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47 computer science teachers in Ixelles‑Elsene

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Anas - Brussels32€
Trusted teacher: I will help you master all the features of Microsoft Access software. objectives: --------------- Acquire the essential bases of Microsoft Access software. Structure a relational database. Define queries. Build forms and reports. Create simple macros. Acquire a methodology to design and manage a database. Whatever your basic level, I will adapt to it in order to help you progress. Program ------------------- Module 1: Presentation of Access software Familiarize yourself with Access Find your way around the screen: toolbar, status bar, menus, ruler Methodology for building a database Creation of a database and DBMS Importing data from Excel into Access *** Module 2: Design and organize your database Organize and distribute your data between different tables Create tables, define fields Identify the index primary key Define relationships, ensure referential integrity Import, export and link data. *** Module 3: Relationships Link tables The different types of relationships (one to one, one to many) Referential integrity Join types Create a drop-down list Complex relational diagrams: relay tables, star diagrams, etc. *** Module 4: Query your database with queries Selection queries: choice of fields, sort order, definition of selection criteria Extract data by setting criteria Grouping on a field, on an expression Multitable and cross-analysis queries Action requests: update, add, delete, create a table. *** Module 5: Calculated queries Column calculations Online calculations: formula syntax, use the expression generator Some calculation functions: (True false, Extraction of strings, Upper case, Lower case) *** Module 6: Creating Forms and Entering Data Create an instant form Create an instant table form Manage data: add, delete, modify, search, filter records Modify the form Subforms: creation, integration into a form Editable drop-down lists. *** Module 7: Creating Reports Create a label report Create a report using the wizard Change state Creation of column or tabular reports Sorting and grouping Direct mail report. Printing a report. *** Module 8: Creating Complex Forms Hierarchical organization of forms Create a form and a subform Insert action buttons: search list, command buttons Insert calculations
Computer science · Microsoft access
Math · Computer science · Computer programming
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Tom - Ixelles-Elsene29€
Trusted teacher: Need a catch-up, tutoring, private lessons or help with homework in mathematics? In computer science ? In logic? I'm here for you! I offer you a personalized approach; because there is no one method that works for everyone, I adapt to the needs and requests of each student (and their parents). The first hour of class will be used to define the student's needs, deadlines and strengths. My courses are aimed at secondary school students of all levels, higher education students outside technical courses (engineering, physics, mathematics, etc.) and anyone wishing to refresh or strengthen their knowledge in mathematics and computer science. Through my reading and my studies in computer science at the École Polytechnique de Louvain, I have amassed a quantity of knowledge in mathematics and computer science that it would be a shame not to share :) Being a student myself, I know the difficulties that certain subjects can cause and the lack of pedagogy of certain teachers. I look forward to working alongside you and unlocking your skills :) I am a master's student in computer science at the École Polytechnique de Louvain (UCLouvain), with a bachelor's degree. Naturally curious, I supplemented my course in computer science with numerous courses in physics (classical and quantum) and logic. I have also been brought to work with people from many backgrounds in various contexts, I learned a great adaptability. I have been volunteering for a long time helping friends and acquaintances in the success of their studies and I hope to be able to use this experience for the benefit of your success :)
Math · Computer science · Logic
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French as a foreign language course DALF exam preparation (Anderlecht)
Maria is a French teacher par excellence. Her knowledge of the language is formidable, which is essential to teaching it well. Moreover, she has the highest standards and committed to helping her students reach that level. She explains patiently difficult concepts totally in French, so students can improve their oral comprehension very quickly. She can spot and corrects the smallest of errors both in writing and speaking - that is extremely important for the beginner to improve. I spent four weeks with Maria intensively. It was a wonderful learning experience and my comprehension improved greatly. Without hesitation, I give her the highest possible recommendation. You will not go wrong with Maria.
Review by MADHAV
Learn the tools of InDesign CC 2020 software. (Saint-Gilles)
Renaud very quickly understood my initial knowledge (zero!) and also my reason and interest in the course. Renaud has a lot of knowledge to share and he very quickly assessed my level. He knew where to begin and stop in the session. He was very patient with me and I was completely comfortable with him. As a teacher myself, I can highly recommend him!
Review by CAROL
Games, animations and interactive stories with Scratch (children and teenagers) (Ixelles-Elsene)
Fantastic! Ilias really prepared well and took the time to understand what my son needed. He was very positive and encouraging and we look forward to the next lesson!