Hello to you. I am a research master's student in English, and have just returned from a teaching assignment in the United States. I propose to help you in your learning of English, through practice and oral exercises, which will be based on different types of media (videos, music, films, podcasts, books and comics). I can also offer you written practice, to help you reinforce your theory, and help you with your general understanding of English. I can also offer you an apprenticeship in the cultures of the English-speaking world, in particular the United States and the United Kingdom, if that is your wish. My goal is to help you enjoy speaking English, and overcome your fears of speaking it in public. The teaching of English in France leads most students to fear the gaze of others when it comes to their pronunciation and their accent, when this is the least of the problems. The important thing is to be able to both make yourself understood and to clearly understand English-speaking interlocutors.

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