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Recently Posted Private Classes

Spanish and Latin Guitar/Piano for beginners, intermediate and advanced
In my music course, you will learn the key concepts in harmony and melody for Latin American music, as well as fundamental techniques and patterns that will enrich and/or add more resources to your dictionary as a performer. In my music course, you will learn the key concepts in harmony and melody for Latin American music, as well as fundamental techniques and patterns that will enrich and/or add more resources to your dictionary as a performer.

Kamel Peter
Talking in French. Lear how to express yourself in public.
I will work vith you on your pronunciation. The most important is you ability to communicate verbally with others. I will help you to better control your accent in order to speak fluently the French language. You are welcome to ask questions about words or sentences that you will like to master.

French and classic/modern literature courses.
My course aims to acquire or revise the basics and certain points of French literature in order to prepare for the oral exams of the French baccalaureate or literary tests, for more motivated students or those seeking to surpass themselves I can also provide courses and training inspired by my time in CPGE. I provide help with homework, writing, oral coaching as well as sessions to improve spelling, vocabulary and syntax through various exercises.

Home guitar and piano classes for children and adults
Guitar and piano classes with teaching methods and games depending on the age of the student. Also the theoretical part of music, such as: Solfeggio, musical theory, music appreciation. In the practical part: all the basic technique to play an instrument such as: arpeggios, scales, 3.4 note chords with the right hand and major minor chords, dominant 7th, major and minor 7th chords. Songs, musical reading, international classical and popular repertoire. Different rhythms and musical genres

Learn to speak, read and understand fluent English! TESOL-certified | 12+ years' experience
Are you ready to speak fluent English? I'm Jenny, and I have helped hundreds of students learn to speak clear, fluent English quickly. I know the tricks to improve your pronunciation, reduce errors while speaking, and increase your confidence. Working together, we will practice speaking about a wide range of interesting topics. I make learning fun, so your English will improve naturally, similar to the way you learned your first language. Activities are designed to encourage speaking, while improving reading, listening and grammar skills. I will help you correct your mistakes, so you can go out into the world and speak confidently, knowing you have the skills to succeed. I am TESOL-certified to teach English as a Second Language. I have a bachelor's degree in Speech Communication & Spanish (double-major.) I have over 20 years' experience in education, with 12+ years specifically teaching English as a Second Language. Teaching ESL is what I do full-time (100% online.) I work with adult students. I teach ESL because it's what I love. I can't wait to meet you, so book a lesson with me, and let's get started!

Parisienne offers private French lessons in New York
This private French course is designed to help you improve your mastery of the French language, whether for academic, professional or personal purposes. Whether you're an absolute beginner or want to perfect your existing skills, this course is suitable for all levels. Course content: grammar, vocabulary, written and oral comprehension, written expression, oral expression. Methodology: This course favors an interactive and participatory approach, where you will be encouraged to actively practice the French language during each session. Varied exercises, fun activities and multimedia supports will be used to make learning stimulating and effective. The course will be adapted to your specific needs and your learning pace.

I am a professional mathematics teacher for all science subjects from 1 to 10 English medium students
A passionate science and mathematics teacher in Qatar, dedicated to promoting curiosity and critical thinking. Utilize innovative teaching methods to inspire students to explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We are committed to creating a positive and engaging learning environment for future leaders in science and mathematics.

Unlock the Beauty of French: Private French Lessons Tailored to Your Needs
Before to take classes with me, you give me your objectives, why you want to learn French, the number of meeting that we will have and how many per week. With all these informations I can provide you the best exercises for your objectives. I'm a private teacher so that's why I want to respond in the best way to what you want. Otherwise, I'm a very cool person and I really like to help people on every subject. That's why I want to transmit my knowledges about French to you and your children.

Piano Instructor: Manhattan School of Music/ Juilliard Pianist
I’m a trained pianist from the Manhattan School of Music. During my training at MSM I took piano pedagogy and music theory pedagogy classes. I’ve been teaching since I was a teenager and I have taken students of all different levels and ability. I think proper hand position, aural training along with method books build a solid foundation for the emerging pianist. I tailor the method books to the students age and level.

