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Trusted teacher: Expérience de 10 ans plus de 10 certificats accrédités ,Licencié en TECHNOLOGIE MULTIMEDIA WEB DE L'ECOLE NORMALE SUPERIEURE coach et créateur des sites web ,des applications avec WordPress, j’insiste que mes élèves soient satisfaits de mes conférences. Aujourd’hui, je travaille depuis plus de 3 ans sous Wordpress. J’ai travaillé sur des gros projets comme des plus petits projets. Je souhaite maintenant partager cette expérience avec vous et vous former à l’utilisation de cet incroyable outil qu’est Wordpress. Programme de travail : Mes cours se déroulent généralement en trois étapes : - Vos objectifs : J’aime prendre le temps en début de cours, pour bien définir vos objectifs et ce que vous souhaitez obtenir pour être sûr que vous repartiez satisfait ! L’objectif : Travailler sur votre problématique ! - La théorie : J’aime expliquer le « pourquoi du comment » comme on dit. Selon moi, une fois que l’on a compris la logique, c’est bien plus facile de mettre en application. - La pratique : On a défini vos objectifs, on a travaillé sur la théorie, alors maintenant on rentre dans le dur et on pratique ! Le plan de la Formation : - Comprenons les types des sites web - Hébergement - Création du site en utilisant WordPress - Design du site en utilisant Elementor, Divi où Woo-coomerce - Securité -Sauvegarde - Optimization Et au niveau de l'étape création & design du site : - on vas voir tout les types des sites web + leurs configurations nécessaire
Web design (website design) · Web development · Html
Unlock the World of Web Creation and Design: Are you intrigued by the world of web development? Do you want to create stunning websites, master front-end technologies, and bring your creative ideas to life on the digital canvas? Join me, Youssef, in an immersive learning experience that will introduce you to the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. About the Class: In this dynamic class, I'll guide you through the essentials of web development, equipping you with the skills needed to build and design interactive web pages. Whether you're a beginner with no prior experience or looking to solidify your foundation, this class is tailored to meet your learning needs. What You'll Learn: HTML Fundamentals: Understand the structure of web pages, create headings, paragraphs, lists, and links. Learn how to incorporate images and multimedia elements. CSS Styling: Dive into the world of cascading stylesheets. Explore layout design, typography, colors, and responsive design principles. Transform web elements to achieve the visual appeal you envision. JavaScript Basics: Unleash interactivity with JavaScript. Discover variables, data types, conditional statements, loops, and functions. Use JavaScript to add dynamic behavior to your websites. Class Highlights: Hands-on Exercises: Practice makes perfect. Engage in hands-on exercises and projects that solidify your understanding of each technology. Real-World Projects: Apply your newfound skills to real-world projects, creating web pages that showcase your creativity and technical prowess. Interactive Learning: I believe in interactive learning. Ask questions, engage in discussions, and collaborate with fellow learners to enhance your understanding. Guidance and Feedback: Receive personalized guidance and constructive feedback on your projects. I'm here to support your growth and development. Who Can Benefit: Beginners: If you're new to web development, this class is a perfect starting point to build a strong foundation. Creatives: Graphic designers, artists, and creative individuals looking to expand their skill set into web design will find this class valuable. Tech Enthusiasts: If you're curious about the technical aspects of the web and want to understand how websites work, this class is a great opportunity. Unlock your potential as a web developer and unleash your creativity in the digital realm. Join me in this exploration of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and embark on a journey of skill acquisition and web design mastery. Your digital creations await! Contact me to reserve your spot in the class.
Web development · Html · Javascript
Give children a head start in the digital age with engaging and interactive coding classes designed specifically for kids. This class provides a fun and educational environment where they can develop valuable skills in technology while fostering creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities. Kids will embark on an exciting coding journey in this course, exploring various programming concepts and applications. From creating interactive games and building websites to delving into the world of robotics and data analysis, the curriculum offers a comprehensive introduction to the fascinating world of technology. Key Highlights: Beginner-Friendly: This class is tailored for kids with no prior coding experience. It provides a supportive learning environment that encourages curiosity and experimentation. Hands-On Projects: Children will apply their coding skills through hands-on projects, building their own games, websites, and even robots. These projects boost confidence and provide a tangible showcase of their achievements . Experienced and Friendly Instructor: As the instructor, I have a passion for teaching kids and am skilled at making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable. I provide personalized guidance to ensure child's progress. Age-Appropriate Curriculum: The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to suit various age ranges, ensuring an engaging and age-appropriate learning experience. Encouraging Creativity: Alongside coding, the course is also designed in such a way that it fosters creativity by encouraging students to think outside the box, solve problems creatively, and express their unique ideas through technology. Collaborative Learning: The class promotes teamwork and collaboration, allowing children to learn from their peers, exchange ideas, and engage in group projects that simulate real-world scenarios. Fun and Interactive Environment: We believe that learning should be fun! The class incorporates interactive games, challenges, and hands-on activities to keep kids engaged and excited about coding.
Computer programming · Web development · Graphic design
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Front-end development(Html, Css, Javascript) by professional and experienced developer (Geneva)
Baia has been really helpful in my coding journey. She is patient, listens to my needs and adapts the lesson to them. We go through exercises and she makes sure I understand what I do. In addition to this, she makes herself available outside of the lessons timeframe in case I have questions with my homework!
Review by OLIVIA
Tutor for Math, Physics, and Mechanical/Material Engineering courses (The Hague)
Reza helped me prepare for the TU Delft Aerospace Engineering Physics Academic Test, revising and brushing up on my physics knowledge. Thanks to his assistance, I was able to pass the selection procedure with flying colours!
Review by ALEX
Mastering Web Development: From Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques (Tunis)
Oussama is a very good teacher with great knowledge and patience. He explains in a way that makes understanding easy.
Review by SHANE