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1 law teacher in Tartu

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Melissa - Caen, France37€
Trusted teacher: Classic private law lessons. We will see, according to the needs of the student: - explanations of the course, - corrections of the entire tutorial and explanations of the points to be taken up in depth, - explanations of the methodology (stop commentary, essay, practical case) - to learn how to do a legal watch and search for the desired information For this course, I am available even outside of class, by email or sms in case of legal questions. I establish a tailor-made follow-up and I really accompany the student on his way to becoming an informed lawyer. I know its strengths and weaknesses and I direct my lessons accordingly. I make it a point of honor to make the student autonomous and critical in his legal thinking. ** I offer other courses: 1/ Correction and verification of tutorials, 2/ Course allowing you to take stock of your organization, how to improve your revisions (how to file for example), and where I offer you a personalized revision schedule, according to your schedule. We can discuss which course would be most suitable for you! ** Who am I ? Lawyer (5 years of experience), I explain the law as I would have liked it to be taught to me when I was a student: in a simple, enlightened and rigorous way. I emphasize the method and reflection of my students. I hold: - Master 2 in heritage law and real estate activities; - Two Masters (urban planning and private litigation) - Licence. - Bac L, English specialty (promotion major). I studied at the faculty of Caen, and I obtained my M2 in Brest, with honors. I have a mixed profile, and I can therefore intervene in both Private and Public Law. I will propose my learning method if necessary. I do not intervene for the preparation of the CRFPA. See you soon !
Trusted teacher: Greetings to fellow students and sisters. I introduce myself to you: Elias, 30 years old, Moroccan nationality, residing in Istanbul, Turkey Academic qualification: Master of Laws, majoring in civil law and business law In addition to two years of training and training, which I spent as a trainee judge "judicial attaché" between the Higher Institute for the Judiciary in the capital Rabat and a group of courts "the court of first instance, the commercial court and the court of appeal in Tangiers." I offer online support and review lessons for students of law schools - the Arab section - in all countries of the Islamic world. I share with you, through these private lessons, my humble experience as a former trainee in the judiciary, by introducing the various techniques that I adopted in preparing for the written and oral exams, whether in the judges’ match or in other matches whose written and oral exams I passed. The service is intended for students and candidates who are about to pass the public/government employment competitions. majors; civil law. Commercial law / business law. Criminal Law. banking law. Insurance law. Tax law. Consumer Protection Act. Civil execution, real estate execution, in-kind rights, real estate memorization... The service is provided in the form of one-to-one or remote classes The service also includes assistance in preparing research and legal reports. Preparing for university exams Preparing for graduate research Preparing for the Masters matches Preparing for public job matches
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My first Russian language lesson was with Krystyna via Skype . She is a good teacher and I enjoyed the lesson. She has good English and she provided me with learning materials to study. The focus was on reading and spoken repetition. I will be booking more lessons with her.
Review by NICHOLAS
International Law Tutoring (Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, Human Rights) (Geneva)
Malina is a great instructor. She is very knowledgeable on the subject and nice. She explains the topics very clearly and she is very helpful when I have questions. One of the best tutors I have ever had.
Review by GIULIA
Law course for undergraduate and master's students (Private Law) (Houilles)
Very good teacher, helped me with my assignment and provided me with helpful law sources.
Review by MUNEERAH