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I Offer Personal and Personable approaches to suit each task. o English Literature & Text analysis - Creative Development with Writing, Critical Thinking and Cultural Theory o English Language Skills o Maths - Primary and Secondary Level. o Writing Skills - Irish, English, French. o Art - Critical Thinking, Cultural Theory and Portfolio Development 2016-2017: MA Performance (Music) - University College Cork, UCC, Cork City. o Jazz Ensemble o Experimental Music & Rhythm o Music Technology: Ableton, Logic Pro X, GarageBand o Performance Studies o Rap Music o World Music: Gamelan, African Drumming, Sitar, Indian Classical - Various. o Voice Masterclass 2010/2011: BA International - Boston College, MA., USA (GPA: 3.9) o Independent Research: Manifestos of the Avant-garde: Visual Art & Poetry o Film & Video Editing: Final Cut Pro. o Adobe Creative Suites: Photoshop w/Illustrator o Queer Theory o Readings and Research o Advanced Seminar: Readings in Cultural & Critical Theory o Surrealism – Art History o Photography – Digital & Analogue o Art & Digital Technology 2012 - Cambridge Center for Adult Education (CCAE), Cambridge, Boston, MA, USA. - Classical Music - Abstract Painting - Analogue Photography 2012 - Certificate in Visual Arts Practice - NCAD - 1.1 - Level 7 on National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) 2012 - Contemporary Art - UCD - 1.1 - Level 7 (NFQ) 2008-2012: NUI, Galway: BA International: English Literature & Psychology – Result: 1:1. 1BA1 - 4BA4 – English – 1.1 • Final Year Independent Research Project: ‘The use of Space in Installation Art and Contemporary Theatre in Ireland’ (2008-2012). • Irish Theatre • Modernist Theatre • Modernist Poetry. • Medieval Literature; • Theory: Modernism & Post-Modernism. • Seminar: Ekphrasis: Relationship between Image + Text in Literature. • Seminar: James Joyce. • Seminar: Poetic Metre, Versification & Form. • Creative Writing: Poetry & Short Story. • Critical Theory & Practice • Queer Theory • Advanced Seminar - Cultural Theory • 19th Century Literature • 20th Century Fiction • Drama and Theatre Studies 1BA1 - 4BA1 - 4 Years - Psychology - 1.1 • History of Psychology & Current Issues • Memory & Cognition • Health Psychology • Applied Behaviour Analysis • Theories of Personality • Paediatric Clinical Behavioural Intervention • Introductory Psychology 1 & 2 • Psychology Laboratory & Tutorials 1 & 2 • Developmental Psychology 1 • Research Methods in Psychology • Biological Psychology • Human Sexuality • Forensic, Abnormal & Clinical Psychology • Social Psychology • Interpersonal Violence • Visual Perception in Art & Science
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Eric - Dublin18€
Trusted teacher: Ready to embark on an exciting journey of mastering the English language? Meet me, a language enthusiast originally from the vibrant city of Barcelona and now a resident of the lively streets of Dublin, with a deep passion for helping you achieve English fluency. 🌐 What I Offer 🌐 👥 Personalized English Learning: Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate learner, or someone aiming for advanced proficiency, I offer tailor-made English classes. Our lessons are designed to fit your unique needs, pace, and goals, inspired by the fusion of two rich cultural backgrounds. 📚 Language Mastery: Dive into the world of English grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. I'll guide you through the nuances of the language, making complex concepts easy to grasp. 🎙️ Fluency and Pronunciation: Enhance your English pronunciation, so you communicate with confidence and sound like a native speaker with a touch of Dublin charm. 🌎 Cultural Insights: Explore the rich cultural aspects of the English-speaking world, with a bridge between the Mediterranean and the Emerald Isle. Understanding culture is essential for effective communication and building global connections. 🌟 Why Choose Me? 🌟 Cultural Fusion: I offer you a unique blend of Irish influence, making your language journey culturally rich. 🧑‍🏫 Student-Centric Approach: Your learning journey is unique, and I focus on your individual needs to ensure that every class is engaging and productive. 🌍 Global Opportunities: Learning English opens doors to countless opportunities, from travel to business, making connections worldwide, all with a touch of Barcelona and Dublin. 🤝 Let's Get Started! 🤝 Ready to master the English language and broaden your horizons with a fusion of Barcelona and Dublin experiences? Whether you're pursuing your career, planning a trip, or simply seeking to expand your skills, I'm here to guide you. Contact me today, and let's embark on your exciting language-learning adventure. Fluent English with a unique cultural blend awaits! 🌟🗣️🌎
English · Grammar · Writing
Trusted teacher: I'm based in Blackrock. My lessons are face-to-face at a cafe in Blackrock or at my student's home (when it's not too far from Blackrock/Stillorgan) as I don't drive and have young kids. Online lessons are available if students wish to practice speaking rather than learning grammar or working on a textbook. My availability changes every week except a 7-8pm slot (I'm available from 7-8pm every week on Mon-Wed, Sat and Sun) due to my husband's work schedule. I have 3-4 days every week where I'm available from 2pm onwards. (Some week I'm available from Fri to Mon, other week I'm available from Tue to Thurs) I teach all ages and all levels (including Leaving Cert students). I have 3.5 years one-on-one teaching experience (in Japan, Australia and Ireland) with adults, teens and kids. I come from a Linguistic background (I have a degree in English Linguistics), which not many tutors actually do, but having the knowledge is extremely important when it comes to learning a language because the difficulties you face are often due to what your native language is and the difference between your native language and the language you are learning. Before I started university, I wasn't confident in my English skills though I was always getting good grades at school. Being immersed into Linguistics taught me the whole new perspectives. I offer advice and recommendations, but I usually let my students pick textbooks as every student has different preferences and goals. Lessons can be tailored to meet individual requirements/requests. I also offer my students translation/interpreting/proofreading services too should they need them.
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🚀EVERY CHILD IS A MATHS GENIUS | British Tutor 🇬🇧 (Toulouse)
We are just getting started, but our experiences with Oliver have been great so far. He is prompt to communicate, professional and very patient. He does a good job of understanding where my daughter is, helping her at her level, and not making her feel bad that she is having a tough time with Math. Highly recommend!
Review by TAMMY
Spanish for all ages, for travel, studies or work! (Barcelona)
Florencia does a great job teaching Spanish! She's very patient, tailors the lessons according to your needs, and does a great job writing down the words on a shared screen to visual vocabulary and conjugations, which she then sends in a follow-up email to retain and remember. Highly recommend her!
Review by MATTHEW
Guitar lesson that gives Result in a short time for any level !!! (Dublin)
My 6 year old son really looks forward to and enjoys his guitar lessons with Mario, who has supported him to take up the guitar and enjoy playing it with confidence. I couldn't recommend Mario more highly.
Review by SONIA

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