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Trusted teacher: Hello everyone, If you're looking for an exceptional French learning experience, you've come to the right place. With ten years of experience teaching the French language, I am ready to guide you on this exciting journey. My goal is to help you master the French language while developing your love for this rich and expressive language. Experience that makes the difference, With a decade of experience teaching French, I have worked with a wide variety of students, from beginners to advanced learners. My background has allowed me to perfect my understanding of the individual needs of each student, which allows me to adapt my lessons to meet your specific expectations. My ultimate goal is to see you succeed and gain confidence in using the French language. Learning French is not limited to memorizing grammatical rules. It is a journey of exploration of culture, history and communication. This is why I have developed innovative teaching methodologies to make your learning experience as engaging as possible: Each student is unique, which is why I personalize my lessons according to your needs and your level. We will work together to establish clear and achievable goals. You will learn by doing. My classes include fun activities, interactive discussions and real-world projects so you can immediately apply your knowledge. You can learn at your own pace, at the time that suits you best, without having to travel. Online courses offer you great flexibility. Interactive Resources: I use interactive tools, videos, online exercises and educational platforms to make learning more engaging and stimulating. Thanks to ICT, I can easily monitor your progress, identify your weak points and adapt our lessons accordingly. You will receive detailed feedback on your performance to help you improve.
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Aline - Toulouse$33
Trusted teacher: Hello and welcome everybody ! Всем привет и добро пожаловать! I'm a French native speaker, I have been a teacher of French as a Foreign Language for 10 years teaching students all levels and ages. Great experience with : French children, European teenagers, English and Russian speakers. I have been organizing language stays for European teenagers at home and I really like to welcome. I speak English (B2) and fluent Russian. My classes are dynamic, interactive and fun! I'm passionate, friendly and patient. :) You are beginner or you already speak a little bit French ? I want to help you learn French and improve. Teaching is my passion. You have the motivation ? We are going to work together with pleasure on grammar, pronunciation and of course conversation. You will enjoy it ! I provide material to my students for the lesson, I choose the texts, dialogues, videos and exercises according to your level and needs. You are unique. I will prepare specific courses for you. I'm going to help you to improve. You will appreciate my personalized courses. See you soon ! -------------------- Всем привет ! Я француженка, преподаю французский язык, как детям, так и взрослым, уже больше десяти лет. Большой опыт работы с : французскими детьми, европейскими подростками, англо- и русскоговорящими взрослыми. Регулярно я принимаю у себя европейскую молодёжь на языковые стажировки. Я говорю на Aнглийском (B2) и свободно говорю на Pусском. Мои уроки динамичны и развлекательны. Я серьезная, oтзывчивая и терпеливая. :) Вы ещё не начинали изучать французский, или вы уже говорите немного? Я хочу вам помочь освоить его, или поднять ваш уровень. Преподавание - моё призвание. Мои уроки динамичны и интерактивны. Если вы мотивированы, попробуйте мой креативный метод изучения грамматики, произношения и, конечно, разговорной речи. Вам понравится. Я предоставляю своим студентам материалы для занятий. Я выбираю тексты, диалоги, видеоконтент и упражнения, в зависимости от вашего уровня и цели. Вы уникальны. Я приготовлю уроки именно для вас. Давайте вместе смоделируем ваш прогресс и улучшим ваш уровень французского. Bы оцените мой индивидуальный подход. До скорого ! A très bientôt, :)
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French courses for foreigners - leçons de français (Toulouse)
Laura is a wonderful French professor! My partner and I took classes with her while we were in Toulouse for a month. She was super hospitable and fun to learn from, and she helped us make a huge improvement (able to have some basic conversations after starting from 0!) over the course of just a few classes. She targeted what we wanted to learn (mainly interactions with staff at restaurants, bakeries, etc. so we could get around town) and helped us build up the relevant vocab and grammar with conversation practice. She also had excellent travel and food recommendations for us, great learning exercises, and was just lovely - we got so much value from our time with her. 100% recommend!
Review by ISABEL
French as a Foreign Language Course for Adults - learn French culture - conversation - pronunciation / French for foreigners (Saint-Lys)
Mary est très gentille et une professeur exceptionnelle. Elle te met à l’aise tout de suite. Ses leçons sont bien organisées. Je la conseille fortement. Mary is very kind and she makes you feel at ease very easily. Her classes are well organised and tailored for everyone’s needs. I strongly recommend her.
Review by FEDERICA
French lessons for all levels, oral / written / methodology, webcam & face-to-face (Toulouse)
She is such a lovely teacher! Supportive and flexible, delightful and resourceful. I really appreciate that she patiently listened to me insisting my plan for future lessons and even tried to improve them! I can certainly recommend her to you :)
Review by ASUKA