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Learning to sing can have quite an impact on many aspects of your life. Of course, it brings a lot of joy but it can also help with building confidence, help you relax and it’s also known to be beneficial to your health! In my classes, I want to work on these things and help you become the singer you want to be. My music lessons do not necessarily have the aim to make you “better” but to guide you on your individual music journey. That is why we establish in the first classes what your style and your aspirations are and based on those I tailor a program to meet your needs. My name is Jonas, I am a professional musician and singer and started my personal music journey over ten years ago. Initially trained from a young age in classical singing, I later moved on to do jazz and contemporary styles and then decided to move to London to study Music Performance and Production at LCCM. Over the years I came to an important realization. Although music and singing technique is extremely important, the purpose of music is to convey emotion. I feel this is an aspect that is quickly overlooked but makes the difference in being able to make an audience remember you or not. These aspects of the authenticity of voice and performance I focus on in my classes. It doesn’t matter which age or which singing level you currently are - everyone is welcome in my classes. I truly believe that anyone can sing and that everyone should experience the joy of singing.

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