I will teach you English no matter what your current level of proficiency is. I will help you focus on different aspects like grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, langauge use, and more. If you want to work on your writing skills, I can also review your work and help you get better at writing. To start we will discuss your experience with English to see what your current level of English is. We will set a goal, the level of English you wish to acquire, and the lessons will build to that. Do expect some sort of homework, or some form of exercise, mostly in the form of a funny video or show to watch, but if you want to focus on writing skills as well, it will also include writing tasks. I will personally create the lessons to fit your current level and will work with you to reach your goal!
For anyone who would like to give their English skills a real boost during the summer holidays! Do you have some spare time during the holidays and you would like to work on your English skills? In this class you can work on your speaking skills and your vocabulary. Direct feedback is very important while learning a language, which is why it helps to have someone there to correct you in real time. I have my BA in English linguistics and can help you with how you can use your first language to get better at a second or third language you are learning. I am keeping the contents of this class a bit vague, as I want to construct lessons catered to your needs and level of proficiency. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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