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    Experienced Spanish Teacher Available for Children and Beginners - Oud Zuid

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    I offer Spanish classes for children ages 3-12 and for adult beginners. I have classroom experience in the US, and lived in Spain for over 6 years. My uni degree is also in Spanish language.

    Classes for children: As children learn best through play, these classes are given in a fun way, adapted according to your child's interests. I incorporate art, music, science, etc. with a focus on hands-on learning.

    Classes for Adults: I am a big fan of grammar, however, I promise you will not be bored. I tend to look at languages as a puzzle to be solved. In my classes, you will create a grammar chart that you will be able to use as an easy reference guide for the rest of your life! We will then practice real-world situations, tailored to your specific needs. The hardest part of language learning as an adult is overcoming the fear of failure. In these classes you will learn to laugh at your own mistakes, and become more confident through practice and initiative. Having learned a second language myself, I will guide you through the techniques I used to master it.

    Classes are given in my home, however, I am available to travel around the Oud Zuid area for an additional fee.

    Extra information

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    If your preferred time is not shown, please ask if available.


    At teacher's location: Diepenbrockstraat, 1077 VX Amsterdam, Países Bajos

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    General info


    School, Spanish for adults


    Infants (0-3 years old)
    Preschool children (4-6 years old)
    Children (7-12 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    45 minutes
    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    Spanish, English

    About Me

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    I am passionate life-long learner and lover of foreign language. My goal is to inspire my students to become curious about the world around them as I teach them in the English language. Ideal, they are not even aware that they are learning, but rather, having fun!

    I work on children, I incorporated art, music, science, games, etc. I focus on hands-on learning as kids learn best through play!

    When teaching adults, I keep in mind the techniques that I have found to be effective in self-study and apply them to my class.


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    -BA degree in Spanish language from Catawba College in Salisbury, NC, USA

    -"Methodology and Evaluation of Teaching English" Masters program through Comillas University in Madrid, Spain. (Trained as a Cambridge examiner at this time.)

    -TEFL certification, (Online course for continued professional development)

    Experience / Qualifications

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    Total of 8 years teaching internationally; 6+ years teaching English in public and private schools in Spain, 1 year teaching Spanish in a well-respected private school in the United States, and newly tutoring English here in the Netherlands.
    English classes are offered with a bilingual and native American teacher. I have 6 years of experience giving classes in public schools and arranged in Spain. I have worked with the Cambridge programs, (PET / KET / FIRST / ADVANCED), Oxford, and Trinity, especially in preparation for the exams. Classes of children: I teach the classes in a fun way, taking into account the interests of your children, (science, art, music, etc.), and with the use of "realia". Adult classes: It depends a lot on what you are looking for; The classes are tailored to your needs. They can be conversational if you already have a good level and you are looking to practice with a native person. I usually focus on a little of everything, (grammar, "speaking", "listening", "role-playing" real-life situations, etc.). As I also have experience working in the supply chain / logistics, I am willing to help with a little "business English" for those who seek to improve. Classes are taught at the teacher's home, or at the student's home in the Oud Zuid area for an additional fee.
    English teacher, native from the US, available for private tutoring. I have 7 years of experience teaching internationally and have worked with the Cambridge curriculum, (PET / KET / FIRST / ADVANCED), as well as with the Oxford and Trinity English programs. Classes for Children: As children learn best through play, these classes are given in a fun way, according to your child's interests. I incorporate art, music, science, etc. with a focus on hands-on learning. Classes for Adults: I tailor the classes to each student's particular interests and needs. Typically, my classes include a balance of conversation, listening, and grammar. I also like to have my students role-play real-life scenarios. If your preferred time is unavailable, please feel free to reach out and see if I can fit you in. Typically, I give classes in my home, however, I am available to come to your home for an additional fee. I operate in and around the Oud Zuid area. Please note, my current address will not be provided until classes are confirmed due to safety concerns. :)

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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Mathematics courses from high school to bachelor level
    Hello, I currently live in Amsterdam and offer to help and help your child. I graduated from a master's degree in applied mathematics and graduated from ESCP after two years of preparatory classes. I have nearly 8 years of experience in academic support in high school class mainly, college and bachelor. I would be happy to assist your child whether it is for development or for diploma / competition preparation ... I really enjoy teaching classes and take it very seriously. I would be available from 18:30 approximately the week but prefer to have flexible planning more adapted to the needs of your children and taking into account the constraints of each one. I remain at your disposal for any questions

    Private English and Spanish Lessons for students and adults
    Languages are important tools in this new era in which we live. The more languages you know the more opportunities you get. As a teacher, I have been working for more than seven years. I focus on the learner's goals to plan my lessons. I am an English teacher and I have experience teaching students from elementary and high school, college students and also other teachers. I am very enthusiastic, motivating and challenging. I am also patient, committed and responsible.

    Learn Spanish effectively! Customized courses
    Established in Geneva since 2011, I am a teacher of Spanish mother tongue, who also speaks English and Portuguese. The content of my classes is focused on the needs of learners. The language is transmitted through practical examples with active participation of the learners in order to assimilate in a global way the words, the grammatical or phonetic rules according to their uses and in a usual context, ranging from an informal language to a form written complex. Classes are built around oral communication to enhance the interactivity of learners. I adapt my classes, be they of support or improvement or other, to the needs of the students, thus to reach their objectives in terms of comprehension of oral / oral production, and comprehension and written production. I have several years of experience in teaching, and a training in pedagogy, as well as a master's degree in translation and interpretation and in French literature (Lettres Modernes). Do not hesitate to contact me for additional information or any other question, I will be happy to answer you. Regards, Pilar

    My name is Marian and I am a native Spanish translator and interpreter (AN-FR-IT). I live this year in Paris (but I belong to the south of Spain) and therefore I would like to be able to give private lessons of Spanish at the same time that I work as a Spanish teacher in high school. You can choose the level, the method and the points to study together. I adapt to the specific situation of each person! I give courses online with the same teaching method that I use in high school. Do not hesitate... ¡¡Vamos a aprender español !!

