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SKETCHUP: Initiation to drawing in 3D easy to realize for all your projects!

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Want to learn 3D drawing?

Sketchup is Google's free 3D modeling software.

Simple and accessible software, I will teach you how to model your project and give life to all your ideas ;-) This software is used and recognized in many areas: design, architecture, decoration, events, ... You will be able to model your project, manage views, and apply a first rendering of topics. You are a student? I can advise you for your interior design or decoration projects.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Extra information

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Sketchup is free and can easily be downloaded to your computer.


Online via webcam

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Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

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French, English

About Me

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Hello, my name is Pierrick and I am an Interior Designer and a teacher in education.

You want to learn drawing on computer, 3D, rendering, create a website, use a Mac?
Or how to create an interior design project?

I give you private lessons adapted to your needs. Learn how to create plans, details, layout, printing, 3D views, rendering, and more. You are a student? I can advise you for your interior design or decoration projects.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

See you soon


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Interior designer, I use these software since my studies. I like to discover these great tools that are both intuitive and exciting. Let your creativity express itself ;-)

Experience / Qualifications

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I use this software for over 10 years, and already throughout my studies and my career.

I accompanied several students during their studies, but also professionals who wanted to train to improve or to train for a new job.

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Le cours s'est très bien passé. Il est très sympa et explique très bien. A recommander.
Très bien
Professionnel et gentil.
Hello, you want to learn 3D rendering with Artlantis software? I give you private lessons adapted to your needs. Learn how to import your creations, create and manage lights, add objects and materials, details, layout, print. You are a student? I can advise you for your interior design or decoration projects. Feel free to contact me for more information. See you soon
Hello, my name is Pierrick and I am an Interior Designer. I propose you simple and adapted courses to your request, to learn easily the interior decoration. You will learn how to create a project according to your tastes and to realize it with the help of plans, drawings, palettes of style, etc. Whether you are novices, amateurs, students, professionals, welcome. The course is open to everyone, whether it is a hobby or a professional goal, I will give you the keys to the interior design that will allow you to create according to your desires.
Do you own a Mac computer, an iPad or an iPhone? Depending on your needs, I will teach you to adjust your device and use the basic functions: internet, email, calendar, word processing, print, scanner, photos, ... You will find for yourself that Apple devices are intuitive and easy to use.
You need a website, but you do not know how? And why not create it for yourself? I teach you to create your website easily with the Wix online site editor. We will determine together your project and your needs, in order to put them in image on your site so that it corresponds 100% to your profile, activity or company. You will also learn how to manage your site yourself, import photos, articles, videos, create new pages, update, promotion, social networks, blog, ... Creating your own website site is fun, creative and rewarding. So when do we start? See you soon ;-)
Hello, you want to learn drawing on computer with Vectorworks software? I give you private lessons adapted to your needs. Learn how to manage drawing in 2D: create plans, details, layout, printing. Basic management of 3D views, rendering, etc. You are a student? I can advise you for your interior design or decoration projects. Feel free to contact me for more information. See you soon

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Math, Physics, Computer Science for IB, MYP Student and Bachelor
My name is Mohammed, I have studied Physics and Math as a major at Faculty of Science and I got my degree with accumulative grade 85% (Excellent with honor) then studied Computer Science and combined the two major in my postgraduate study (Theoretical & Computational Physics). I have very high skills in Physics and Math, and I have more than 3 years experience in teaching, I speak super fluent English, I teach now as tutor for Physics, Math and IT for International Baccalaureate Students. I am very hard worker and have a great passion for physics and math and teaching, I practice teaching since I was primary school student for my classmates, and during my bachelor I used to review my professors notes and making notes for my classmates too. I got skilled in instruction and explaining and teaching, adapting to my students, and creative about the way to teach based on every students needs, finding a way to deliver the lesson in easy, interesting, exiting way. I teach now to IB students in Belgium Looking forward to hear from you.

