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Hi, I'm Dareen a Syrian professional Arabic teachers, writer, filmmaker. I have women's right organization in the Netherlands, and I'm teaching my language to support my NGO, and because I want to share my beautiful language, and culture. I'm very passionate about teaching Arabic, I have special methods depends on your level, you will always get free Arabic coffee or tea in My class if you choose to take class in my house. you have to do your homework, work with me and show me you also passionate about learning.
I teach the following courses.

Standard Arabic (Fus ha) and Colloquial Arabic (Syrian, Lebanese) all level from Zero
– Conversation, grammar, reading, writing, poetry, literature
– Arabic as a second language & Arabic for foreign educated Arabs
– Arabic for journalists, focusing on such things as understanding newspapers
– Intensive personalized crash courses (1 to 4 weeks)



Bachelor degree in Journalism from Damascus University, specialised in Mass media, literature, writing columns.
studied all my life in damascuse.
storytelling in italy

Experience / Qualifications

10 years teaching Arabic in Old damascus before the war, for many foreigners.

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