    Spanish private lessons for beginners and advanced students
    As a native Spanish speaker I will give a inmersive class that will help you learn Spanish very quickly. I am very flexible as to my students needs: if you want to perfect your conversational Spanish or you are a beginner interested in the language I can help you. I have seven years of experience in tutoring that give me the background needed for any scenario.

    Spanish tutoring with a native teacher
    My native language is Spanish (Native, Alicante), I have a Bac +5 degree in Science (Biology) and a Master's degree in Education that gives me an educational experience in education. I give Spanish lessons for those who see the need to learn the language from scratch, or just for those who want to learn it. Everyone is welcome to the language of Don Quixote! As each person is different, the courses are tailored to the student's needs, goals and concerns. One of the best ways to learn a language is by immersion, which can be obtained through these courses. The platform to use for the course will be Skype. I want to share with you this experience!

    Foreign language course, English, Spanish, French
    Hello, I offer courses for preparation of internship interviews for students of BTS Commercial, correction of students at the terminal level, preparation for the oral exam, Spanish classes and conferences on different concepts, school support for children, help with homework, grammar, vocabulary, writing, composition, conversation. Methodology according to the personality and needs of the students. Thank you Jenny

    Spanish tuition: Language and communication [ONLINE]
    I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, a little English and a little Turkish. I teach Spanish: language, oral and written communication with an effective pedagogy, written and oral so that everyone can speak fluently avoiding grammatical gaps. I explain my classes in French, in Arabic or in Spanish, according to your choice. I live in Morocco, in Rabat, so I can give my classes: 1) - homes, cafes and webcam (for Moroccans). 2) - by webcam (For foreigners).

    Spanish, English and Italian conversation classes. Latin-American teacher!
    Hello everyone! My name is Ignacio but you can call me Nacho (like the Mexican food!). I am 33 years old. I am a native Spanish speaker from Latin-American (Argentina) who has arrived at Tokyo some months ago to do a Master in the Tokyo University. I am willing to teach Spanish, English or Italian to people from all ages. Some years ago, I lived two years in Rome, Italy. It was a fabulous experience! I love to teach different languages, is one of my passions. I am very happy here in Tokyo, every day discovering new places and things to do. Japan is an amazing country and I am fond of Japanese people. I offer conversation classes for English and grammar and conversation for Spanish and Italian. The duration could be 60, 90 or 120 minutes, is up to you. We can arrange to meet in a bar/cafeteria or in my place. I live in Adachi-ku, near Aoi Station (Tsukuba Express Line), but we can arrange to meet in a convenient place for both of us. My hobbies are football (sports in general), movies (Ghibli movies are the best!), traveling and listening jpop or jrock music. Do not hesitate to contact me! Bye!!

    spanish language classes via webcam with a professional teacher .
    Are you interested in learning spanish ? Spanish language, Spanish Español, the Romance language (Indo-European family) spoken as a first language by some 360 million people worldwide. In the early 21st century, Mexico had the greatest number of speakers (more than 85 million), followed by Colombia (more than 40 million), Argentina (more than 35 million), the United States (more than 31 million), and Spain (more than 30 million). Online classes of spanish will help you to learn and improve your spanish skills. You will work with a professional teacher able to learn as quickly as possible. During the lesson you will do grammar exercices , you will learn new words , and use them in conversation and dialoges prepared by the teacher. So if you want to learn spanish or improve it you are on the right page.

    Spanish tuition with a native teacher
    Learn Spanish with a teacher from Colombia and a graduate in psychology! This course is aimed at beginners who want to learn the basics of Spanish, as well as those with intermediate or advanced level who wish to improve and practice the language. I offer support in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and speaking and writing. I offer pleasant, dynamic and structured courses in line with your preferences and skills.

    Spanish language and Ecuadorian and Peruvian culture.
    I learned Spanish in Ecuador 8 years ago, and I was lucky enough to practice it in New Mexico (USA) for a year 7 years ago. Meanwhile, I continue to study at the university (UMons and ULB). And this autumn, I went back to Ecuador and I discovered Peru, where I could practice this language that I love so much.

    Learn useful and true Spanish with my dynamic lessons
    If you want to begin to speak Spanish or improve it, you can take Spanish lessons with me. I am from Barcelona, Spain. We can take classes in a coffee or library, or if you prefer we can do it by Skype. Learn the lenguage is funny! I have had the chance to teach all ages since I started being a private tutor. My lessons are dinamic and can be adjusted to every students' needs regarding their level and learning style. We can focus on the aspect you want to master the most, e.g. listening and speaking, grammar, day-to-day life, etc.

    Italian course with a native speaker (all levels), or Spanish course and English beginners.
    Italian is my mother tongue, I can give classes for all levels, help with homework, preparation of tests, improvement of pronunciation, for beginners to advanced levels. I also teach Spanish and English for beginners.

    Private lesson in French, English, Spanish or (Brazilian) Portuguese.
    Languages are becoming more and more important nowadays overall due to the globalization. If you would like to succeed as an international person, you need to speak and practice languages. I can help you with that by doing specific classes for the subject you would like in Spanish, Portuguese, French or English. I will focus on listening (news, podcasts, etc), reading (articles, pages of a book, etc), speaking and practicing the language (conversation with me, play roles, etc) about topics of your choice and related to what you want to improve.