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14 music theory teachers in Aalsmeer

Trusted teacher: I am a graduate of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, with several years of experience as a teacher as well as a performer, and professional composer and arranger. I am passionate about music education and can offer tuition in guitar, music theory, songwriting and composition for all ages and abilities. In guitar lessons, I want to be able to give students the tools they need to be able to express themselves fluently on the instrument. We will work on technique and essential theory, but there will also be a big focus on playing songs and learning tunes, which I believe is essential to understanding the instrument. I am also able to offer lessons in music theory, from beginner level to advanced jazz and classical theory. If you need assistance preparing for an entrance exam or theory exam, or if you just want to expand your general knowledge, then I am able to help. Through the study and analysis of theory in the context of musical compositions, I am able to give you a solid understanding of how music works on a theoretical level, widening your understanding of music as a whole. If you want you expand your creative instincts, I can also offer composition and songwriting lessons. Whether you want to perform as a singer songwriter, arrange for big band, or write music for symphony orchestra, I can offer tuition which will give you the tools necessary to improve in these areas. I teach from home and I am also able to teach about Skype / Zoom. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. Thanks!
Guitar · Music composition · Music theory
Are you tired of reading tabs yet not being able to play your favorite songs on the guitar? Are you tired of putting a lot of effort into practice but still not meeting your guitar goals? Or do you just want to pick up a few songs on the guitar to impress your friends/colleagues without the hassle of committing to some serious music theory? If your answers to all of this are a resounding YES! then congratulations, you're in the right place. I believe the biggest lesson I can share with you about playing the guitar is: practice! and inspiration. Practise is critical, and you can't practice if you're uninspired. Do you want to: a. Learn easy songs and entertain people? b. Play live or record? c. Move on quickly to an electric guitar? d. Get the blues/country vibes? e. Get the flamenco (Phrygian) vibes? f. Play percussive guitar? g. Play instrumental guitar (no singing)? h. Cover pop songs? i. Compose?!?!?!? On the very first meeting, we will discuss your desired guitar goals and realize if I'd be able to help you with them. If you do choose to go ahead with me for guitar classes, the curriculum will look something like this: 1. Music appreciation (this is important for being inspired! the more videos you watch the better! I have playlists you can follow for now and develop your own taste in guitar playing). 2. Finding your way on the fretboard. 3. Finger exercises. 4. Fingerstyle picking/ plucking (depending on the genres that inspire you the most now). 5. Scales, arpeggios, chords, and chord families. 6. Cover songs. 7. Music theory. 8. Keeping up with the tempo (not Kardashians 😛 ) 9. Improvisation and play by ear (or eyes) In professional classes, they'll teach you tempo way earlier but I think it kills the mood for learning. Hence, that is something I intend to cover later. Realistically, we can partially complete steps 1 through 6. Steps 7, 8, and 9 will indeed take a lot of time. So, what are you waiting for? If you like my vibe and have a passion for music, feel free to join my classes! Happy guitaring!
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Trusted teacher: Professional saxophonist eager to teach and work to bring out the best version of yourself! The lessons are intended for all levels, children or adults. We follow a working method where you will continuously and deeply develop your musicality, way of playing, expressiveness and technique. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Raúl is a Spanish saxophonist who finished his MASTER DIDACTIC in 2018 in the Ecole Supérieure des Arts in Mons. Before, he also followed a MASTER of INTERPRETATION at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (2015-2017) in the class of Alain Crepin and Simon Diricq. He studied at the "Musikene" (Higher Conservatory of Music of the Basque Country) with Eric Devallon, Tomás Jérez, Antonio Felipe Belijar and Miguel Ángel Lorente. Passionate about multidisciplinary artistic creation, he thinks of mixing all the arts in the same show as an aesthetic finality. We could observe this type of research in his project for his final master's recital in Brussels where he created a project based on Maslow's hierarchy of human needs theory where he mixes live, recorded, music and music. dance, play of light and effects under the name of: “according to Maslow…” In his career as a concert artist, he has played in different ensembles (solo, duo, trio, quartet, orchestra performances, etc.) and in different countries such as Japan (Artisanal music fair “Suono Italia” 2010), Belgium (Festival Musiq3 2016 ), Artonov Festival at BOZAR in 2016…), France (Dax chamber music festival 2011) or Spain (“Quincena Musical” music festival 2015, Aste Nagusia 2015, Heineken Jazzaldia 2014, Kutxa Festival 2015, Intercentros Melómano 2010).
Saxophone · Music theory · Music history
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Violin and music theory lessons for people of all ages and levels in Den Haag (The Hague)
I like Yulia, my 8 yrs old daughter likes Yulia and here is why: she's the best violin tutor my daughter has had! My daughter is very active and we have had two tutors before and she got on well with the previous tutors on a "fun" level, yet she hardly made time to play violin and each tutoring session became a play date and practicing on violin was a struggle. With Yulia, my daughter actually plays violin now and she's starting to enjoy classical music as well. I find Yulia naturally engaging and for my daughter learning music with Yulia becomes an automatic flow, so she hardly notices that she's had a "long" violin lesson. Now we look forward to seeing Yulia every week!
Review by JUNYING
Piano Lessons for beginners and intermediate. All styles and genres (Groningen)
Alan is a great teacher and super nice guy. He pay extra attention to your problems with piano and try to fix them using smart and innovative methods. I like the fact that he sometimes doesn't stick to the 60 mins and ask to extend it if he feels something is missing or incomplete. I already had 7 lessons with him and looking for more. Highly recommended.
Review by FAISAL
Piano lessons , music theory and/or history of music (Amsterdam)
Nathalia is a very kind and professional piano teacher. Her teaching methods cover both technical exercises such as sight-reading and scales, and musicality in the music in depth. It opens a new and impressive piano world to me. I really like her positive and energetic way of teaching.
Review by KANA