I have given multiple level math exams, and am highly qualified to teach math for school and SAT exams. I will impart logical explanations at each step to make the tutoring easier to understand for the student. The class will be very easy to understand, and very fun with interesting riddles, games and quizzes to pique the interest of the learner. You will note a difference after just a couple of classes.
I specialise in tutoring English for school or just to learn the language! I've worked as an editor for a University Newsletter for two years, and am well versed with the language and the vocabulary. The focus can be chosen by the student: I will help you pick up on the speaking skills or the writing skills or both (based on how you chose the focus). The way I teach will be fun, easy and relaxed, adding challenges here and there to drive the focus! I will assign homework regularly and provide with progress reports as well. You will see the difference in ten classes!
Developing Photoshop and Illustrator skills is a must have for any designer, architect or visualising specialist. The combination of the two skills is important and would help you learn how to combine both softwares to create the best illustrations, graphics and visuals. I am an architect, and I specialise in these skills as I create most of my visuals and graphics using these two softwares. I have been using them for over four years and am proficient in all the shortcuts and faster methods of producing the best renders.
I am a 3rd year undergraduate student, and am an advanced Sketchup 3D user. I will tech all the skills and shortcuts to become a fast and advanced user and will also include tips and tricks to make the model look better, and well rendered. I will also include lessons in rendering the sketchup model through Photoshop, Illustrator and VRAY!

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Vidhi is a God send with a natural knack for making the difficult seem easy and fun. She breaks mathematics down into understandable units, helps our daughter manage timelines and stress in a playful and calm manner and is a very nice person to be around.
Vidhi promised an interactive and well explained lesson and she indeed delivered! Her communication skills are impressive with the ability to easily explain the same problem in various ways, she helped me have a clear picture of the key areas of improvement which I need to focus on. Very happy.

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