Computer Science: Algo; C; Java; Python; Web; Resaux ....
Young student in a Master of Computer Science (2nd year in 'BIG DATA') offers an individualized pedagogy, assistance with the preparation of competitions and exams. With a rigorous method and a high availability, you will be able to progress in harmony with the courses of your establishment, with progress reports and periodic Checkpoints, you will find yourself ready for your exams without panic and without overload.

Basic IT and computer knowledge / Basic Computer Course
Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and we rely more and more on computers for everything from cooking to organizing our taxes. An understanding of computer basics is compulsory nowadays. The goal of this course is to give you a solid foundation on basic IT and computer knowledge. Once you understood these basics, you will have a clear understanding on which to build your future knowledge of an skill with computers and the Internet. COURSE OUTLINES: KNOWING COMPUTER - Introduction and objectives - What is Computer? - Components of Computer system - Concept of Hardware and Software - Concept of computing, data and information - Applications of IECT - Bringing computer to life OPERATING COMPUTER USING GUI BASED OPERATING SYSTEM - Introduction and objectives - Basics of Operating System - The User Interface - Operating System Simple Setting - File and Directory Management UNDERSTANDING WORD PROCESSING - Introduction and objectives - Word processing Basics - Opening and closing Documents - Text Creation and manipulation - Formatting the Text - Table manipulation USING SPREAD SHEET - Introduction and objectives - Elements of Electronic Spread sheet - Manipulation of Cells - Formulas and Function INTRODUCTION TO INTERNET, WWW AND WEB BROWSERS - Introduction and objectives - Basic of Computer Networks - Internet - World Wide Web (WWW) - Web Browsing Softwares - Search Engines - Understanding URL - Surfing the web COMMUNICATIONS AND COLLABORATION - Introduction and objectives - Basics of E-mail - Using E-mails - Document collaboration - Instant Messaging and Collaboration MAKING SMALL PRESENTATIONS - Introduction and objectives - Basics of Making small Presentations - Creation of presentation - Preparation of slides - Presentation of slides - Slide show FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR BANKING SCHEME AND APPLICATIONS - Introduction and objectives - Why Savings are needed? - Drawbacks of keeping cash at home - Why Bank is needed? - Banking products - Banking Service Delivery Channels - Various Schemes - Bank on your mobile - Insurance

Computers: Algo, Programming, C, C ++, Java, PFE
Courses and supervision in Computer Science: - Programming (Java, C, C ++, C #, PHP) - PFE and IT Project ***** First FREE session ***** - Initiation course in Computer Science - Assistance in the use of information technologies - Database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL, PL SQL) ***** First FREE session *****

Computer programming support course (multiple languages)
I propose courses of support and help in computer programming, mainly oriented for the students in higher education in a computer field. I am a university teacher and business leader and am regularly in contact with students in higher education in this field. My classes can be focused on a whole-of-the-art accompaniment or an introduction to a particular language or project support. I focus mainly on C, C ++, Java, Python, Databases, web development and notions such as algorithmic or object programming.

CAD tutorial (Solidworks, CATIA, CREO, Sketch Up)
My courses are aimed at both young users of these softwares and more experienced users who wish to deepen their knowledge of the software and take good practices in complex project development. Patient and pedagogue, I propose a training based on the practice with the aim of a fast independence of the learner.

Math, Sciences, Computers and software for children, adolescents, adults and seniors
I teach mathematics and science courses for levels: - Primary - Lower secondary - Higher and University Secondary - Central jury I teach computer and software courses: - Programming: Initiation, Beginner, Intermediate - Software: Initiation, Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced Before agreeing on a course, we can discuss the subject to study. In the case of a particular request, we can make a first meeting to discuss the matter to see. If I can help you, we are go! My technique is summarized in 5 steps: - Analysis (of your needs) - Adaptation (to your learning skills) - Motivation - The practice - Repetition

Private lessons in Computer Science, Programming & Algorithms.
Computer courses in several fields; ranging from simple handling to the development of video games. Support high school / university / school of engineering or for personal projects. All levels. Proposed fields: Linux -Initiation to the command line and scripts Programming -Dev standard: C, C #, Java, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Haskell, others. -Webdev: HTML / CSS + JavaScript. Angular -Gamedev: Godot / Unreal Engine / SFML. Various libs in the languages mentioned above.

