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    Italian Language Class

    Hello, my name is Luca. I am a tourist guide in Paris. I am italian, thanks to my father, I have always spoken the language!
    If you are looking for a fun and serious teacher I think I might be just what you are looking for.
    One half of my Italian family comes from the North of the country and the other from the South. Therefore, I can deeply translate to you the culture and differences of the rich Italian culture and language.

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    Bring the smile and FOCUS!


    At teacher's location: Boulevard de la Villette, Paris, France
    At student's location: Around Paris, France
    Online via webcam

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    Italian for adults, School


    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    120 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    English, French, Portuguese, Italian

    About Me

    Hello, my name is Luca. I am a tourist guide in Paris, that is my job. But, I love teaching, since I was a child my mother has been an English teacher. I had a good mentor. I have already had to teach to fifty students that spoke beginner english and talked between each other in native dialects. I love those kind of challenges and they have prepared me to confidently take on easy going students. I also speak Italian thanks to my father, Portuguese because I live more than half of my life in Brazil and French is the language I have always had at school.


    University La Sorbonne Histoire, BAC ES


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    Hello, my name is Luca. I am a student in Amsterdam. My mother is an English teacher and she has taught me the secrets of the trade. I have been teaching English for quite some time now and my expertise is in helping people that want to develop presentation and report writing skills. If you are looking for a fun and serious teacher I think I might be just what you are looking for.
    Hello, my name is Luca. I am a tourist guide in Paris. I lived more than half of my life in Brazil and therefore I am native in the language! I have always taught portuguese to friends, people in need of tutoring or just persons that wanted to have a basic notion of the language. If you are looking for a fun and serious teacher I think I might be just what you are looking for.

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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Hello everyone, My name is Filippo, I am 27 years old and I am Italian. Since July 2015 I live in France, and after my M2 in philosophy at the University of Milan, I started my PhD at Paris Diderot University. I propose to give Italian language courses for all levels. Consolidated experience; interactive and fun method. I adapt to the needs of students. I move or I get in the 19th home, metro Crimea. Private lessons; Italian for foreigners in Italy; Translation ; Proofreading. Experience since 4 years; Preparation for school and university exams; Special attention for pronunciation, accent and prosody; Fun, interactive, digitized training; Contrastive grammar French - Italian; Sensitivity for Italian culture.

    Individual Italian Course and pronunciation in Paris
    Graduate teacher in the Italian language offers a personalized pedagogy according to the requirements of the students and uses the written and spoken language. Preparation for exams, interrogation or interview or for the ability to speak in public. All levels and all ages

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    Italian by an Italian graduated in medicine. For all levels. Private and flexible lessons
    Hello everyone, My name is Lorenzo Baldi, I'm 31 years old and I'm Italian. Since July 2018 I live in France. I have just finished a DES in Cardiology at the University of Genoa. I moved to work in Paris hospitals I propose to give Italian language courses for all levels. Consolidated experience; interactive and fun method. I adapt to the needs of students. I move or I receive in the 18th home, metro Barbes Rochechouart. I can also teach by webcam. Private lessons: - Italian for foreigners in Italy. - Chemistry, biology and physics in Italian (for high school students). Experience since 2 years; Preparation for school and university exams; Special attention for pronunciation and accent. Contrastive grammar French - Italian; Sensitivity for Italian culture.

    Italian Conversation lessons personalised on the student's needs.
    These lessons will aim at improving your Italian Conversation skills, will be personalized on your level and needs and will be taught in an informal context. I'm Italian mother-tongue, with experience in teaching Italian. I'm 26, I have a Bachelor degree in Economics and Finance and a specialised Master in Green Management and Sustainability.

