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Trusted teacher: 🎨🌟 Welcome to the world of creativity and self-expression! 🌟🎨 I help kids to be more creative by my teaching techniques. Are you or your children passionate about art, craft, and painting? Look no further! With over 10 years of experience as an Art, Craft, and Painting teacher, I am thrilled to offer you a unique and inspiring learning journey. 🎨🖌️ As an artist and educator, I have dedicated my career to nurturing budding talents and guiding individuals of all ages to unlock their artistic potential. My teaching approach is not just about mastering techniques; it's about cultivating imagination, exploring diverse art forms, and embracing the joy of self-discovery through creative expression. Why choose me as your trusted mentor in the world of art? ✨ Proven Experience: With a decade of teaching experience, I have witnessed countless students evolve into confident artists, unleashing their creativity to create awe-inspiring works of art. ✨ Personalized Guidance: I believe in tailoring lessons to suit individual interests and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your techniques, I will provide a personalized learning path to help you reach your artistic goals. ✨ Engaging and Interactive Sessions: Through dynamic and interactive virtual classes, we will explore a variety of art forms, experiment with different mediums, and dive into exciting projects that ignite your imagination. ✨ Inspiring Creativity: My teaching philosophy focuses not only on technical skills but also on fostering a sense of self-expression. I will empower you to find your unique artistic voice and use art as a powerful means of communication. 🌟🖌️ For our webcam classes, here's what you'll need to get started: 1️⃣ A reliable internet connection and a webcam-enabled device. 2️⃣ Art supplies tailored to your chosen medium (e.g., paint, brushes, paper, clay, or any specific materials we discuss). 3️⃣ A positive attitude, open mind, and eagerness to learn and explore the world of art. 🎨✨ Join me in this artistic journey, and together, we will unleash your creativity, express your emotions, and create captivating artworks that truly speak to the soul. 🌟🎨 Don't miss this opportunity to embark on an enriching artistic adventure! Contact me now to discuss your interests, schedule a session, and begin an unforgettable artistic experience. Let's paint our world with vibrant colors and limitless imagination! 🎨✨
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Trusted teacher: Please note, the price includes the material that I provide. (paper, pencil, color, etc.) Hello there, I know, drawing from scratch or improving your creativity in sketching or painting is not something so easy. That's why I'm here, an artist with experience in teaching in a way that will help you, whether you're a child or an adult, a very beginner or an intermediate learner. What I purpose to you DRAWING & SKETCH: - Portrait, Human Anatomy (also live sketch) - Urban Sketching (also live sketch) - Industrial Drawing (objects, clothes, products etc.) - Freestyle Drawing PAINTING: - Watercolor - Acrylic - Ink - Ballpoint I hope to see you very soon in my sketching, drawing and painting lessons ! Thank you, Petra *French* Veuillez prend de note que, le prix comprend le matériel que je fournis. (papier, crayon, couleur, etc.) Bonjour tout le monde, Je sais qu'apprendre à dessiner et améliorer votre créativité en matière de peinture n'est pas quelque chose de si facile. C'est pourquoi je suis là. Je suis une artiste avec une expérience de l'enseignement pour vous aider à progresser, que vous soyez enfant ou adulte, de niveau débutant ou intermédiaire. Ce que je vous propose : DESSIN & CROQUIS : - Portrait, anatomie humaine - Croquis urbain (Urban Sketching) - Dessin technique (objets, habits, produits, etc.) - Dessin libre PEINTURE : - Aquarelle - Acrylique - Encre de Chine - Stylo-bille J'espère vous voir très bientôt dans mes cours particuliers de croquis, dessin et peinture ! Merci beaucoup, Petra
Drawing & sketching · Painting · Art
Trusted teacher: Hello! 👋🏻 I hope you are staying safe! ✨🙏🏻✨ My name is Tatiana, Will be glad to paint with you online! 🎨 I give professional painting and drawing lessons by Skype/ Zoom / Facetime. in English or Russian, for children (from 3,5 years old) and adults. individual or for a group, for beginners, for yourself or for preparing for the art school and college. The lesson consists of: -process of painting -theory of professional painting. -analysis of the paintings of the great artists. At our art lessons we will learn: -Fundamentals of professional academic painting, graphics and composition. -the secrets and techniques of great masters. -to copy paintings of great artists and get acquainted with their famous paintings (Claude Monet, Henri Fantin-Latour, Isaac Levitan, Ivan Shishkin, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Ivan Aivazovsky..) -Or paint by topics and get inspired by how great artists painted this subject. -The main genres of painting: still life, landscape, animalistic, portrait. -Using different techniques (painting): gouache, acrylic on canvas / on paper, watercolor. (graphics): pencil / charcoal / pastel on paper. -Fundamentals of art theory: volume, color, form, perspective, rhythm. -How to apply the theory of painting in practice. -How lead the painting process from start to finish. -to mix paints, get different shades of colors, distinguish nuances. -to name professionally the shades of colors. -learn artistic terms. -apply geometric shapes. -correctly display proportions on paper. -learn the basics of composition. -learn to see the general and the particular, to compare and generalize. We learn through painting to see the beauty around us and show it through fine arts. If you love to paint, will be glad to meet you online. 🎨
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Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork International Coach 🧘‍♀️Trainer For Beginners, Weight Loss, Flexibility, Stress Relief, Sleep, Mind Relaxation (Wardha)
Nidhi helped my daughter (8 years) in the mornings so she could have a fitness routine. She was very patient as it was really difficult to wake my daughter up in the mornings. She was always encouraging her and with a smile in her face. She also talked to her like friends and my daughter felt really confortable connecting with her. Unfortunately, with all the activities with her and my other kids (school extra curricular programs, sickness, etc) and the great time difference between hour countries, we couldn’t find a good time to keep connecting. Mornings were just hard since she is still little and needs to have plenty of sleep and putting her on bed early was not an option with the other kids activities at evenings. We enjoyed the time they connected. My daughter said, Nidhi is really nice.
Review by ARLENE
Drawing and painting lessons, help to prepare portfolio (Stuttgart)
The experience with Xingying was one of consummate professionalism, acute attention to detail, and warm efficiency of time. I was not only impressed but feel extremely lucky and privileged to continue my son’s lessons with her. - She answered all questions and concerns with ease - She provided a detailed list of all the tools needed for a successful lesson - She provided a good space for learning - My son expressed great enthusiasm and excitement for continued learning with her I most of all appreciate that her presence brought out a commitment in my son to desire his learning. I recommend Xingying’s services with the the utmost confidence and faith.
Review by EDWARD “E.C.”
Indonesian lessons. Learning how to speak and write Indonesian in Geneva, Switzerland. (Geneva)
Je prends des cours d’indonésien avec Petra depuis deux mois et elle m’a fait progresser rapidement. Toujours souriante, à l’heure, elle prend le temps de bien expliquer les choses et la méthode d'apprentissage qu’elle propose est vraiment efficace. I have been taking Indonesian lessons with Petra for two months and she has helped me to improve quickly. Always smiling, on time, she takes the time to explain things well and the learning method she offers is really effective. Easily 5 stars :)
Review by ANTOINE