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18 literature teachers in Brussels

Trusted teacher: Hello ! My name is Chloe and I am an experienced english tutor. Although I am new to this site, I have done many years of tutoring in the past and hope to do many more through this platform ! English is my native tongue, having grown up in the United States. Once I moved to Brussels, I decided to continue my studies in english in order to maintain a fluent level and perhaps someday teach it ! Tutoring is something i’ve been doing for several years now (in my neighborhood). It was originally for extra pocket money, but quickly turned into a hobby I very much enjoy and would now like to dedicate more time to ! I’ve helped kids as young as the age of 4 to adults who simply wanted to brush up on their english ! Any age or level is perfect for me. I do 45-60 minute lessons. I personally recommend 45 minutes to keep the student focused and not overloaded with information. Teaching style depends on the individual; we can work purely with language rules and technique or learn through literature and short films ! Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions. ————————————————————— Bonjour ! Mon nom est Chloé et je suis une tuteure d’anglais expérimentée. Bien que je sois nouvelle sur ce site, j'ai fait de nombreuses années de tutorat dans le passé et j'espère en faire beaucoup plus grâce à cette plateforme! L'anglais est ma langue maternelle, ayant grandi aux États-Unis. Une fois installée à Bruxelles, j'ai décidé de poursuivre mes études en anglais afin de maintenir un niveau courant et pour un jour l'enseigner! Le tutorat est quelque chose que je fais depuis plusieurs années maintenant (dans mon quartier). C'était à l'origine pour un peu d'argent de poche, mais s'est rapidement transformé en un passe-temps que j’apprécies beaucoup ! J'ai enseigné des enfants de l'âge de 4 ans à des adultes qui voulaient simplement parfaire leur anglais! N'importe quel âge ou niveau est parfait pour moi. Je fais des leçons de 45 à 60 minutes. Personnellement, je recommande 45 minutes pour garder l'étudiant concentré et non surchargé d'informations. Le style d'enseignement dépend de l'individu; nous pouvons travailler uniquement avec les règles et techniques linguistiques ou apprendre à travers la littérature et les courts métrages! N’hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message si vous avez des questions.
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Trusted teacher: Having difficulties analysing poems and prose in your (I) GCSE / IB English Literature course? Looking to amp your essays up a notch and finally get that A/A* or 6/7 that you have been dreaming of? I am here to help. The first thing to remember: though analysing works of literature isn't always fun, everybody can master the techniques of how to do it. But learning takes time, which the school teacher may often lack. Indeed, it has been my own experience that English teachers often choose width over depth, and so discussions are cut short for the sake of covering all elements of the teaching programme, leaving many interesting aspects of a particular work unexplored. Or sometimes it's just the attention that wanders off as the teacher is explaining these pesky concepts of "writer's voice", "writer's tone", "meter", "rhymescheme" and so on. Let me assure you: that, too, happens even to the best of us. What I can offer you is exactly what a teacher normally does not time for: exploring a work of literature in as much detail (both analytical and technical) as it takes to push the quality of your essays up to the desired level. My approach is informed by IB / (I)GSCE Eng Lit course guidelines to make sure that the quality of your answer would be developed in accordance with what examiners want to see. Armed with a deep passion for literature on the one hand (reading and writing poems and short stories are one of my favorite things to do) and knowledge of ways of critical analysis (obtained in IB English Lit and reinforced by philosophy courses on university level) which are of tremendous importance in literary analysis as well, I will show you how to deconstruct any piece, how to place it in its cultural context, and make educated guesses about the links between cultural context and the author's choice of stylistical devices. And best of all - unlike in the classroom, the learning experience is tailored to you (based on your way of learning / remembering) and delivered in a highly interactive way! The skills described above, coupled with general essay writing tips will lend authority and style to your summative essays and exam answers, boosting your academic confidence. Ready to leave unsatisfactory essays in the past? Then contact me today!
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Trusted teacher: Hi, I'm Karl. I'm a native speaker of English (bilingual) and I have been teaching English and Biology in high schools, universities and private companies in Sweden, Hong Kong SAR and The Philippines for 20+ years. I now offer my private tutoring service based here in the Philippines. As your private tutor, I will evaluate your needs and tailor-make classes and materials according to these needs and wishes with you and/or your guardians. I also support my students with direct preparation and practice for school/university assignments. Teaching is online/remotely via Google Meet, Skype or Zoom at your convenience. My specialities include English Academic- and Essay Writing, English Grammar, English Vocabulary and Reading Skills including studying and understanding English literature, English Pronunciation and Speaking Skills, Conversation- and Discussion Skills, Accent Reduction, and Critical Thinking. English standard Curricula/Syllabi that I teach include IB English Language and Literature SL/HL levels, IB Theory of Knowledge, IB Extended Essay, A-level English, AP (Advanced Placement) English, TOEFL and IELTS Test Preparation. Standard Curricula/Syllabi that I teach include A-level Biology, AP (Advanced Placement) Biology, IB Biology SL/HL levels, IGCSE Biology and SAT II Biology. Tertiary/university level syllabus includes General Biology course content for undergraduate and graduate students: - Biochemistry - The Cell - Genetics - Mechanisms of Evolution - Evolutionary History and Biological Diversity - Plant Form and Function - Animal Form and Function - Ecology I also offer single sample classes, for you to try out: • "Understanding and Analysis of English Literary Texts", adaptable for SHS, College, AP and Tertiary levels • "English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction for Asian Speakers", for SHS, College, AP and Tertiary levels • "Defining Evolution", adaptable to SHS, College, AP and Tertiary levels You may see my credentials in the 'About me' section below. Upon request, I can send you my professional CV. I look forward to hearing from you via
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English Literature for All Levels, Beginner to Advanced (Karlín)
Joshua is very knowledgeable and patient and has good control over how he allocates his time. Today I had my first lesson and he was very well prepared and organized. Joshua is competent, professional, and methodical. I am looking forward to learning more about English literature. Highly recommended!
Review by AG
Turkish lessons for all levels from a philosophy student (native speaker) (Brussels)
The first lesson was excellent we understood each other well and what I hoped to achieve and made excellent progress. Mehmet even stayed on a bit longer than necessary. I highly recommend Mehmet and have signed up for at least 9 more lessons with him.
Review by PHILIP
Russian Language A1 - C2 / Русский язык и литература (Berlin)
The lesson went well. Ilia was very professional and gave me enough information but didn't overwhelm with it. Can't wait for a second lesson.
Review by ELENA