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1 proofreading teacher in Luxembourg

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Hello, and welcome to the key to your success! All lessons are conducted through Zoom or Skype so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home! The benefit of this is also that I can record our lesson, and you will have an alternative revision source. I will use online tools to deliver the same high-quality tutoring that you would receive in person. I am very lucky to be able to tutor both school-attending and home-educated students. Some students I spend a couple of hours with, some a few months, and others I currently have the pleasure of being with them for a couple of years in preparation for their SATs, GCSEs or A-levels. Whatever your needs, I can promise you will find both a tutor and a friend in me, and I will adapt to your needs. I am highly academic and love to enthusiastically share my knowledge with others. Tutoring is extremely rewarding for me and I will take the time to make sure that you understand everything fully and (hopefully) develop a love for the subject! I see myself as being very calm and patient and good at explaining myself in clear spoken English. I always encourage questions and plan all of my lessons in advance to make the best use of the session. Each lesson is specifically created and tailored to my student's needs, and I take pride in being 110% committed to you and to your child. I will regularly send homework in order to test and mark your child’s ability/progress and give them feedback. I do this to enhance their written ability in order to gain full marks in the exam (though I never promise certain grades). I know exactly what the exam boards are looking for, since I am also a fully qualified exam invigilator, and I have access to a range of past papers from different exam boards. I am also highly experienced when it comes to students that perhaps don’t enjoy English as a subject, are quiet in themselves, and struggle to concentrate. I have a deep understanding of the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, and usage and I am familiar with different teaching methods which means that I am able to adapt my teaching style to meet the needs of my students. I consider myself to be very patient, understanding, and motivated to help every student succeed. I am an excellent communicator and am able to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise way as well as being creative and innovative in terms of coming up with new and engaging ways to teach the English language. In addition to my teaching skills, I am also a great listener and am able to understand my students' needs. I am supportive and encouraging in every lesson, and I focus on creating a positive learning environment where my students feel comfortable asking questions and taking risks. Find out more about tutoring below! Please contact me as soon as possible to organise a suitable timeslot (as I am proud to say that I am a popular tutor), and I will endeavour to accommodate you. Still not sure?
English · Proofreading · Essay writing
Trusted teacher: Online Arabic Tutor & French Teacher Native Arabic Speak: French, English, Spanish Hello, I am a French & Arabic teacher, who graduated in 2020 (French language) and I have worked in primary school with the government, and in private schools since 2019. Bachelor's in Arabic in 2016 As a dedicated and experienced French tutor, I am committed to helping my students achieve fluency and confidence in the French language. With over 3 years of experience teaching French to both children and adults, I have developed a deep understanding of the language and its complexities. My teaching approach is focused on creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, where students feel comfortable practicing their French skills and asking questions. I tailor my lessons to the needs and goals of each individual student, whether they are beginners or advanced learners. My goal is to help students develop a strong foundation in French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, while also providing opportunities for conversational practice and cultural immersion. In addition to teaching the French language, I also incorporate cultural elements into my lessons. I believe that learning about French culture and customs is an important part of language learning, as it provides context and a deeper understanding of the language. I hold a diploma in French language and am fluent in English, Arabic and FRench, Spanish and let a bit of Turkish. I have experience with a variety of teaching materials and methods and am able to adapt my teaching style to suit the needs and learning styles of each individual student. Overall, my passion for the French language and culture, combined with my experience and dedication to teaching, make me a strong choice for anyone looking to learn French or improve their existing French skills. for more information contact me on private or book a lesson and let's discuss more
French · Proofreading · Learning & study skills
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English and/or French (literature, grammar, conversation etc.) (Paris)
Melinda is an excellent tutor and I've been completely satisfied by our clases. Melinda took care to understand my learning objectives before structuring are classes around natural conversation, reading, writing, and pronunciation. In particular, she prepares good (and interesting!) learning resources - Including new articles, film clips, and customised exercise sheets. While she speaks English fluently, she manages to teach in a clear and patient manner, meaning she rarely needs to switch to English to explain concepts. Beyond her talents as a teacher, she's incredibly friendly and personable. She's also shown a lot of flexibility regarding class scheduling. For reference to future students: I am a native English speaker learning French as a second language. I had an OK grasp of basic French before starting classes, but lacked both familiarity with grammar and confidence in speaking. I've had several lessons with Melinda and have experienced a clear improvement in my level and I will continue on a regular basis.
Review by STEVE
Academic English Support including 1:1 tutoring and essay/thesis support. (Cambridge)
There’s no overstating how important a role a teacher can play in one’s life. With the amount of time they spend with us, watching us grow into better professionals, the academic evolution and the foremost into more responsible human beings. I can affirm categorically that Eva seems to be a great teacher, and I am very optimistic to the journey we will start together. Yesterday when I had a meeting with her I felt like she is a lady who cheer up the students and help them according to their needs. And most import she teach life lessons of confidence. Teachers and professors who taught life lessons are far greater than teaching standard based content. I am very happy I found this lady. She is also very inspiring and have an impressive positive and lovely personality. And who is just like me seeking for help, I will definitely recommend her. Thank you Eva ❤️ Giovanna.
Review by GIOVANNA
Private French lessons for adults and teenagers with native French speaker in Co. Mayo (Newport)
It is always a pleasure to meet Phil for our weekly online French classes. He is a patient and kind teacher and always full of energy for our class. Phil is interested in a wide range of topics, so we always have something to talk about based on an article he selected as 'homework'. What I really appreciate about his way of teaching is that he corrects me during our conversation without breaking the flow of our talk, so I can really feel my confidence in speaking French increasing each class. I woulf highly recommend Phil if you are looking for a French tutor :)
Review by KELLY