As a licensed teacher, I am able to provide private classes/tutoring in the subject of Dutch. The topic can be completely adapted to what you need. Want to speak better Dutch at work? Feel left out among your Dutch-speaking friends? You just love Dutch books and want to read them in the original language? Whatever your Dutch needs, I'm your guy. I am also able to provide specific exam preparation and/or general study guidance. During our classes, I will use various tools to assist your progression, from reading relevant texts to exercises, audio practice and conversation practice. All these will be supported by a founding in grammar that serves to help you better speak the language and not be bored by it! I believe language to be a tool that is used, so whatever your goal, that is what we will strive for. See you in class soon I hope! Dutch is my mother tongue, I speak English at C2 level (IELTS test) and French and German on a conversational level. I can explain grammar in Dutch, English, French and/or German as needed.
Šiuolaikiniame pasaulyje anglų kalba tampa beveik būtinu įgūdžiu. Nesvarbu, ar norėtumėte patobulinti šios kalbos įgūdžius dėl darbo ar asmeninių priežasčių, ar norėtumėte suteikti savo vaikui pranašumą gyvenime, galiu jums padėti. Esu baigusi anglų kalbos magistro studijas ir jau beveik dešimtmetį dirbu anglų kalba. Kad ir kokie būtų jūsų poreikiai, esu tikra, kad rasiu būdą, kaip jums padėti. Mano mokymo metodai visada pritaikomi prie besimokančiojo poreikių. Naudoju įvairius šaltinius, pavyzdžiui, garso ir vaizdo įrašus, tekstą ir daug pokalbių, kad padėčiau jums įsisavinti visas kalbos dalis. Galiu mokyti internetu per internetinę vaizdo kamerą arba atvykti į besimokančiojo namus. In today's world, English is becoming an almost essential skill. Whether you would like to improve your skill in this language for your job or personal, or you would like to give your child a headstart in life, I can help you out. I have finished a Master's degree in English and have worked in English for almost a decade now. Whatever your needs, I am sure I can find a way to help you. My teaching methods are always adapted to the needs of the learner. I use multiple sources such as audio, video, text, and a lot of conversation to help you get used to all parts of the language. I am available to teach online via webcam or I can come to the learner's home.
Vous cherchez un moyen facile d'apprendre le néerlandais ? Vous avez besoin d'améliorer votre néerlandais pour le travail ? Envie d'engager la conversation dans un bar flamand ? Vous avez des amis néerlandophones qui préfèrent parler dans cette langue ? Cherchez pas plus loin. En tant que professeur agréé ayant de l'expérience dans l'enseignement aux enfants et aux adultes, je veillerai à ce que vous surpreniez bientôt tout le monde avec vos compétences en néerlandais, peu importe ce dont vous avez besoin. Informations supplémentaires : j'ai un diplôme d'enseignant et des années d'expérience dans l'enseignement, donc ma didactique sera au point. Je peux expliquer la grammaire en néerlandais, anglais, français et/ou allemand si besoin.
En tant qu'e enseignant diplômé, je peux donner des cours prives dans les matières néerlandaise (langue maternelle level) et anglais (C2 - test IELTS). Si vous avez besoin d'une meilleure connaissance du néerlandais pour le travail ou la vie Privée, your veillerai à ce que vous atteigniez le level don't vous avez besoin. As a licensed teacher, I can help you brush up your Dutch, no matter what your need is. Need to improve your vocabulary for work? Let's do it. Traveling to the Netherlands soon and you need some essential phrases? I've got you. Thinking about a move to Flanders and you need Dutch, quickly and effectively? We'll set up a program together.
Dutch is my native language. Like you, I'm an expat. I've lived in multiple countries, learned several languages and know how difficult this can be. Let me help you improve your Dutch, so you can get that promotion, strike up that conversation in the bar, or just feel comfortable in Dutch language situations. I'll make sure to take your personal needs, preferences and schedule into account to make sure you advance as quick as possible. Extra info: I have a teacher diploma and years of teaching experience, so my didactics will be on point. I can explain grammar in Dutch, English, French and/or German if needed.

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Stefan is an excelent teacher.
Stefan is very good and really accommodate what I want to achieve with his training.
Très bon cours avec un très bon professeur
high level

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