Inspiring Piano Lessons by experienced Concert Pianist and Piano Teacher
Hello, welcome to my profile! My name is Richard, nice to meet you! I'm a Dutch (Netherlands) piano teacher and concert pianist with 25 years of experience. Since I started playing the piano, at age 5, I've been passionate about music, and I would love to pass on my huge passion for playing the piano to you! I hold a Master's degree in Music in both piano performance and as a piano teacher. For the past 25 years, I have been teaching piano lessons (both individual and group lessons) at several music schools in the Netherlands, as well as private piano lessons in various European countries and Mexico. As of now, 2024, I'm available full-time for private piano lessons at your home or a public place, but 'm also open to teaching online, if you prefer so. I speak fluent English, Spanish, German, and Dutch, so I can teach in all of these languages. As a piano teacher, I have extensive experience with students of all ages and levels, as well as different music styles. As a concert pianist, I have made numerous concert tours as a soloist and played with renown orchestras in several countries, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, UK, and United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, I won prizes in several prestigious piano competitions, made various TV-, radio and album recordings, and attended masterclasses with world-renown pianists such as the American master pianists Murray Perahia and Emanual Ax. I would describe myself as someone how is friendly, patient, organized, efficient, flexible and passionate about music. I believe that my passion for piano, my extensive knowledge and experience as a piano teacher and concert pianist, combined with my excellent communication skills and my inspiring teaching style, are some of the key ingredients of great piano teaching. My piano lessons are for students of all ages and levels, who would like to learn or improve their piano playing. Although my background is in classical repertoire, I also have experience in teaching popular and film music, among other types of music. I love all kinds of music, and I'm definitely open to teaching you how to play your favorite songs. I work with some of the best piano methods to achieve optimal learning outcomes. Inspiring the student and developing their natural musicality are crucial factors in this process. My lessons include learning and improving piano technique, reading sheet music (if not already mastered), playing by ear, music theory, musicality development, and fostering enjoyment in playing this beautiful instrument. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or doubts. I look forward to hearing from you!

Piano Lessons and Vocal Coaching at your home or online!
Private piano lessons and vocal coaching for 30min/45min/60min! Learn how to play piano from scratch or continue your musical journey further! Vocal coaching for opera repertoire as well as pop and MT! I’m a professional classical pianist with 15 years of teaching experience. I also work with instrumentalists who would like to learn chamber music and singers who need help with vocal score preparation and character analysis.

Guitar Lessons for all ages and experience levels.
I provide one on one lessons in guitar in a wide range of genres. From Bach to the Beatles and everything in between. Whether you're a novice looking to learn the basics or an experienced player hoping to improve your playing, I will bring my experience, expertise, and passion to each lesson. I look forward to helping you along your musical journey!

French lessons in San Francisco with a FLE teacher
Hello ! I graduated with a master's degree in linguistics and teaching of FLE (French as a Foreign Language) at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, in France. I offer personalized support, which can be focused on your interests, for rapid progress! I speak French and English fluently, and I can travel to San Francisco or offer online courses. See you soon ! Guillaume

Mathematics/Physics/French by a French Engineering Student
I'm a student at Mines de Paris, currently doing an internship at the NY Genome Center. I offer private tutoring in math and physics for levels ranging from middle school to college. I can also give French lessons. I'm familiar with the rigor and classic thinking methods required in the best universities, and would be delighted to pass them on. Whether it's math or physics, it's always the same reasoning that comes back, the trick is to know what it is and how to apply it! I can travel on weekends or weekends. I hope I've proven to you that I'm serious and able to make you improve, Martin I am a student at Mines de Paris, currently doing an internship at the NY Genome Center, I offer private lessons in math and physics for levels ranging from middle school to university. I can also give French lessons. I know the rigor and classical methods of reflection that are required in the best universities, and would take pleasure in transmitting them. Whether in maths or physics, it is always the same reasoning that comes back, the key is to know them and know how to recognize the situations in which to apply them! I can travel during the week or on weekends. Hoping to have proven to you my seriousness, Martin

Qi Gong and Meditation/Wellness for Beginners, Internal Alchemy Advanced
With over a dozen years of meditation and Qi gong experience, I have cultivated the Dantian to provide endless energy and achieved increasingly higher levels of bliss and joy. In this class, I will show you how to be grounded, tap into the true core of your being, and/or begin the process of energy development/internal alchemy. This class can be separated into different categories: Beginner- Focusing on simply meditation and wellness. Intermediate- Prioritizing spiritual development. Advanced- Tapping into the Dantian and cultivating it.

Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced English Tutoring
Literature: During literature courses, students will be analyzing and interpreting different forms of fictional literature. This will help them understand the fundamental aspects of literature as an art form. We will be reading poems, prose, short stories, novels, novellas, and plays to develop close reading skills. Like an AP Literature class, students will dissect the work and write their analyses. Writing: During writing courses, students will have the option to focus on essay writing, creative writing, and business writing. With essay writing, we will be practicing different and effective techniques to successfully abide by the rubric provided. (Ask that the student have a copy of the rubric during the lesson). With creative writing, we will be enhancing skills in vocabulary, sentence structure, literary techniques, and plots (involving characters, settings, themes, and messages) to build fictional poetry, prose, novels, and plays. With business writing, we will be building and adapting resumes as well as learning how to write professional emails. Language Arts: During Language Arts courses, students will learn how vocabulary, grammar, and composition create effective arguments. This course will mainly focus on writing arguments through rhetorical, cultural, and contextual lenses. Additionally, students will be able to practice public speaking to improve their overall argumentative skills. Like an AP Language and Composition class, students will read nonfiction to develop an argument that explains ideas, argues a point, or persuades readers. Conversational: During conversational English courses, non-native English speakers will be advancing their understanding of the language. Students will be learning practical and conversational skills that improve vocabulary, conventions, and grammar. Lessons will cover reading, writing, and speaking for everyday life. As a tutor, I wish to tailor each of my classes to my students' interests and educational needs. Each lesson will be different from the rest and custom for each student, depending on their levels of proficiency.

Hello! My name is Paul, I study in New York as part of my schooling. I suggest you give home lessons to your child. I offer French/maths/history-geography lessons to young French people in the community who need academic support. We: - we will return to the general concepts seen at the beginning of the year - we will complete homework and review assessments together - I can give work myself from one course to another depending on needs - at the start of each course we will take some time to review the previous course. I have very good contact with children, the BAFA in my pocket, experience in holiday stays as well as in leisure centers. In addition, I taught children with academic difficulties as part of the Secours Populaire de Paris mission. I favor lively, colorful, fun teaching that gives meaning to learning. Available now!

Spanish lessons by a Spanish teacher, suitable for all levels, in New York City
🌟 Ready to embark on your Spanish language journey? Let's make it happen together! 🌟 🇪🇸 Native Spanish Speaker from Madrid, Spain. 🌎 All Levels Welcome! From Beginner to Advanced. 🖥️ Online and In-Person Classes - Your Choice! 🎓 10 Years of Tutoring Experience and a Professional Teaching Background. Whether you prefer the convenience of online classes or face-to-face interaction, I've got you covered. Contact me today to start your Spanish adventure! 📚🗣️

How to sing with the right techniques, keeping your instrument healthy
Have you ever asked yourself if you can also sing freely, while in control of your voice, making that desired tone? If you want to improve your singing in a fun relaxed environment, then you’re in the right place! Hi! I'm Rana! I’m a professional singer in Los Angeles. I have a masters degree in vocal performances, I am also a certified CCM teacher with specialty in singing contemporary music. Studying classical music and singing opera gave me a solid foundation in vocal techniques and my performance experience as a rock singer made me a crossover singer/teacher. I teach multiple genres: from Classical Music and Opera, to Pop, Musical Theatre, R&B and Rock. Whether you just started to sing for the first time, or have the experience, or even if you want to prepare a song for a special occasion, I can help you by creating a customized lesson plan in the best way that suits your goals! I have a great passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge. Let’s meet and make music together!

Affordable Piano & Violin Lessons in Manhattan at Your Home
I am now offering piano and violin lessons for beginners and intermediate students including kids, teens and adults. I use a student-centred pedagogy to help students reach their individual goals, whether they want to learn a classical repertoire or their favourite tunes from movies, musicals, etc. On top of that, I teach theory, improvisation, and various mindfulness and embodiment tools that cultivate technical and performance skills. I have a bachelors in psychology and violin performance from York University in Canada. In addition, I also have experience working with neurodiverse populations and low-vision populations-I am both:)

Piano lessons with Dr. Josh for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced for all ages
He has taught for over 15 years, and has helped hundreds of piano students across all musical levels and ages improve their technique, musicality and music theory knowledge. His students have gone on to win competitions at the state level in both California, New York and Texas.