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Architecture is the art and science of designing and planning buildings and interior spaces in a way that combines beauty and function. Architecture aims to create a built environment that meets human needs and provides them with a comfortable and beautiful place to live or work. Creativity in architecture is a very important element that distinguishes exceptional and innovative architectural projects. Here are some important aspects that we will cover in depth in this crash course on creativity in architecture. The index of topics presented in the course will be as follows: Principles of architecture are the guidelines and foundations upon which architectural engineers rely in designing and constructing buildings and interior spaces. - Unique design: Creativity is related to creating architectural designs that distinguish the building from others and express a unique idea or vision. - Use of new materials and technologies: Taking advantage of the latest materials and technologies in the field of construction and architecture can contribute to creating innovative and attractive architectural projects. - Integration of the environment and society: Creativity in architecture can include designs that take into account the surrounding environment and the needs of the local community. - Art and Beauty: Beauty and art play a huge role in creative architecture. - Using light and shadows: Creativity in the use of lighting and shadows can make the building shine and appear alive. Course objective: Creativity in architecture depends on a perfect balance between beauty, function, sustainability and innovation. Developing a creative architectural project requires a deep understanding of history, culture, technology developments and client needs.
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