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Brussels singer-songwriter gives lessons on music production from A to Z!

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After many trips abroad, a training in jazz piano (Antwerp) and in "electronic music production" at the SAE (Brussels), I released in November 2017 my first EP titled "Into The Star" which allows me to to play on several Belgian stages including the Botanique last March. At the moment, I am working full time on my "artistic ambition".
My projects are mainly: the imminent release of my second EP "T.eye.M" and the desire to share my knowledge with ultra motivated people and passionate about music.


The objective of the training is that you will be able to EXIT A PROJECT ALL ONLY (composition - arrangement - mix - mastering - diffusion)

My method is characterized by a trip between two poles: objectivity and subjectivity.
Objectivity: Giving through the sharing of my in-depth knowledge on the subject as well as an interesting retreat, allowing to see the music industry as a whole.
Subjectivity: Giving through the sharing of my experiences and my artistic points of view on the music and the elements that produce it.

The desire to have students for several weeks allows me to know enough about them that to advise them at best in the paths they undertake.

The courses will therefore be a balanced mix between:
- Training in digital music / computer (MAO / ...)
- Training in acoustic music / instruments (piano, guitar, voice, ...)

Have you always wanted to have control over your entire production?
Do you have ideas in mind that you can not materialize?

Come !!!!

Extra information

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FROM 15-16 YEARS -> 103 YEARS :)


At teacher's location: Chaussée de Haecht, 1140 Evere, Belgique
At student's location: Around Brussels, Belgium
Online via webcam

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Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



60 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English

About Me

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Belgian, Brussels, 22 years old.
Son of a singer (Geneviève Laloy) and a sound engineer.
Travel lover (Europe / India / Australia).
Sing and rap in English and French.
Play piano, guitar and percussion.
Works mainly on Logic.
Scout leader :)


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My schooling in general education took place in Saint-Dominique (evere). I followed for 5 years music lessons (solfege, classical piano and jazz) at the academy of EVERE (Espace Toots).

Experience / Qualifications

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I was trained in Antwerp at Jazz Studio in piano.
I graduated with distinction at the SAE in Electronic Music Production.

Reviews (1)

Premier contact excellent. Une attention particulière est apportée au but et envies de l'élève. Ain de convenir de l'approche didactive ! Donc je poursuis et j'adopte Gilles et le recommande pour ceux qui ressentent la musique et cherche une approche moins académique.

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Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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Ableton Live Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering & Production
You will learn Ableton's ins and outs by the end of this course along with the production skills and theory of any music genre. This course includes: 1. Ableton Basics 2. Ableton Recording and Effects 3. Ableton Synthesizing and Sampling 4. Mixing techniques 5. Mastering Techniques 6. Live Production At the end of the course, I will also provide with a copy of Ableton.

Drums, Music and Audio for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.
I am a professional drummer, educator and producer from Israel, currently living in New York. I teach drums to any age group and any level, beginner - professional. For the past 5 years, I have been touring the world, playing concerts in festivals all around and giving clinics. I have a Master degree in Contemporary Performance and Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Performance oriented Blues & Rock Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitar and Recording/Mixing
This simple, yet effective teaching process that I have developed over years of Los Angeles recording sessions and touring the world. From Blues, Blues /Rock, Slide guitar, Soul, Rock and Funk, I will enable you to get that next level to your playing or recording and producing. I am a full time touring and recording professional musician with recording studio in St. Gallen, CH easy to get to from the freeway or train station, and I can also teach online.

Mario Alfredo
Digital audio: Wave theory, DSP theory, and audio editing in Audacity
In this class I would teach concepts of wave theory (frequency, harmonics), digital signal processing (sampling, bit rate), and audio editing (trimming, looping, applying effects) using the free Audacity software. With enough lessons, we could build up all the way to removing vocals from songs and compensating for other lost instruments!

Computer-aided music, music and sound creation, create your own album
Are you a beginner and you want to learn how to make music with a computer? You are a musician and you want to produce an album yourself? Do you only want some advice or ritualized lessons? I am professional sound, music and sound creation and I love to transmit. I know a lot of his software, so come with your usual tool, I will adapt.

Producing Electronic Music on Ableton Live: Composition, Arrangement, Mixing and Mastering
Producer of electronic music of different styles offers to teach his knowledge: The goal is to master Ableton Live: - Set up your software - The interface - Session mode, arrangement mode - Audio routing and midi - Live's tools - Samples plugins and library - Important keyboard shortcuts Inspiration: - How to find inspiration - Two ways (at least) to put his ideas in Live Composition: - Create a template to start with all the necessary tools - Record audio in Live - MIDI controllers - Midi: compose in midday, use instruments and midi effects - Creative audio effects: Amp, Delay, Chorus, Beat Repeat, Filters ... - Audio techniques: Sampling, slice mode, warp and time stretch - The rack drums - Analog synthesis - Quantising, Humanization and Grooves Arrangement: - Save the live game of the session mode in the arrangement mode - Midi audio editing and automation - Markers and loop mode - Consistent and non-repetitive piece structure Mixing: - General about audio mixing - Acoustics and audio equipment - Workflow of the mixer - Dynamic and temporal audio effects in live - Flattening and panning - Subtractive and surgical equalization - The compression - The sidechain - The parallel mix - The Mid / Side - The sentence - The stereo space - The depth Mastering: - Generalities on audio mastering - Mastering workflow - Classic Mastering Chain - Gain staging and comparative listening

Learning MaxMSP/ Ableton/ Music Production/ Electronic Music
This class is for musicians interested to develop their work with electronics by using the computer. With the softwares Max/MSP or Ableton Live I can give you the tools to program your own electronic tracks and effects for live playing of for editing them after recording your music.

