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Hello everyone, My name is Xueli, I am a professional Chinese language teacher who is working at a language school in Prague. I have been teaching Chinese since 2016. I have a Beijing language and culture university teaching proficiency certificate of teaching Chinese as a second language. As you know China is a huge country, we have over 80 languages and over 30 characters, so mandarin became the only language like English for combining all of us together, therefore, different local language also carries their local accent, just like Indian speaks Indian English, Russian speaks Russian English , that is how professional Chinese language teachers must have a Mandarin level certificate so that they can be proved teaching foreigners with standard Mandarin. Well, do not worry, I got it. I can ensure you that what you learn is like what you watch in Chinese TV. Here is my introduction about how I teach you Chinese. 1.A lot of people are very confused about Chinese pinyin and tones, you must have heard a lot about it, right? But I, as a well-experienced teacher, know a lot of ways to make them easier for you. You must wonder what it is right? Compare, always compare! You will see my Pinyin introduction in PowerPoint. I can ensure you that this method will soon drive your confusion away. Of course, sometimes they can not be exact the same, but they always have something in common. 2.I have some textbooks in PDF which you can choose which one you want for studying, and it will be sent(i can send it) to you for previewing and reviewing. 3.I will teach you from vocabulary and grammar first. No matter what part I am teaching at, I will always give you some examples and then ask you to make some sentences by your own , I think it is really important because we talk with sentences instead of words and phrases.That’s how once you know how to make a sentence, you would certainly know how to write an article someday , the article is composed of sentences, right? 4.For the text, I would normally give you few questions before you start to take a look at it, so that you will focus on what it says and tell me the answers of those questions. In this case, I will make sure if you have fully understood. By the way, I highly recommend you to recite the text if you want to make your Chinese fluent as soon as possible. 5.After learning vocabulary, grammar and text with me, I will let you do some exercises and listening, to make sure that you will memorize the whole learning content very well. 6.Characters. A lot of people keep saying that Chinese characters are the hardest parts in Chinese, but how about we learn through interesting stories? I bet you will enjoy it once you learn them with me, and you would never feel as hard as you thought it was before. But first, you have to persuade yourself, and get some time for it like how I did it when I was a kid. 7. Chinese culture.In my class I will also let you get to know Chinese culture during our lesson so that you will not only know Mandarin, but also our real traditional customs. So that is all about my teaching way in above content. Here is something else I want to say. My teaching target is to adults, I have students from all over the world, such as America, Africa, Korea, Japan, Czech republic, Indonesia, the UK and so on.Before starting our lesson, I would like to see your level first so that I can make an individual study plan for you, I am able to teach business and life Chinese, speaking and writing skills, just tell me what you want. Right now, I am living in Czech republic with my family. But since I have started teaching online, I would be able to take care of both. I welcome all the levels who is learning or who is about to learn to study with me, no matter how difficult it is, I will always show my patience and smile to you when you make mistakes, and I will be very happy to see you making mistakes, because you will know where is wrong, why is wrong, and how to make it right next time, do not be afraid to talk, you will always find confidence in my class. 【Note: Please message me in advance if you want to book the lesson】 At last, I want to say that my price might be a little bit higher than others, but you will always get what you pay for! So welcome to join me! 大dà 家jiā 好hǎo!我wǒ 叫jiào 雪xuě 丽lì。我wǒ 是shì 一yī 名míng 专zhuān 业yè 的de 对duì 外wài 汉hàn 语yǔ 教jiào 师shī 。如rú 果guǒ 你nǐ 想xiǎng 学xué 习xí 标biāo 准zhǔn 的de 汉hàn 语yǔ,快kuài 来lái 加jiā 入rù 我wǒ 吧ba!
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Chinese art history from 5th century to contemporary (Uccle)
Penny is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about Chinese Art History. The lesson is perfectly prepared with good documentation but also with the flexibility to branch out in neighbouring subjects or drill down deeper on certain topics. The presentation is very entertaining and clearly benefits from Penny's experience and eductation in China. Enjoyable and profound.
Tutoring Chinese mandarin and Cantonese, Chinese cuisine for family/home (Mechelen)
I am very happy with my first class and with Yujin as a teacher. She's very outgoing and talkative, which is great for a teacher in conversation. Her pronunciation is very clear and her answers to my questions were very helpful. I feel like she's a very positive person who likes to motivate her students, so I'm looking forward to the next lesson.
Review by L
Chinese Language Teaching - for Beginners & Intermediate Level (Lucerne)
Awesome teaching. Language lessons tailored to my previous basic knowledge. Teaching enriched with cultural and historical aspects. Amazing educational tools and assistance!
Review by ADRIAN