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Trusted teacher: ▪️ We are approaching the winter break and the training on the ground will not resume until the beginning of February. ▪️ The end of the year celebrations are approaching it is an opportunity to meet up with family, to eat well etc. In addition, the cold is present and reduces our motivation. ▪️ However, this is no reason to stop training! ▪️ On the contrary, this break in the season is very important because it will allow you to prepare optimally for the end of the season. Why that ? ▪️ In a club we generally do not have the time or the necessary supervision to offer a training program to each individual. The head coach manages his quota in its entirety and does not have the time to focus specifically on each player. The same for the athletic trainer (when there is one), it is difficult for him to follow all the players individually. ▪️ In any case, as a coach at the amateur level, this is what I experience on a daily basis and it is also felt by my players. ▪️ This is why I think that a weekly session can only be beneficial to allow everyone to progress. My training is for all profiles, children as well as adults, boys or girls, regardless of the level. ▪️ My sessions consist of technical and physical exercises allowing you to progress at your own pace. ▪️ After a first session intended to establish a diagnosis, I will set up a training plan that is as individualized as possible in relation to the objectives defined at the time of the first session. ▪️ The result is an essential point and seeing its progress is very important. For this, I offer you intermediate objectives that will motivate you continuously. Reviews will take place every 3 months to analyze the progress made and define new ones for the following 3 months. ▪️ I realize that asking for an individual trainer is an investment of time and money, which is why I do everything to make this collaboration fruitful. ▪️ My job is to help the player to develop on all points related to performance (technical / tactical / athletic / mental). ▪️ Possibility of individual or small group sessions. What I propose: ☑️ 1 session per week for 3 months, i.e. 12 sessions + 1 discovery session + 1 assessment at the end of the 3 months ☑️ 2 sessions per week for 3 months, i.e. 24 sessions + 1 discovery session + 1 assessment at the end of the 3 months PS: The year 2021 promises to be busy, which is why I am offering 1 additional session to people taking a lead and contacting me before January 1, 2021. PPS: With the health crisis we are going through, I am taking measures to reduce the risk of contamination (I wear a mask during the sessions, disinfect the hands before and at the end of the session, the equipment is also disinfected before and after the session ). Who am I ? ▪️ I am passionate about football and I want to put my skills and experience at your disposal. ▪️ I've been coaching for 10 years now, I started in France in the Lyonnaise region then in the Paris region until last season and I've been in Lausanne since this season. ▪️I took care of both male and female teams and in all possible age categories. ▪️ In terms of diplomas I obtained my UEFA A diploma this year and I still continue to play as a goalkeeper which allows me to keep a fresh eye on the pitch.
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