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Regardless of the career path that you are intending to pursue, there is no arguing the fact that abilities such as articulating sentences, having a wide vocabularly, getting your point across, having well structured arguments to debate any issue at hand are substantial for anyone hoping to compete in the work market. This is not an advances course necesserly but I believe that due to having started to write essays from a very young age and consistently doing so throught school years, I have uncovered the crucial factors that separate outstanding essays from mediocre ones and I would be more than happy to also help you!
French is one of the most widely spread languages on the planet, making it extremly advantegeous to learn, facilitating a french speaker access to a much wider range of employment opprtunities. In this course, we wil be focusing on whatever the student's needs are, be it grammar, converstaions, writting etc..It is a course open to both absolute beginners and intermediates alike. It will be thought in an interactive, fun manner because putting all its practicalieties aside, learning french can be a very enjoyable process
In this course, we will be discussing the material of interest of the student in view of preparation for their mathematics exams or for the sole purpose of better academic performance or clearer understanding of the curriculum. The theoretical material will be explained to them in a comprehensible manner first and afterwards we wil proceed with practical exercises. Mathematics is found everywhere,from predicting the wheather and drawing a symmetrical face, to the most innovative scientific discoveries. Mathematics lays at the essence of most thing and even if you're not aiming to discover the next revolutionary theorem, skills in mathematics are crucial to almost all career paths.
In my course , I will be focusing on explaining each of the historical events, figures and periods in the following manner:cause, motivation, consequences. Not only wil this make the course more enjoyable but it wil also make the student think in a critical manner, understanding events of historical impact. I consider history to be one of the most fascinating and important subjects thought in schools. The problem is however that it is thought in such a way that forces the student to memorize facts and not actually understand the great deal of importance of those events.

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