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2 kung fu teachers in Belgium

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Myrddin - Leuven29€
Trusted teacher: Whether you are young or old, mobility and body control can help us in every aspect of our lives. It gives us strength, flexibility and self-confidence. It keeps us healthy and ensures that we have more energy during the day. The combination of parkour and kung fu gives a very broad picture of how we can use our bodies, training almost every muscle we have! For me, parkour and kung fu are two sports that I really enjoy! In my view, parkour is mainly about reading an environment and moving around in it both creatively and efficiently. It is a relatively new sport that is getting more and more attention these days. In contrast, the ancient traditions and wisdom of the Chinese martial art, kung fu. Here it is more about the relationships we have with others, whether they are friendly and respectful, or life-threatening. With kung fu we learn to control ourselves and develop respect and love for everyone. The combination of the two sports gives a very special picture of how we can playfully and respectfully deal with our environment, allowing us to relax and powerfully connect ourselves with our body and mind. More specifically, there are many different techniques and exercises that we can practice on. This ranges from basic movements such as precision to backflips, and from the 8 basic poses to long and complicated kung fu forms. The idea is not to drill really hard on this until the fun has been knocked out, on the contrary!! The plan is to be creative and look for new ideas together, to apply learned techniques in challenging situations, and to make our bodies and minds stronger! Stay strong, stay flexible, and hopefully see you soon :)
Sport personal trainer · Kung fu
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Parkour and kung fu lessons for body control (Leuven)
Myrddin was patient, creative, and inspiring to our crew of little ninjas. We would definitely like to train again with him in the future.
Review by AIMEE

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