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    Trusted teacher
    The class will adapt specifically to the student based on the his/her mother tongue. I like to make relations with the student's natural response in his/her mother tongue and start from there on how to translate and transform that into the goal language. In this regard French, Spanish, and Hindi/Urdu speakers will be most benefited. My approach will mainly be reading and conversation - the two most important tools, as well as tests in our daily life. My propositions and ways to proceed will be organic and customized case by case.
    Yoga is an often misunderstood and misapplied practice. Its universe is vast and I do not claim to comprehend it fully. Personally it is a practice for me to calm myself down and reward my body when agonised. The class will be structured around the student. Flexibility and strength are not requirements but benefits of a regular, dedicated, and committed practice. Depending on the student and the day the class may focus on holding poses, or sequencing them. This class will be useful to both myself and the student to learn more about our anatomy, as well as our nature. Yoga has been a part of my life since its beginning. I was born in India and studied in an Indian school where it was a regular practice for students. I look forward to a strong personal connection with my student where we take it easy or go crazy as the day calls. I like to explain things to people in a language they and their body understand. Yoga is not something that can be scheduled for 2 hours and forgotten about for the rest of the 22 hours. Eventually I foresee long term changes in the student's lifestyle. For example, what you eat during the day will affect greatly your practice in the night. All in all, my class will take an organic and personal system.
    Language learning is a highly subjective terrain and I believe there is a perfect way for each person to learn a new language in function of several factors such as their mother tongue, lifestyle, hobbies, etc. Following this ideology I aim to provide customized classes based on the student's individual profile and inclinations, for example, we read if you like to read, we talk if that's your comfort zone, I can assign movies as homework for film buffs, and so on.

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