Kiran Singaram
Introduction to 3D printing, it's application and working principle.
3D Printing could shape the next generation to think practically, one can print any 3-Dimensional obejct sitting right at home. You have a broken piece of a toy and you would like to replace it or would you like to build a new model, then 3D printing is the solution. 3D printing is the best way to start thinking in terms of prototyping a project or building a solution. It Sparks creativity and enhances the design principle in one's mind. With over 3 - years of experience in 3D Printing and having built my own 3D printer, I would like to share my knowledge in this field and help create a conducive environment to enable a better future. I have been conducting 3D printing workshop and courses for more than a year and I am also in the process of writing a handbook with respect to 3D printing.

Collins Dari
Tutoring in mathematics and computer science in preparation for the exam
I am a teacher of mathematics I would like to share my knowledge with a maximum of person and to give my help to all those who are in need. Computer engineer so I also have computer skills that I would also like to share.

Start selling your products or services using Facebook Advertising
Set up a business strategy on your Facebook page, according to your products and services. Then create advertisements to publicize them using Facebook's Business Manager interface. The idea is to work with your project, start it or give it a boost ;-) I work in a relaxed atmosphere but by making sure that you can achieve the goal we have set together.

Tutorials in Computer Science (Teens - Adults)
I offer computer courses for everyone from 12 years: teenagers, adults and seniors on PC running Windows or Linux (no Mac). Introductory course to learn how to use and configure your computer and Windows, use a printer, a scanner, a webcam, use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, manage for Internet browsing, search on Google, emails, Facebook, Skype , downloading music, movies, games ... For those who wish, you can also learn about Linux, programming and creating video games. Possibility of giving classes in English. For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me. I am a student, holder of a Bachelor in Humanities and Social Sciences obtained at UCL-Mons (former FUCaM), graduated from Saint-Michel College of Gosselies (Latin-Math8 option). I learned computer science in a self-taught way, from using Windows and Word to creating websites, programming, creating video games, computer graphics, 3D modeling and computer-aided music ( MAO). I give private lessons for 6 years.

gives course French, mathematical, English and computer science
Hello, I offer interesting courses in computer science, French, mathematics and English, I graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Orleans. I am physically available on the city of Orleans and around. and virtually on skype. see you soon :)

Normalist - doctor gives private computer lessons
I am a doctor in computer science, former normalist (ENS Cachan), and a full-time tutor in computer science. I gave more than 200 hours of private lessons in 2018 to about fifteen students. I offer computer and programming classes to students in prep and higher classes, remotely, via Skype or Google Hangouts for video chat + white board and screen sharing for programming. Each session is carefully prepared to maximize the benefits for the student, on the themes that he / she has chosen: brief feedback on the course, exercises and topics of competition. These courses cover: - the common core (MPSI, PCSI, PTSI, MP, PSI, PC, PT, TSI, TPC): algorithmic, programming (Python), databases (SQL). - the info option (MPSI and MP): algorithmic, programming (Caml), languages / automata, trees, graphs, logic. I can also support students from other sectors (university ...) including programming in C, C ++, Java, Haskell, Python, Ocaml ...

Individueel of groep. Agile project management. Introductie tot SCRUM en andere methodologiën
Introductie tot agile project management. Geschikt voor startups & scale ups. Curriculum samen te stellen na eerste intake gesprek. Voorbeeld van onderwerpen : - Project management for dummies - Agile - Scrum - Kanban - Scaled scrum / kanban - Applied startups - Applied scaleups - Applied corporations - ...