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    With these lessons we aim to have a practical and theoritical acquaintance with the modern greek language and learn to: -read Greek -write Greek -speak Greek -greek grammar and syntax *For those who want to learn how to speak Greek, I have planned a specific guideline that acquires minimum 10 lessons, so you can communicate effectively in Greek! *For those who want to learn the greek language overall, we make a plan together, according to the needs and the purpose of each person!
    For those who want to make acquaintance with philosophy, while learning Greek. These lessons combine someone's love for philosophy with the will to learn greek! Recommended for all levels, even for beginners who love philosophy! Selected texts from History go Ancient Greek Philosophy became a new book: "A guide to learn Greek through Ancient Greek Philosophy I" This book is written with the purpose: 1) to learn grammar, reading, pronounce correctly every word in Greek, understanding texts in greek language, build the foundation for speaking and excellent writing. 2) to have a brief acquaintance with the origins and the development of philosophy.
    The candidate must have the ability to respond linguistically to situations of direct daily transactions for which the use of the Greek language is largely stable, predictable and repetitive. During the transactions the speakers create and maintain social and professional contacts. In situations of indirect communication, speakers should be able to understand the substance and some details of an oral or written text. The candidate must also know the relevant social habits, linguistic (to know the linguistic ways to attract the attention of others, to address his interlocutors, to take the floor, to complete the communication, to choose the degree of formality or intimacy, etc. .) and non-linguistic (to know the ways of physical contact, handshake, kissing, gestures, etc.), to be familiar to some extent with basic features of modern Greek culture, especially in terms of daily life, living conditions, interpersonal relationships, social life, core values ​​and mentalities.
    Preparation for Ellinomatheia Certificate Level A1, A2. The adult candidate for level A1, A2 is expected to have the ability to understand and use everyday expressions that are familiar to him as well as very basic phrases that aim to serve specific needs. He should be able to introduce and recommend others and ask and answer questions about personal information, such as where he lives, the people he knows and the things he owns. He should be able to communicate in a simple way, provided that the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help. The candidate must be able to exchange information about himself / herself and about familiar persons, to meet daily needs (purchase of goods, contact with services), to establish and maintain social and professional contacts (recommendations, invitations, entertainment). He also must understand the substance and / or relevant details of texts written in very simple and clear language and in the same way express himself in writing.
    The candidate must have the ability to understand and use the Greek language to such an extent that he can respond linguistically to situations in which he is very likely to be involved, either as a visitor or as a temporary resident in Greece, Cyprus or in areas where the Greek language is used as a means of communication (Greek communities in other countries) or even if he meets in his own country visitors or temporary and permanent residents who use the Greek language. The situations in which he may be involved, apart from the practical transactions of daily life, are those that arise from personal, direct communication in order to establish and maintain social contacts or direct or indirect communication in the handling of cases in relation to various fields. of public life (business, education, welfare, etc.). In particular, the candidate must have the ability to understand a wide range of oral or written texts, which are lengthy and demanding, and to recognize indirect information contained therein. Must be able to summarize information from a variety of oral or written sources, reconstruct and present arguments and references consistently. He must also have the ability to express himself spontaneously, without having to spend time searching for the right expressions and with the degree of formality or cordiality that is appropriate for each occasion. In general, he / she must be able to use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. Must be able to express himself / herself on complex issues with clarity, structure, detail, using confidently connecting and coherent language mechanisms.

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