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1 percussion teacher in Rouziers‑de‑Touraine

Trusted teacher: Hello, I offer drums lessons in a warm place or at your home. Come and discover the battery differently. My mission is to help you develop your own identity on the instrument. I offer you a fun approach that focuses on the pleasure of playing. Having followed training and courses throughout my life (conservatory, schools ...), I am passionate and dedicated to sharing all of my experience with you. I practice in many music groups and other structures (schools, associations ...). With more than 20 years of experience in drums and more than 10 years in percussion, I teach many musical genres (jazz through Latin music, pop, hip hop, rock, hard, punk, metal ..) , the double pedal, notions of music theory, rhythmic reading. Possibility of taking percussion lessons (darbuka, bongos, African djembe, congas, jaw harp, dhol). The programs are directly inspired by internationally recognized methods, thus being able to adapt to the needs, levels and requirements of each individual. I travel but I also receive in a room with equipment available (any age and level of practice are allowed, from initialization to professionals). A different approach to music lessons: My teaching is resolutely modern. Classes are a moment of musical and human sharing where error is used as a positive experience to move forward. We work by oral transmission to complete the scores. We use onomatopoeia to quickly develop musical and felt play, rather than just reading and playing. So ... Tempted? No excuse, I give you couses from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 11 pm. FROM child (from 5 years old) to senior, and from beginner to professional. Registration possible all year round. Contact me for more info on prices and formulas ... See you soon,
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Do you want to be musical, rhythmic and groovy? Do you want to learn many instruments in one class? Then percussion is the instrument that you want to learn! I am Keith, 21 years old percussionist from Hong Kong and currently studying classical percussion in the Conservatory van Amsterdam. I have had 2 years of teaching experience and I am offering percussion lessons that meet your need and standard. Percussion includes many instruments, from the one you hear in the orchestra, to African/Latin percussion, or to the pitched keyboard percussion. For beginner, you will learn 2 basic instruments, snare drum and marimba (keyboard instrument). From then, we will not only work on these 2 instruments , but the rest in the percussion family. I also offer drum set lessons for beginner. If you are already a skilled percussionist, I can also offer more advanced lessons, from strengthening your techniques, musicality to conservatory audition preparation. Moreover, I also offer music theory lessons. It will include basic knowledge like recognising notes and rhythm, and also solfedge training, so you will be well equipped for more difficult music playing. Some facts about me: 2021 PSMOpole International Marimba Competition Group 2 3rd prize Member of JeugdOrkest Nederland (2019 - 2021) 2020 Prinses Christina Concours Nationale Finale Category 3 2nd prize Experienced in solo, chamber and orchestra performances Food and figure skating enthusiast My goal is to let my students learn music happily and deepen their passion on music. Tell me anything that you want to explore in music and we can work on it through percussion. Whether you want to improve quickly or just want to learn an instrument to kill time, I got your back!
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Experienced Drum Tutor and Instructor I was born in Vancouver, grew up in Germany and later moved to London. I started playing the drums at the age of 9, and after my first band experiences, I was recruited by various artists to play shows throughout Germany. I study drums at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute and work as a session drummer for touring and recording artists internationally. My online lessons are designed to teach you a specific skillset, step by step with guidance and accountability, classically structured for beginners and advanced players. Whether you want to improve your speed, fills, grooves, independence or technique, my live sessions are a great place to start. ​ ​Step by step you will receive a wide-ranging program that introduces you to various styles and also teaches you theoretical approaches to playing the drums. Taking a combined approach of applied sheet music and programming drumlines, you will be able to play and meet your own standards or those of your band - whether it’s for practising, for live gigs or for the studio. Playing the drums is pure action and loads of fun. You’re the one who gets to hold the steering wheel in a band. Rock, Metal, Punk, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin - it doesn’t matter. After all, the drums can handle any style and I’ll show you how it’s done. You will be excited, inspired and engaged with music. Lessons for drummers with little to no experience. ​ Keys: - Coordination - Rudiments and technique - Reading - Hand and foot speed - Reading - Fills - Grooves - Independence - Performance So please, get in touch.
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Darbuka and Bendir Lessons - Beginner to Advanced Levels (Toulouse)
Great teacher, Stuart knows what he is teaching inside out and creates great material for online learning. As a teacher he is a perfect balance of encouragement to go forward and patience to learn what is already there. Recommend him 100%
Review by TANINE
Drums Lessons, Learn how to play drums, you already know how to? then you can improve! (Rotterdam)
This is my first time learning drums. Nico is a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. He is invested in the lessons and teaches in a calm, fun and friendly manner. I'd recommend him to anyone seeking to learn drums.
Review by RALUCA
Drum lessons ONLINE - Learn at home playing your own kit - Low fares
Child enjoyed her class. Tutor was kind and knowledgeable, really easy to deal with and organised. He responded to questions and had a clear lesson plan for the class.
Review by S