    Preparation for oral and written French BAC 1ere
    Student in preparatory literary class (Hypokhâgne) in a large Parisian high school offers courses in preparation for writing and oral BAC French first. Listening, enthusiasm, generosity, method, good humor and kindness to accompany you in your success for the bac! Preparation for the written word: to know the different literary currents, the specificities and characteristics of each genre, to work and to deepen the knowledge and the comprehension of the texts studied. Oral preparation: work on stress management, concentration, posture, breathing, diction, self-confidence, to be comfortable in front of the examiner and carding. Motivational coaching integrated with the courses. Learn to know him, understand his learning strategies to excel. Interest in the techniques of memorization, motivation, learning, neuroscience and positive psychology that give a special lesson of exception! Ideal for students who have lost the taste and motivation to work, and / or students who lack self-confidence.

    Italian for all levels and also for students
    Hello everyone ! My name is Francesco, I am Italian in a business school. I lived a long time in Rome with my family coming from the north of Italy and I was in an Italian school in Paris in the 7th district. I move everywhere in Ile de France or I receive in the 10th arrondissement at home, Metro Republic. I give private lessons and I can do translations. As an Italian who has already passed his baccalaureate, I can teach you everything you need to know to prepare it, oral and written. I will teach you in addition to grammar to communicate well without difficulties as well as the culture of the country.

    Learn Italian, Italian Literature and Culture - Lezioni di Italiano - Impara divertendoti!
    This class is to learn Italian for you to travel abroad or just for your pleasure in a communicative and funny way. We can arrange lessons that best suit your needs. We will focus on every aspect of the language with particular reference to speaking. Depending on students' needs we can focus on Italian literature, art, poems or just culture to best suit students' interests. Groups lessons for adults and kids can be arranged on request (fee will vary). English-italian translation service is available too. Motivation is key to learning! Dai cosa aspetti! Parliamo italiano? A presto!

    Private course in German, English and Italian
    German student, experienced in tutoring and with a very good knowledge of English and Italian, offers courses in German, Italian and English at home (from August 2014).

    Italian lessons for children and adults held by an Italian mother tongue
    Private Italian lessons held by an Italian mother tongue to improve both your written and oral skills. The program of the classes are based on your level and your needs. Both for beginners and advanced. Lezioni private di italiano tenute da una madrelingua italiana per migliorare le vostre abilità sia scritte che orali. Il programma dei corsi è basato sul vostro livello e sulle vostre necessità. Sia per principianti che per esperti.

    I specialize in teaching italian to young and not so young foreing learners: french speacking in particular. I will adapt its organization and structure to each student, according to his/her needs .

    ITALIAN TUTORING Paris, Italian teacher in Paris
    Hi, my name is Gabriella, I'm 27 years old, and I live in Paris. I offer you the opportunity to learn Italian in a simple and nice way. I am an archeology student and I love Italian culture and language. if you are interested, contact me

    Private lessons in ITALIAN and LATIN languages ​​at all levels
    My courses are for any level: either who wants to start studying these languages ​​from scratch, or who already knows them and just wants to improve. As a result, the techniques and methods are adapted to your requirements: usually the first lesson is used to test the initial knowledge, then the degree of teaching is projected for an overall and constant growth. Italian is my mother tongue and I have already given courses of this type, so the lessons can be in the form of conversations (if you are interested rather in a practical knowledge of the language), or more academic type, the gramaire and production written above all: it depends on your purpose. However, the general philosophy of my teaching is especially to dive into the language to make you learn quickly and effectively. As far as Latin is concerned, I have been studying it for eight years and I have already given courses of this type, so I can work in several fields: the written form, and therefore the grammar, the words and all that serves to translation; as for the oral form, reading (classical and academic) and also notions of metrics and poetry.

    Private Italian Home Course - Oral and Written
    Italian and perfectly bilingual, I offer private lessons of Italian at home, and for all types of levels, from beginner to more experienced. Italian parents and having lived in Italy for a few years, I am comfortable in teaching language, both in writing and orally. I adapt to your requirements, whether you want to learn the basics for an upcoming trip to Italy or whether you are studying Italian in high school or university and looking for support classes. Do not hesitate to contact me for any information, and I look forward to meeting you soon! I'm moving to Paris.