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Barney's Teaching Manifesto: Dear Composer, The only true teacher is hearing your works rehearsed and performed. This is the most important element to realizing your destiny, but if you have come here, you probably do not yet believe it. Teachers will keep you trapped in the belief that you do not have what you already need. But everything you need you can get on your own. I cannot teach you anything, or rather, I can teach you everything but composition itself: You are the final expert on your own works. A teacher is a shortcut. And when we take shortcuts, we must always go back. But this is not a bad thing. Going back is a way to go forwards. If you have tried to advance through the no-teacher method and you feel that you cannot wait any longer, then perhaps it is time to try the teacher method. You are the king, queen, or ruler, shall we say. I am just your advisor, should you so choose. I can tell you what I think, I can warn you of pitfalls, and I can even stop you for a moment in time. But it is you, dear composer, that must choose. I cannot teach you to be what you already are: The Composer. Sometimes my advice may be of help. And other times it won’t be. And then one day you must rule your kingdom on your own. Let’s hope that that day arrives very soon. I seek students who are hardworkers, strong-willed, or a combination of the both. Composition requires an obscene amount of work and determination. We live in a world that seeks our silence and complaisance. The act of completing a piece is itself a declaration of war, because the amount of effort and energy required to bring this child into existence is unfathomable to the general public. With Eternal Love from my Compositional Pen, Classes for Beginners 1)Composition (60 mins) 2)Introduction to Composition (60 mins) 3) Introduction to Composition & Harmony (90 mins) Prerequisites: 0-3 years of composition experince 3 years of instrumental study Classes for Composers with Experience 1) Composition (60 mins) 2) Composition & Harmony (90 mins) 3) Composition & Counterpoint (90 mins) 4) Composition & Orhcestration (90 mins) Prerequisites: 3+ years of composition study with a teacher OR 5+ years of self study in composition If you feel that I can be of assistance for a short time on your compositional journey, then you may contact me to arrange a trial lesson. If we deem that it is a mutual fit, then we can work together for a period of time. Have a great day,

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