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    Trusted teacher
    Trusted teacher
    Ciao! Do you want to order your next dinner at the Italian restaurant with a perfect pronunciation? Or maybe you want to know better Italy and its culture for your next trip? In everything in each case I have the perfect course for you. I am a young Italian from Rome who came to Geneva to study at the Conservatory and I give Italian lessons for all levels and all students. The course is modeled on your requirements: you can choose and alternate between grammar, vocabulary, conversations, culture and literature. I can give homework after each lesson to help you work gradually. If you already take an Italian course at school and you want private lessons you can also do specific work on your weaknesses. See you soon / A presto!
    Would you like to approach the creative writing of music? Would you like to fully understand the languages and the way music works? Can I help you! Like any form of creative expression, music has its rules, rooted in perception and in the context around us. We can work on fundamental concepts of musical expression, valid in all genres and also immerse ourselves in the area that interests you most (baroque, classical, pop, jazz ...) My course has a non-academic approach and it is open to all: whether you are professionals who want to deepen their musical knowledge, or you are amateurs or beginners we can build the perfect course for you and that will allow you to express yourself or simply to better understand the music you are listening to. The only thing I highly recommend is knowing how to read music, because it allows us to go much faster. If you are not able, we can start there.
    Today for musicians it is more and more useful to know how to use notation software, of which Finale (developed by Makemusic) is the most powerful. I am a young student of composition at the University of Music of Geneva and I propose a final course that will allow you to write your music in a fast and professional way. Do not hesitate to contact me for all your questions!
    Young student of composition at the high school of music and trumpeter gives lessons for all students who wish to approach this wonderful instrument. The courses will be personalized according to the requirements and characteristics of each student. Do not hesitate to contact me for all your questions!

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