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Klassieke gitaar, muziektheorie, muziek voor kinderen (Leuven)
First of all: Caterina is less serieus than she looks on her profile picture ;). She has a very kind and patient approach to the lesson, and I believe has the capacity to motivate and get the best out of the student, regardless their age or level of playing. On the technical side, I only had a few lessons so far, but already received recommendations and exercices which hit the nail, allowing me to improve my playing. The selected pieces are elaborated into detail. Good teacher for me and I'm sure for other ages/level of playing as well. So in case of doubt, don't doubt.
Beoordeling door JOHAN
Gitaarcursus: afgestudeerde en ervaren docent. (Leuven)
I had an awsome lesson with Frederic. I feel that I received personalised attention and effective help. I started to learn to play the guitar 20 years ago myself. I learned a lot with a lot of gaps. I feel that even my first lesson with Frederic gave me a lot and improved my guitar practicing.
Beoordeling door LASZLO
Piano, solfege, compositie in Brussel en Leuven. (Leuven)
Guiseppe pays a lot of attention to technique straight from the start and respects old methods. I think this is a very important trait for a piano teacher to have. His music theory explanations are very clear and interesting. I'd say he's the best from the best.
Beoordeling door ALEXANDER