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Norica - The Hague41€
Piano · Music theory
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Heejin - The Hague34€
Trusted teacher: Looking for a Korean class that's both educational and fun? If so, you've come to the right place! There are many good teachers out there, but there are 5 reasons why you need to learn with me. Firstly, Here are what Some of my students have to say about me : Flora 👩: "Heejin is very good at explaining different concepts and words, and I am really enjoying learning with her! Highly recommended." Dom 👦🏻: "Heejin is a great tutor. She is very engaging and makes learning Korean interesting. The lessons move at a good pace as she lets you try to solve problems but knows when to step in. Highly recommended." Amir 👱🏼‍♂️: "Absolutely loved every moment of Heejin’s lessons! Her English is fantastic and easy to understand. I received material prior to our scheduled lesson time to review, which made things 10x easier and smoother. She is a patient teacher and teaches correct pronunciation. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn the Korean language." Now, you might be wondering, "What's 5 secrets of her?” 1. No more boring textbooks. No boring textbooks here! Learning Korean with me means interactive, practical, and multimedia clips and engaging situational dialogues - which prepared by me. 2. Tailor-made lessons. Tailored lessons for beginners to advanced learners, hobby to academic students, or business proficiency - my tailored lessons ensure both education and fun! 3. Diversity guru I was born and raised in Korea, but have been living in 8 countries across 2 continents -The Nethenrlands, Myanmar, Gerogia Rep, Kazhastan, Malaysia, Nepal, Cambodia and Korea - is truly fascinating and unique! I offer a perspective, explaining cultural differences that enrich your learning and overcome the culture gap! 4. Grammar-made-easy explanation by a multi-linguist tutor No fear grammar! I speak Korean, English, Russian, and have basic Japanese and Khmer and these allow me to clarify grammar differences and provide golden tips. 5. Fun Culture class! I teach Korean culture through TV series and movies as guides. Learning about Korea has never been this fascinating! Plus, extra support through my SNS group ensures you're guided every step of the way on your Korean learning journey! Are you ready to take off your jouney to learn Korean? Click the button and let’s have fun! (Oh, don’t forget to read the rules below!) 👉 Session rule 👈 1 The duration of each session is 50min. 2 I teach WEEKDAYS[Monday - Friday] only. 3 Cancellation policy is the same as platform rule.
Korean · Grammar · Writing
Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the saxophone but have no idea where to start? Do you want to learn how to compose music or give a shape to those songs you always had in mind? You are in the right place then!!! Hi! My name is Carlo. I am an Italian classical and jazz saxophonist and composer. I am also a qualified music teacher for Italian middle school, with a solid preparation in the psycho-pedagogical field. As a teacher, I believe that any student has different ways to learn and approach music. Therefore, I will create for you a personalized but also funny and engaging learning path that would fit perfectly with your inclinations and musical tastes! My method consist in alternating the study of the instruments with some music theory. In this way, you will comprehend what you are playing, using the so-called method "learning by doing", for a gradual and steady learning. My approach includes also the use of little percussions, body movements and singing, in accord with the tradition of Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze methods. I will also start teaching you from any songs you already know - it will surprise you seeing how many things you already know about music! You will see how funny is it to learn music in this way! For any level and any age! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN - How to play the saxophone, with focus on posture, embouchure, air steam, sound, technique, top tones etc; - Or how to compose, from songwriting to orchestra's writing, including counterpoint, orchestration and analysis; - How to improvise, without becoming a "music stand addict"; - Music theory lessons step by step with the instrument development; - Playing with others: you will play with your teacher (me!) in a saxophones duet or in a piano and saxophone duet. If you have a fellow musician, bring it for a group lesson! I will make some music arrangements to play all together. WHAT YOU WILL GET - If you don't have a saxophone (yet); a saxophone for the first lesson with possibility of rent; - Digital didactic material; - Professional and serious teacher; - Possibility of group lesson; - Friendly environment; - A cup of tea to better start the lesson :) For any other informations, video, recording etc visit:
Saxophone · Music composition · Sound (music)
Description: Dive into the world of software development with a seasoned expert who brings over 17 years of rich experience across government, health, and e-commerce sectors. Having successfully delivered numerous projects, I've navigated the complexities of software engineering in diverse environments. Currently, I'm working at one of the biggest software companies, which had changed the world. At work cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions are part of my daily routine. - 17+ Years of Experience: Extensive background in government, health, and e-commerce projects. - Current FAANG Engineer: Working at the forefront of technology and innovation. - Startup Insight: Co-founder with 5 years of startup experience. - Real-World Learning: Practical lessons from a diverse software engineering career. - For All Levels: Suitable for beginners to advanced learners seeking to expand their skills. In this class, I'll share the insights, techniques, and best practices that have been pivotal to my success. Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your software development knowledge, you'll find valuable lessons grounded in real-world experience. Expect to learn through a mix of theory, practical exercises, and personal anecdotes that illuminate the path to becoming an effective software engineer. Frontend Development Basics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript Frameworks: React, Angular, Vue.js Advanced Topics: Progressive Web Apps, SEO, performance optimization Backend Development Languages: Node.js, C# Concepts: RESTful APIs, microservices, database management (SQL and NoSQL) DevOps Principles: Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), monitoring, logging Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Github AI and Data Science Foundations: Python, statistics, machine learning algorithms Libraries: TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, pandas Applications: Natural language processing, computer vision, predictive modeling Cloud Platforms (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) Basics: Core services (compute, storage, networking) Advanced: Serverless architectures, container services, machine learning services Best Practices: Security, cost management, performance optimization System Design Fundamentals: Scalability, reliability, availability Components: Load balancers, caching, data partitioning Case Studies: Designing popular systems (e.g., a URL shortening service, a messaging system) Tailor-Made Roadmaps Soft Skills: Communication, teamwork, problem-solving Management: Project management, agile methodologies Custom Requests: Based on specific needs or interests