Music Composition and Music Technology - from Songwriting and Dance Music through to Contemporary Classical.
As a composer and producer with wide ranging skills, I balance tailoring my lessons to each individual pupil, while also looking to broaden their musical abilities with relatable knowledge. For example, teaching classical composers recording and mixing techniques to help them create recordings of their works, or teaching dance music producers jazz harmony to create interesting chord sequences. I am also able to provide support for GCSE/BTec/A Level courses.

Course of Music Production with Ableton Live and/or Logic pro X.
Starting from your level, we'll see how to use the software in the powerful way. Composition, midi, hardware and software instruments, mic, mixing ecc.. I'm specialized in Ableton Live and Logic X, in this course you'll learn how to compose and to record your music, any genre of music, starting from zero.

MAO course, recording, sound recording, mixing (music and audiovisual / film / cinema, home studio) (MAO)
I basically base my classes on the practice, and adapt to the needs and desires of the student From the first class, the student will manipulate the software and / or the material (microphones, ..) and will come out with something concrete without having a headache ... My courses are aimed at novices as well as those who already have some knowledge of MAO and / or sound recording, but also musicians wishing to acquire bases or advice to register at home, buy or install their equipment and software. In the same way, I also teach the sound to the image (sound on a set, sound editing, mixing). I also give introductory courses in field recording (recording of sounds outdoors, forest, urban area, ...). Whether you want to be a sound designer or just want to see (and hear) the objects, environment, elements, ... of a brand new ear, I will guide you in this wonderful world.

Music - Music Production and Technologies for Music Making
Hi there! This classes will provide you all around knowledge concerning audio production concepts. You'll have the chance to learn many theoretical concepts about audio and the tools you'll need to properly work with it, as well as to practice your skills and have a real time notion of your development. You'll learn a wide range of concepts and their applications, such as physical audio notions, DAW usage, audio processing tools for editing, mixing and mastering, music making, and much more!

Sound Design, Composition, Song Writing, DAW (Ableton,Logic,ProTools), Mixing & Mastering, Music Production
As an experienced working composer, sound designer and producer in the business (from any form of media to music production, art installation) I would love to share my knowledge with people who has ambitious and passion to learn more about 'music' or just basically want to improve their 'sound' and taste in 'music production'. I can help you to improve your skills with any topic of : *Sound design *Composition *Song Writing *DAW (Ableton,Logic,ProTools) *Mixing & Mastering *Music Production

Music Composition, Production and Audio Engineering
I specialize in music production and composition, as well as audio engineering. My goal is to give the most useful tools for composing, producing, and arranging music, and going through the technical process to make it sound professional. This class is for aspiring music producers and studio audio engineers. The focus is to learn how to navigate the creative challenges of music composition and the technical tools for music production. You'll learn many different techniques and concepts to stay creative and make your music sound the best it can. If you're new to music production, no problem, we'll take it from the basics. If you already know your way around, it's time to make some music together!

Ableton Live - Getting your ideas down into a workable format to create a full working track! No prior knowledge needed!
I specialise in making music with the computer when there isn't a whole bunch of theory knowledge there. I can teach you to quickly and efficiently make that tune in your head into a reality, then turn that into a full track. If you have tried a few tutorials or courses and they didn't fit with you because of all the engineering jargon and theory based approach, this course is for you! I learnt to make music because I was hearing all these songs in my head but wasn't good enough at any instrument to materialise them. Ableton allowed me to hash through ideas, jam with them, then finally turn them into a full working track. I have also worked as a live and studio sound engineer so I do have the theoretical knowledge but can communicate in the language of learners from all different levels. I think there are a lot of people that just need to express what they have in there head and Ableton is by far the best program for that. It is very intuitive, "jammable" and so much fun! For me Ableton is my instrument but I also play the drums, piano and bass.

Piano lessons Songwriting | Audio Production - The Stolk Method
Piano (all ages): Learn to discover the piano in an intuitive and creative way on your level and from your interest. In addition to the basic, we dive into the world of: - Pop & Jazz: play songs directly, scales, diagrams, harmonies, melodies, rhythm, swing. - Improvisation: in this way you develop your ears in a playful way, your musical memory and musical vocabulary. Songwriting: Learn how to bring a Song consisting of text and music (piano / guitar) to life and to a higher level by gaining more insight into: structure, structure, dynamics, contrasts, harmony, melody, rhythm, groove .... Audio Production: Learn how to properly record an instrument and professionally produce a track in the in-the-box studio from start to finish. - Recording: microphone placement, levels, reflections space. - Mixing: editing, making balance, panning, making sound (plug ins) - Mastering: the whipped cream on the audio pie, loudness, RMS, dynamics. In my 'Stolk Method' the following components are central: learn to use your ears, stimulate creativity, develop musical memory, expand musical vocabulary, not just blindflight on music notation, develop rhythm and timing, extend harmonic and melodic knowledge, increase sense of form and structure.