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4 digital arts teachers in Amsterdam

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Crys - Amsterdam64€
Trusted teacher: If you are reading this, it's not too are in good hands:) Especially if you 're (going to prepare/ preparing) a portfolio for art/design school application. "Learning by making" From drawing, oil painting to creative thinking training through materiality. Each age is special and different visual styles can be worked upon and the outcomes can often be surprisingly authentic. Those anticipations are the basis of each class. My classes are designed through collaborations when it comes to experimentations or intersected fields and mediums, which is an option and pertinent characteristic of approach. Classes are applicable to students who are 16+ of all levels . Personal Portfolio Class: If you are considering applying for art school or design school, you might want to prepare yourself and build a convincing portfolio, perhaps improve your presentation skill or even some confidence boost for interviews. We will first explore what talents you already have and those you will want/need to have, the goal is to help you develop your creativity and curiosity as well as your artistic skills and most importantly find out your inner talent for a direction that will suit you, whether in education or self-development. And we will do a live rehearsal for your interview for the best presentation result and confidence boost. Overall, It'll help you cultivate the soft and hard skills you need to be more confident setting and resetting expectations, strengthening relationships, and taking your projects across the finish line without any cold sweat. For teenagers: are highly encouraged to experiment with different materials and techniques and preferably through themes - selected by me or the student's likings as well. We will also look at specific Artists and Painters, as well as specific Art History periods, and the kids will then be encouraged to play around and recreate their own version of the Artist or period. Needless to say that class do not necessarily mean free-time activity, the academic material is intentionally or not(unconsciously) always a present element of my instructive performance. Therefore, the game becomes a teaching/learning relation, whilst teaching and learning turn into a recreational joyful moment for all participants.
Drawing & sketching · Arts and crafts · Digital arts
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Marylene - Lyon, France34€
Trusted teacher: Hello, Let me introduce myself, Marylène, professional storyboarder, graduated in animation cinema. I offer serious drawing lessons adapted to the level of the student, from the beginner to the young professional through the animation student. During the first lesson, we will talk about the student's expectations and set the artistic objectives by defining a personalized program. I would assess the level of the student, his strengths and weaknesses for a tailor-made course, taking into account to nourish his universe and his sensitivities with a background both cultural and technical. I teach both the basics of solid drawing to beginners (perspective, proportion, composition, volume, anatomy, gesture, posing, principles of animation ...) as well as to students / future students in animation cinema, to young professionals who want to specialize in storyboard or who have questions about how to develop a TV pitch. For the storyboard part, my specialty, I will teach the basics of cinematographic language (types of framing, transitions, camera movement ...) and I will follow with basic exercises to be able to make parts of portfolio. Indeed, I can also support the student for the realization of a portfolio / demoreel for animation schools. I could guide him to feed and build his book taking into account the expectations of schools and studios. I travel to Lyon for a travel fee, and also give online lessons via Webcam and screen sharing on Skype. Students will have free follow-up by phone, email, whatapps or facebook as well as personalized feedback on the exercises. My teaching areas: - Academic drawing - Preparation for entry to art schools - Dynamic Posing / Gesture - Storyboard - 2D animation - Pitch TV series - Integration into the professional world (portfolio / demoreel / CV) French and English.
Drawing & sketching · Digital arts · Animation
Trusted teacher: As an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, this course will teach you the essential fundamental skills and concepts needed to get the best out of your photographs. Learn how to adjust image tone and colour, make changes to selected areas of your photograph, repair imperfections, merge multiple images, apply effects, prepare your images for printing. You will learn how to combine these skills and others in an efficient, non-destructive workflow. ______________________________________________________________ Lesson 1 | Introducing the Workspace: Navigating, Windows, Drop downs, Tool Bars, Opening, Saving, Closing, Golden Rules, Rulers, Grids and Guides, Zooming. Understanding Image Files: File Formats (PSD, TIFF, and JPEG, RAW), Image Size, Resolution, Canvas Size, Crop Tool, Rotation, Aliasing and artefacts, Colour Modes, Bit Depth. Tools: Brushes, Marquees, Text, Histograms, Colour Picker History: Undo/Redo, History Panel. Lesson 2 | Layers: Understanding layers, Layer menu and panel, Adding deleting and flattening layers, Compositing with a selection, Opacity, Basic Blend Modes. Adjustments and Adjustment layers: Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation, Colour Balance, Black and White. Layers and Masks: Understanding masks, Using brushes to create masks Selections: Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magic Wand, Colour Range Selections, Refining Edges, Converting Selections to masks and masks to selections. Lesson 3 | Understanding Camera RAW: Advantages and disadvantages of RAW, NEF, CR2, XMP and DNG, Managing unsupported RAW, Adobe Camera Raw workspace. RAW adjustments: White Balance Slider, White Balance Tool, Exposure sliders, Cropping and Straightening, Adjustment Brush. Lens Corrections: Lens Correction Filter, Transforming and warping, Grids and Guides, Lens correction in RAW. Basic Retouching: Cloning, Spot Healing, Healing, Sharpening, Unsharp Mask, Sharpening in RAW. Screen vs Print: Workflow, Print Workflow. Lesson 4 | Adobe Photoshop Critique Session: Assess Worksheet 3; Compare prints and screen images, How to assess images visually and using data. Practice and recap:Correct a colour cast/creative colour adjustment, Correct exposure/ creative tone adjustment, Spot removal. Mini class project: Instagram Rip-Off (creatively use adjustment layers, masks and blend modes). Introduce requirements for Day 5 Project: Brief 1. Lesson 5 | From Camera to Print: Full workflow for a straight image from RAW file to print ready image (See Brief 1). Double Exposure Project: Assessing and selecting appropriate images, Creative use of Adjustments, Selections, Masks, Clipping Masks, Blend Modes and other tools.
Adobe photoshop · Digital arts
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Adobe Photoshop for everyone and for everything - Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
I was very pleased with the inspired lesson Piotr gave me. He prepared his lesson, was accurate, full with new inspiration and very acquainted with various technics in Photoshop. He could communicate ( for me at my level) easily and was bringing me through several difficulties. Beside that he showed an deep insight in artistic approach of my artwork. Definitely worth it, Karin Hovius. Only I don't know if this is for the very beginner, you should be a little bit more advanced. But I am convinced that he can also manage beginners.
Review by KARIN
Blender 3.x, 3D modeling by a LinkedIn & Freelance trainer (Péruwelz)
First two hours done with Martin. It was a chill environment and he is someone easy to interact with and you can feel he have experience giving lessons. I learned what was the purpose of this introduction to blender and the lesson was custom to my needs. We have planned another one and so should you, as he is a good teacher take time to listen to your needs and assess what should help you in your learning.
Review by VINCENT
Art classes for kids and adults for beginners and advanced ! Learn how to create wonderful drawings, sketches, paintings with all materials. (Luxembourg)
Diana is a very good and talented teacher. My daugher (who si 10) enjoyed very much the lessons and the result (i.e. the drawings made during the class) were outstanding.!
Review by CÉCILE