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French · Public speaking · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: I. French / FLE Course: First of all, it will be necessary to define the needs of the student but also the requirements and the functioning of his / her possible professor in the case of the preparation for an examination, or the requests related to a particular professional situation. It is from this inventory that I build my course. My teaching method aims for a clear understanding of the rules, (transmissive model) and instructions, and their constant reminder. My explanations are always clear and structured, including the content of a text, and are ideally done with the words of students, rather than with technical terms. Too many students, either did not integrate the subject to study, even if they could understand it, or are outside the scope of what is asked when they are questioned about it (case of dissertations). Clear explanations, some guidelines to guide yourself in case of difficulties, taking some notes, repetition - playfully if possible - constant practice exercises, recurring questions that I ask to verify that the material is acquired, will ensure lasting success, without burning the steps. Thus grammar, for example, becomes mental gymnastics much less arid than it seems. On the contrary! II. Creative Writing Course: The first step will be to identify the needs of the student. The writing of a letter of application and that of a literary text require very different approaches. In the first case, we will focus for example on reviewing the main usage rules related to this exercise, the grammatical structures and vocabulary most suited to the message of the candidate and the content of the ad. In the case of a literary project, recalling a number of simple tips - all of which can be overturned in absolute - often avoids many mistakes made by the great beginners. A constructive dialogue on the structure of the story, the message that the author wishes to convey, the adequacy of writing with the message, is likely to unlock certain situations. Finally, a look, an outside opinion is always interesting, even if it should never impose itself as a truth. As part of the journalistic writing that I have practiced for years (more than 400 articles and published files), the rules of writing are much stricter and facilitate a more rigorous approach. In this case, I go directly to correcting student texts or analyzing articles published by others.
French · Creative writing
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Improve your speeches in public and in meetings / Brussels (Ixelles-Elsene)
Charlotte is a superb instructor. I took classes with her at her home for several months to improve my public speaking skills. During each session, Charlotte helped me work on my tone and delivery through various public speaking exercises. Charlotte asked me to prepare short written assignments before our meetings, so that I could practice delivering my script using various speaking techniques during the class. For these assignments, Charlotte was very engaged and made sure that the assignments would assist me in my specific professional goals. She did this by tailoring the subject matter to my professional work - mostly legal and political matters - and she pushed me to consider what I wanted to achieve from my audience with each speaking opportunity. Charlotte, however, is not only a skilled professional. She is also a tremendously kind, energetic and dynamic person to work with. She made me feel comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities, which made the process of receiving constructive feedback a fun and welcomed experience. She encouraged me to practice my public speaking in French - which is not my first language - and made me feel at ease. She is kind, understanding and an incredibly nice person. If you are looking for a professional who is dedicated to helping you improve, welcomes your goals and ideas, and who is a pleasure to meet with each week - then look no further than Charlotte.
Review by ARIEL
Private lessons in French, history and methodology of work (Brussels)
[FR]Jonathan est un tuteur amical et peut s’adapter à votre emploi du temps, je lui demande surtout de l’aider à pratiquer mon français dans des secteurs spécifiques concernant mon projet de travail, il peut principalement vous aider en fonction de vos propres livres d’apprentissage ou informations. J'aimerais continuer à travailler avec lui pour atteindre mes objectifs. [EN]Jonathan is a friendly tutor and can adapt to your available schedule, I mainly ask his help to practice my French in specific sectors concerning my working project, he can mainly assist you according to your own learning books or info. I would like to continue working with him in order to accomplish my targets. [中文] Jonathan是一位友善的教師,如果你的主動性高,可以準備好自己的教材和資料來和此教師做討論與練習。
Review by XIN YU
French as a foreign language course for children (Anderlecht)
Maria is a French teacher par excellence. Her knowledge of the language is formidable, which is essential to teaching it well. Moreover, she has the highest standards and committed to helping her students reach that level. She explains patiently difficult concepts totally in French, so students can improve their oral comprehension very quickly. She can spot and corrects the smallest of errors both in writing and speaking - that is extremely important for the beginner to improve. I spent four weeks with Maria intensively. It was a wonderful learning experience and my comprehension improved greatly. Without hesitation, I give her the highest possible recommendation. You will not go wrong with Maria.
Review by MADHAV