Statistics is a mathematical science that includes methods of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data so that meaningful conclusions can be drawn from them. In general, its investigations and analyses fall into two broad categories called descriptive and inferential statistics. In this course, you will be provided information about the basics of the statistical concepts so that you will get good grades in you exams. we will learn statistics through different languages and different statistical tools like (SAS, STATA, Rstudio, MATLAB, MINITAB, SPSS ETC. We will learn how we can apply the statistical tool for applying in our daily life.
Statistics and Statistical software Like SPSS and STATA are playing a crucial role IN THE pre-requisite course of different graduation programs so I am an expert in providing tutoring in analyzing the data in SPSS AND STATA. The content I can teach in this class is DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS (MEAN, MEDIAN MODE) IN SPSS VARIATION CALCULATION IN SPSS/STATA TESTING HYPOTHESIS IN SPSS ANOVA IN SPSS TRANSFORMATION IN DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF RESULT OF SPSS OUTPUT REGRESSION ANALYSIS IN SPSS CORRELATION IN SPSS DIFFERENT TYPES OF MODELS USED IN BUSINESS STATISTICS STATISTICAL ANALYSIS ON SPSS /STATA FOR THESIS AND PROJECT HELP I provide guidance and tutoring in learning all the concepts of statistics using statistical software. So feel free to schedule classes with me thanks regards ASHAR

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Mr. Ashar was very helpful. he went above and beyond to make sure that I understand the concepts.
Was dedicated to the problem and helped beyond the time :)
Pretty good explanation and use of examples to help me understand the concept i had problems with. The class was short but sufficient even being online.
Today was a good start, patient and having good experience with the R/program.
Ashar helped me with the statistical analysis of my thesis. His explanations were clear, I would recommend him!

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