Software engineering · Web development · Career development
(2 reviews)
Martin - Delft25€
Trusted teacher: I provide mathematics tutoring on the undergraduate level, and I am able to help you also with any high school mathematics. I have 8 years of teaching experience as an assistant professor in mathematics at an international university. I teach in English, and I am happy to meet you in person. Courses that I offer: A: Analysis/Calculus (Limits and Differentiation; Optimisation with or without Constraints, Lagrange Multipliers; Indefinite and Riemann Integration, Double and Improper Integrals) + Gift Optimisation Poster (for at least 5 hour course) B: Linear/Matrix Algebra (Vectors and Matrices, Systems of Linear Equations, Determinants and Inverse Matrices; Definiteness and Quadratic Forms, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, Linear Independence; Matrix Operations and Leontief Input-Output Model) + Gift Complex Numbers Poster (for at least 5 hour course) C: Econometrics/Linear Regression (Method of Least Squares, Unbiasedness and Consistency, Efficiency and Gauss-Markov Theorem, Hypothesis Testing, Correcting Heteroskedasticity and Generalised Least Square, Misspecification and Edogeneity, Instrumental Variables and Two Stage Least Square Regression; Using R software) + Gift Econometrics Poster (for at least 5 hour course) D: Mathematical Logic (Propositional Logic, Predicate Logic, Probabilistic Logic; Model Theory, Decidability, Goedel's Incompleteness Theorems) + Gift Decidability Poster (for at least 5 hour course) E: Statistics/Probability (Discrete and Continuous Random Variables, Random Sampling and Levels of Measurement, Expected Values, Variance and Covariance, Pearson Correlation; Permutations and Combination Numbers; Binomial, Exponential and Normal Distributions; Inferential Statistics: t-test, F-test, Chi-squared-test, Linear Regression, Analysis of Variance, Contingency Tables) + Gift Catenary Poster (for at least 5 hour course) F: Mathematics of Finance (Simple and Compound Interest, Value of Money in Time; Present and Future values of Annuities and Annuities due, Amortisation Schedule and Mortgages) + Gift Catenary Poster (for at least 5 hourcourse)
Math · Statistics · Calculus
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Math&Physics for School and University Students: IB SL/HL, EB,IGCSE, GCSE, ICSE, CBSE, SPM, AP, A-levels, Cambridge (The Hague)
It is with the utmost admiration and gratitude that I extend my effulgent endorsement for David, the epitome of mathematical tutorship. His fervor for the subject and his pupils is steadfast, and David’s commitment to ensuring proficiency and comprehension is manifest in every tutorial session. His availability is most pliable, as he exhibits a constant readiness to alter his docket to accede to the necessities of his students. This adaptability is rare and precious quality, one that has played a seminal role in my time near the finals. Not only do he demonstrate devotion during his scheduled lessons time, for he is always approachable for additional guidance and support outside his hours. David’s unwavering dedication to the academic success of his students is truly remarkable and deeply appreciated by those who benefit from it. What distinguishes David is not solely his mastery in mathematics, but his amiable and cordial demeanour. He cultivates a genial and hospitable environment; and his pedagogy a harmonious blend of professionalism and conviviality. I consider myself fortunate to have availed myself of David’s instruction, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. In conclusion, if you seek a mathematics tutor, David Devidze should be your first port of call. His passion for the subject, commitment to his students, and affable personality makes him the ideal tutor for anyone seeking to enhance their mathematical understanding and aptitude. A true gem in the world of tutelage
Review by VALENTIN
Undergraduate Mathematics Tutoring (Calculus, Algebra, Econometrics, Statistics, Logic, Financial Mathematics) (Delft)
Amazing teacher, super impressed!! I want to express my gratitude towards my private teacher in Statistics and Economics, whose invaluable guidance played a pivotal role in navigating the challenges of both my Bachelor and Master's theses! From the outset, it was evident that this teacher possessed a mastery of the subjects. Martin's ability to teach complex statistical models and intricate economic theories into comprehensible concepts was truly remarkable. The clarity with which he presented these topics facilitated a deeper understanding on my part. Beyond his knowledge, what also really helped were his tips and tools, which for example really helped a lot with my literature review. What distinguishes Martin is his commitment to personalized instruction. He invested time in understanding my individual learning style, tailoring his teaching methods to suit my needs. Martin also really does preparatory work which I really appreciated so we could brainstorm together! As an unexpected yet highly appreciated bonus, the teacher provided a designed poster encapsulating key concepts! In conclusion, Martin deserves recognition for his exceptional contributions to my academic endeavors. His expertise, dedication, and innovative teaching methods have left an indelible mark on my educational journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Martin to anyone seeking a mentor who goes above and beyond to ensure academic success!
CTCSOL Certified Teacher_Learn Chinese language & culture in a systematic and fun way (Rotterdam)
I was thinking, that learning Chinese is extremely difficult, however, thanks to Shan,  this language becomes more and more clear for me. Every lesson is very productive and I feel, that I progress fast! Today, there are numerous teachers, who can teach you Chinese. However, only a few of them can make the educational process so interesting and enjoyable. Luckily for me, Shan is one of them and I am very happy, that I found her. Shan is very precise and corrects every my mistake. She can easily explain how to properly pronounce words with different tones, how to write syllables, the grammar and many more. I like, that with her, I am not just memorising Chinese language, but I do really understand it. Overall, without a doubt, I can say, that Shan is a great teacher! 心💕
Review by DARIA