge yourself into in order to understand. In addition to my unorthodox approach, what sets me apart is a collection of unique, language-related experiences, which translate into a good ability to understand nuances of the English language. A native Russian speaker, I have lived in the UK for over 5 years, went to a Scottish boarding school and have even completed a university degree in English. Thanks to my linguistic and cultural competency, I will make sure that you are never lost in translation! Are you interested? Then contact me today!
English · Grammar · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: Are you looking for support for your child? Does your child have difficulties following the subject matter of the IB Diploma or Abitur and feels overwhelmed? Your reason for reading Ever since I was born, my curiosity has never been contained - I was always looking for new challenges and as soon as something interested me, I wanted to know everything about it, no matter how long it took. Among my friends and colleagues, I am known for familiarizing myself with new topics in a very short time and developing a profound understanding The key to success: education In my opinion, free education is the highest and most valuable asset we have and we should do everything we can to continuously educate ourselves. At this point it would be wrong to say that "unfortunately" everyone is knitted differently. Thank God this is exactly the case and this is where the biggest problem in our society begins. Even in early years we are not optimally encouraged. Parents try their best to give their children the best education, but they and the teachers are often overwhelmed with the situation at school. Of course, this is not entirely the fault of the teachers. Imagine supporting 30 children individually in 90 minutes. Effectively this means 3 minutes for each child and now they see your own daughter or son trying to explain a complex task in that time - let's be honest! Here it quickly becomes clear that this is not only too little time for your child, we would also fail because of it. Always looking for self-optimization Self-optimization has rarely been worth as much as it is today. I teach students from all walks of life and this is what I love about my job and why I ended up becoming a personal coach. Inflation does not only exist in the economy, knowledge is also inflationary in education. Once we stop and continue to educate, over time our level of knowledge becomes less valuable. So we have to do something to educate ourselves. achieve goals My goal is to give your daughter or son the best possible education in exactly the subject where most people fail - mathematics. It doesn't matter whether it's in the German Abitur or in the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma), mathematics is a big hurdle for most people. My goal is to make this hurdle easier for your child. This includes not only dryly explaining tasks - no, but restoring fun and motivation. Nobody wants to study for something where they have the feeling of standing in front of a wall and only understand the train station. In the end, I want your child to be prepared with a deeper understanding and to lose fear of difficult tasks. For this I optimize learning techniques, fill in gaps and see where your child's individual goal is. In the end, your child should go to my lessons in a tailor-made way and optimally supported. Of course, I'm not a silver bullet and development varies from student to student, but my personal aim is to offer you premium service clothing that is otherwise rarely found on the market. Thank you for your interest Did you know? On average, a reader decides within the first few seconds whether to read a text to the end. Best regards Yves Maurice Pukies
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Leonardo - Mitte25€
Trusted teacher: Are you trying to level up quickly to beat your peers in chess? You just found recently the game exciting and wanna learn more about it? Or are you preparing for a company or informal/formal chess tournament? I've got your back. With my personalized training, you will be able to improve your game in a few weeks. I will provide you with the tactics, strategies, openings, material, and a training plan so you can study on your own and become a better player in no time. What is in the training lessons: - Measure of your current level - Finding your playing style - Personalized training plan (openings, middle game, end game, tactics, strategy, time management) - Level up your skill and depth of thought (being able to think many moves beyond your opponent) - If you want to improve your blitz/bullet level I can also help you with that! About me: As a seasoned chess player with over 15 years of experience, I have honed my skills and competed in various international tournaments, showcasing my love for the game. However, my passion for chess has transcended competition, and in 2018, I made the decision to transition into a career as a professional chess tutor. Now, I find great joy in sharing the intricacies and beauty of chess with my students, and helping them to develop their own strategies and techniques. It's incredibly fulfilling to see my students grow in their understanding of the game and to watch their progress over time. We can even try an online lesson if you don't want to spend time commuting. I know how difficult is to find the right mentor and therefore I offer you this option to help you. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you improve your chess skills soon. Talk to you soon, Leo
Tutoring · English · Chess
My goal is not only to teach you the language but ensure you the ability to learn by yourself in the future. We have limited time and limited energy and I know for the fact that you can't have a teacher forever. However, once you build a solid foundation of a language and figure your ways out about that language, you will be able to learn and improve the language for life long. And this is my philosophy of being a Chinese teacher. My name is Jing, from Guangzhou, China. I have “Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages” from Confucius Institute, Beijing. I have worked as a Chinese teacher teaching foreign students more than 10 years in different countries. The Chinese courses I have taught were basic Chinese, Conversational Chinese, Advanced Chinese, and Business Chinese. Meanwhile, I introduced Chinese traditions and organized cultural activities. Currently, I am a freelancer working for a language institute in Berlin. Before that, I worked as a full time Chinese Instructor in Okan University, Istanbul, Turkey. I was a both full-time and part-time Chinese for teenagers in Turkey, for kids in Poland, adults in Spain. My philosophy being a Chinese teacher is also the dissemination of Chinese culture and the promotion of integration between Chinese and foreign culture. I enjoy every second in the lessons when I am teaching Chinese and what I do is to make your learning fruitful and full of fun, I know well the common difficulties of learning Chinese for foreign students and how to adapt teaching to achieve the best results. I am up to date with modern technologies such as online teaching, social media and other latest teaching methods.
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Chess lessons for all level players. English and Spanish. Chess Tutor (Mitte)
I bought a chess lesson with Leonardo for my friend's birthday present and this is what he said after their time together: "Leo was an absolute sweetie! After assessing my skill level (read: forking my king and rook in 6 moves) he took me through some theory and openings, then we focused on my endgame which is my biggest weakness." Thank you Leonardo :)
Review by CELIA
English Language - Writing, Speaking, Listening Comprehension (Berlin)
Had an amazing English language class with Ilia. He was very well prepared and the lesson was structured according to the right level. We set expectations and plan for the learning and can’t wait for the results that we’ll achieve together. I highly recommend Ilia as an English language tutor.
Review by LANA
Farsi is not a mystery if I'm teaching you, azizam! (Göttingen)
Melika was kind and organized. Very encouraging and offered many options in the depth of study that was much appreciated.
Review by ERIN