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Trusted teacher: Introducing AS Biology Cambridge International Course! Are you ready to embark on a fascinating journey into the world of biology? Look no further! Join us for the AS Biology Cambridge International Course, led by Dr. Hisham, a seasoned Biology Teacher with a wealth of experience and a passion for nurturing young minds. With Dr's hands-on approach and successful track record in teaching diverse biological science courses, you can expect an enriching learning experience. He has meticulously developed student programs and delivered grade-appropriate educational content, ensuring that every student reaches their full potential. Dr's priority is to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment, empowering students to achieve their educational goals. With over 6,000 teaching hours under his belt, Dr. is well-versed in utilizing Learning Management Systems to deliver interactive biology courses. Prepare to dive into captivating lessons, engaging discussions, and interactive activities that will deepen your understanding of the subject. What sets Dr. apart is his international training and expertise in technology transfer program collaboration. He has successfully fostered collaboration between prestigious institutions across the globe, including Zhanjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, Taizhou Medical City in China, and Daejeon Bioventure Valley in South Korea. These experiences have facilitated knowledge exchange, innovation, and the establishment of fruitful partnerships across borders. By joining this course, you'll not only gain knowledge but also be exposed to a global perspective in the field of biological sciences. Dr's educational background is equally impressive. He holds a bachelor's degree in clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences and specialized training in industrial fermentation technology. This unique combination of education and practical experience allows him to drive successful collaborations in the field of biological sciences and contribute to global advancements in education and research. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to excel in AS Biology with an exceptional teacher and an internationally recognized curriculum. Enroll today and unlock your full potential in the fascinating world of biology! Course Content This course will cover all the major topics that you need to know for your Edexcel A Level Biology exams. Specifically, we will cover: Cells and Organisms Biological Molecules Genetics Ecology Human Physiology and Health In-depth explanations of these topics will be provided and examples will be used to demonstrate how these topics are applied in the real world. Past Paper Solving We will go through past papers and analyze questions and answers to get a better understanding of how the exam questions are structured and how to answer them effectively. We will also look at different approaches to solving questions and discuss the best strategies to use in the exam. Exam Preparation In the last part of the course, we will look at strategies and tips on how to best prepare for the exam. I will also provide guidance on how to use resources to support your learning and provide advice on how to approach the exam efficiently and effectively. By the end of this online course, you will have a deep understanding of all the topics covered in the Edexcel A Level Biology exam and you will be well-prepared to succeed in the exam.
Biology · Cell biology · Molecular biology
"Good morning/afternoon, everyone, we will be diving into the fascinating world of biology. Biology is the scientific study of life and living organisms, encompassing everything from the smallest cells to complex ecosystems. It explores the incredible diversity of life on Earth, the structures and functions of organisms, and the interconnectedness of all living things. In this lesson, we will explore various fundamental concepts in biology that will serve as a strong foundation for your understanding of the subject. We will delve into the principles of cell biology, examining the structures and functions of cells, as well as the processes that occur within them. We will also explore genetics, investigating how traits are inherited and how variations arise within populations. Furthermore, we will examine the principles of evolution, understanding how species change over time and how natural selection shapes the diversity of life. We will also explore the intricacies of ecology, studying the relationships between organisms and their environments, as well as the impact of human activities on ecosystems. Throughout the lesson, we will engage in interactive discussions, conduct experiments, and analyze case studies to deepen our understanding of biological concepts. By the end of this course, you will not only have a solid grasp of the key principles of biology but also develop critical thinking skills and a scientific mindset. So, let's embark on this incredible journey into the world of biology together! Get ready to explore the wonders of life and unlock the mysteries of the living world.
Biology · High school entrance prep
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Chemistry AS and A2 and exam preparation tutoring! (Amman)
Before I reached to ms Haneen i lacked basic chemistry information and had to learn a lot of content in a short time. She instantly understood my situation and after multiple lessons of great teaching, i am more confident in my skills in Chemistry. Ms Haneen clearly has a very long experience in igcse chemistry and always gave me exam tips, common exam questions, and common mistakes students make. She also put in effort before and after each lesson and sent revision notes and questions. Additionally, Ms Haneen is really flexible in time and platforms. I would recommend Ms haneen to everyone.
Review by KHALED
Tuition Math - Physics - Chemistry - Biology (Mexico City)
I found Dr. Ralf to be a wonderful Teacher. The things that he taught me through online helped me a great deal in this class as well as in statistic level. Because of the help and attention that He provided me with, I understand and enjoy Statistics. The class was great in that he didn’t just give the answers away – he made me THINK. This was sort of frustrating, but it helped me understand the material much better. I would recommend him as a Teacher for future classes, without a doubt.
Review by AHMED
English class for students and adults, we start from the beginning and build on your knowledge. (New Cairo)
In the end of the lesson, we asked our daughter (Noura's student) and said she liked Noura's teaching and that she should come back to teach her, she can't to see her teacher Noura again. Based on our daughter's account, we thought Noura is a good teacher and so we rate her 5 stars.
Review by LINDA

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