Harp lessons in Belgium

Find your perfect private harp tutor in Belgium.
Learn harp with our teachers at home or in their studio.

Harp lessons in Belgium.

Find your perfect private harp tutor in Belgium. Learn harp with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Trusted teacher: [english below] Do you want to learn classical music? Bach and Chopin make you dream? Are you between 7 and 77 years old? So, this course is for you! I am a young teacher of 25 years, dynamic and passionate to transmit my love of music. He graduated from the Brussels Conservatory, already having a long career as a concert musician. Before arriving in Brussels I was trained in Serbia as a professional singer and musician. So I'm willing to work that with you too. For 10 years I give private lessons, as well as masterclasses in ancient music in Belgium and abroad. My classes are adapted to the levels, wishes, abilities and personalities of my students, all for a better result of music and fun. I propose you to give you lessons at home, or at home, in French, English or Serbian to make live this sublime art! English: You want to learn how to play classical music? Bach and Chopin are your favorite composers? You're between 7 and 77 years old? Then this class is for you! I am a 25-year old dynamic proffessor, and passionate for sharing my love for music. I'm a Brussels Conservatory graduate with a long concert experience. I'm giving private lessons for the last 10 years, as well as master classes in early music in Belgium and in Europe. My lessons are adapted to the level, wish, need, ability and personality of a student, not forgetting the result of learning music and fun. Before coming to Brussels, I have graduated singing and musical theory in Serbia and I'm glad to give lessons in these disciplines, as well. I offer private lessons at your homepage, in french, english or serbian.
Keyboard (music) · Children's music · Piano
Trusted teacher: High quality harp courses open to children and adults at all levels (beginners / intermediate / advanced) Dynamic, motivated, experienced teacher and attentive to the needs of each student for personalized instruction. Samia began her musical studies at the National Conservatory of Music, Dance and Dramatic Art of Roubaix. She graduated at the age of 13 with the Diploma of End of Study in harp mention Very Well then a gold medal unanimously and at 16 years the 1st Prize of perfection with unanimity with the congratulations of the jury in harp and a medal D'Or in chamber music. In 1998, she continued her studies at the Koninklijk Muziek Conservatorium Brussel in the class of Susanna Mildonian and in 2002 became Master in Harp with Very Great Distinction and in 2004, Master of Chamber Music with Very High Distinction. She is an associate in psycho-pedagogy (mention very well) since 2006. Samia wins several international awards including: The 2nd Prize at the International Harp Competition in Brussels (2000) The 2nd Prize at the International Competition Félix Godefroid (2000) The 2nd Prize at the Gödöllö International Harp Competition (Hungary-2003) The Ingeborg Köberle Prize of Honor (Brussels-2005) She regularly performs as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral harpist in various ensembles such as deFilharmonie, the Orchester National de Belgique, the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia, The Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, Vlaamse Opera, Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, the Lille National Orchestra, Ictus, Hermes and Champ d'Action (Contemporary music ensembles). Since 2011, Samia is a first solo harp invited to deFilharmonie.
Children's music
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Coaching Vocal, Ear Training, Guitare / Piano - Chant (Watermael-Boitsfort)
My 8 year old daughter signed up for a singing contest at school with no experience or knowledge in music. We did get in touch with Pia and she was able to give a few singing lessons within a short period of time. Yesterday my daughter performed very successfully in the contest. Pia is not only able to teach singing, she also has the ability to motivate and inspire and she has definitely awaken the interest in music to our daughter. We are very happy that we have met Pia and hope to see her again.
Review by RALF
Harp and Music Theory Lessons for Students of All Ages, Levels, and Backgrounds (New York)
Chelsea was very pleasant, made my daughter very much at ease. She covered both music theory and reviewed what her level was. Will be going back again after Easter break
Review by CAROLINE
Photoshop (Saint-Gilles)
Thank you so much! Renaud taught our team a lot of useful things in Photoshop. We can definitely recommend him a s a teacher.
Review by JAN

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