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ENGLISH: I have been teaching Turkish to local and international adults and their children living in the Netherlands since 2020. My main motivation for teaching my mother language is to contribute to Turkish children's bilingual achievement and help Dutch-Turkish people close the cultural gap in their families. My lessons are based on the needs of the individuals such as communication in daily life, reading business or project management documents and enjoying their time while exploring Turkish culture and cuisine. ******************************* ENGLISH: Since 2020 I have been teaching Turkish to local and international adults and their children living in the Netherlands. My main motivation for teaching my native language is to contribute to the bilingual achievements of Turkish children and to help Dutch-Turkish people bridge the cultural gap in their families. My classes are based on the needs of the individuals, such as communication in daily life, reading business or project management documents and enjoying their time while exploring Turkish culture and cuisine. ******************************* TÜRKÇE: 2020 yılından beri Hollanda'da yaşayan Türklere, yabancılara ve onların çocuklarına Türkçe öğretiyorum. Anadilimi öğretmekteki temel motivasyonum, Türk çocuklarının iki dilde iletişimine katkıda bulunmak ve Hollandalı-Türk aile bireyleri arasındaki kültürel uçurumu kapatmalarına yardımcı olmaktır. Derslerim, günlük yaşamda iletişim, iş veya proje yönetimi belgelerini okumak ve Türk kültürü ile mutfağını keşfederek keyifli vakit geçirmek gibi bireylerin ihtiyaçlarına yöneliktir.
Turkish · Dutch
Learning how to play an instrument can fall into many classroom stereotypes; Not if you strive to discover sounds and styles, if you're open to learning not only an instrument but all that is related to music and sound making! I've taught at different institutes and private lessons for +5 years; then slowly began to put together my own method of teaching not only piano, but related subjects to help students gain a broader knowledge and be able to take next steps in their music journey even when they're finished with their music lessons.With all the experience I gathered in working with children and adults, I've composed a method of teaching subjects related to piano performance(music theory, music history, improvisation and creative music composing) alongside lessons on the instrument and piano techniques, as the student proceeds and is in need of more broad knowledge. It doesn't matter wether the student is a pupil or an adult, if they have experience in music or not, there's always a lot to discover together in my lessons; based on the students needs and interests. I usually start with basics of the instrument and give students a general lesson on how the instrument works. As we proceed in our lessons, we will cover techniques and more specific skills based on the interest of the student.Our lessons are very flexible regarding class material and my aim is to keep the lessons always fun and informative as well as following the bigger aim of helping the student to be confidant in their music performing and music creation. The format of our lessons will not stay the same as we work on different pieces, different skills and subjects. There are certain repertoire we will cover but also some of the pieces the student likes to be able to play and understand. We will also work on performing skills, I often organise mini concerts for students that like to overcome their fear of performing on stage or for others, giving them the opportunity to perform their own pieces or from classic piano repertoire.
Piano · Music theory lessons
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Piano lessons, Music Theory for children and adults (The Hague)
I have been taking private lessons from Joao for more than 6 months and I am completely thrilled with it! Although I am a beginner in piano, I can see that Joao is very knowledgeable in his field. What I like most is that he utilizes technology very effectively to help me understand tricky theoretical concepts. He also prepares tailored exercises for me, which makes me feel very valued. He really puts his time in preparing homeworks and supplementary documents even before and after the class to be sure that I understand what he is teaching. Joao is also quite responsive. He is very flexible in terms of the course content and willing to adapt to my changing needs over time. Still, as a teacher, he keeps in mind what foundations I need to build and he does not lose track of what I want as an ultimate goal, so he comes with a structured curriculum that I realize over time. I can only recommend Joao if you are looking for a dedicated piano teacher who loves what he does.
Review by MURAT
Math&Physics for School and University Students: IB SL/HL, EB,IGCSE, GCSE, ICSE, CBSE, SPM, AP, A-levels, Cambridge (The Hague)
David really helped me prepare for my university exam (mainly calculus) despite the limited amount of time I had. He cleared some crucial doubts and considering I did not take calculus in high school, taught me quite a few concepts from 0. After our 5 sessions, I now feel a lot more confident in my abilities to succeed in the exam and in calculus overall. He is always very kind, and makes sure to create a positive and fun learning environment. Aside from learning so much from him, I really enjoyed and looked forward to the lessons. I will definitely be contacting him again!
Review by BEATRICE
Private lessons in Math, Physics, Chemistry and SVT (Brussels)
Superb experience with Raef. I asked for his help to prepare a math assessment test with an enormous lack of basis but he accepted the challenge. I found out a nice teacher who is not afraid of explaining and repeating if necessary. I did enjoy his method with the whiteboard, it feels like you are in the same place and can interact on the same exercise. Either in English or french he will certainly be able to help you. He is super kind and flexible, I definitively recommend his services.
Review by DYLAN