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Kerry - Ede, Netherlands12€
Trusted teacher: Book an art package. Free membership and small discount offered for packages. PACKAGE 1. (10 lessons) BASIC INTRODUCTION *Recommended Learn the SEVEN elements of art. Discover your natural artistic talent in step by step guided lessons. You will learn how to apply the 7 elements of art and complete a painting. Learn about: Colour-The colour wheel/ Primary, secondary and tertiary colours. How to mix colour. Transparent and opaque paint and how to use it. Values- Twelve color families- their hues, shades, tints and tones. Line - Different ways line is used. Hatching, cross hatching, contouring, rendering, stippling, scumbling, woven hatchng, tick hatching and blending Shape- Different shapes and forms that are used in artworks. Abstract, geometric, organic, representational, decorative, symbolic, 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, Symbolic. Volume - How the cube, cylinder, sphere, cone, square pyramid and parallelepiped are used in art. Texture- How texture is used in painting. Real and implied. Various types of textures that can be applied Space - Creating the illusion of space in an artwork using a vanishing point. Positive and negative space. We will go step by step together with the above lessons so that you will gain confidence, and know-how to create your own artworks in the future. PACKAGE 2 (10 lessons) You can chose ONE of the following Acrylic paint, Oils paint or watercolor paint. You will learn which specific art equipment is required. The various makes and colours of paint, types of brushes and surface preparation. How to decide on subject matter. Researching source material. How to sketch the preliminary drawing. How to begin painting with guidance through to the completion. How to sign and seal the painting to protect it. We will go step by step together with the above lessons so that you will have the confidence, and know-how to create your own artworks in the future. If you would like additional painting lessons on different subject matter like Landscape, Portaits, Figure or Still - life painting- you can book extra 3-5 lessons for each of the above. PACKAGE 3 SKETCHING COURSE (5 lessons) Learn how to drawing. Different types of art materials needed for sketching. Line in drawing. Light source and shadows when shading. Volume and proportions when drawing still-life, portraits and figures. Creating space and depth when sketching landscapes using Vanishing points How to do foreshortening when sketching. Sealing and protecting your sketch PACKAGE 4 (10 LESSONS) *Advanced course Create a painting using the 13 PRINCIPLES OF ART: SCALE, PROPORTION, UNITY, VARIETY, RHYTHM, EMPHASIS, REPETITION, CONTRAST, BALANCE, MOVEMENT, PATTERN, WHITE SPACE, HIERARCHY Learn the 13 principles of art, and how to apply them in a your painting. USE these PRINCIPLES in your paintings to create *Conceptual Artworks *Strengthen an idea *Create visual impact *Clarify your intent *Hold the viewers interest and attention THE ABOVE PACKAGES CAN BE HELD ON SITE (Parking available) OR ONLINE (WIFI, laptop and/or cellphone is required)
Painting · Drawing & sketching
Trusted teacher: Dear friends, I invite you to paint beautiful subjects at private, one on one, Individual painting lessons by Skype/ Facetime. If you dreamed to learn to paint, to learn to see and notice beautiful moments in life and capture them in a painting. Also spend your time intresting and fun! Will be glad to meet you and paint with you online! 🤗 We’ll learn to paint professional in an easy and fun way! 🎨 FOR WHOM ARE THE ART LESSON? The art lessons are for: ▫️children from 4 years old and adults ▫️or for whom are preparing for art school, art college and Academy of Arts. ▫️for individual person or for a group of two-3 persons For example a parent with child; several friends. You can spend interesting time together with me creating your own paintings. ▫️beginner level, we can start with very simple subjects, i’ll show you how to paint step by step ▫️or advanced level 🎨 WHAT YOU RECEIVE? The art lesson consists of 3 steps: 1. process of painting& drawing, I will show you how to paint step by step. 2. theory of professional painting & drawing 3. analysis of the paintings of great artists. We will get inspired by how great artists painted on the same topics or copy a painting of a great artist. (Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, Fantin-Latour, Levitan..) We can take a simple painting for example of Monet and try to paint in his style, learn the secrets, techniques of this great artist. You can feel like Monet! -lesson duration: 1 hour (60 min) -in english or russian languages -online, by Skype/Facetime/Zoom, private, one on one, Individual painting lessons -I will suggest you several photos you to choose the subject of the painting that inspires you or you can suggest your own subject. At holidays or birthdays you can paint a painting as a gift to please your loved ones or friends with a beautiful painting or greeting card painted by yourself at the painting lesson. 🎨WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? ✅ to see the beauty around us and show it through painting. ✅ to paint the main genres: landscape, seascape, still life, animalistic (animal portraits), human portrait, graphics etc. ✅In realistic and impressionistic styles. ✅ to paint In different techniques: (painting): gouache, acrylic on canvas/paper; watercolor on paper. (graphics): pencil / charcoal/ paste/ felt-tip pens on paper. ✅ We will learn fundamentals of professional academic painting, graphics and composition. ✅Fundamentals of art theory: volume, light and shadows, color, shape, perspective, rhythm. ✅ How to lead the painting process from start to finish. ✅ How to mix paints, get different shades of colors, distinguish nuances. ✅ To name professionally the shades of colors. ✅ Learn artistic terms. ✅ How to apply the theory of painting in practice. ✅ The secrets and techniques of great masters. ✅ Correctly display proportions on paper. ✅ Learn to see the general and the particular, to compare and generalize. If you love to paint, will be glad to meet you online! 🤗🖼️ Let’s start to paint! Kind regards, Tatiana
Painting · Art · Drawing & sketching
Trusted teacher: Colorimetry is a fundamental tool to begin to understand the behavior of colors, where they come from, and how to obtain them. We will see the color wheel, primary and secondary colors, and how to apply them to create different types of palettes. In turn, we will see the triads of colors to generate cold and warm palettes, and you will experience first-hand how to create those colors. We will also have a brief part of research into pigments (the source of color) and works of art throughout history, to see the use of different painting techniques. Since we are going to focus in our classes on color theory, it is not strictly necessary that you know how to draw or paint, or that you have knowledge of perspective or others. This course is designed to complement your knowledge of art and improve your ability to choose the colors and palette you want to work with. As a bonus, this course will also help you apply your knowledge when applying makeup or applying makeup, since if it is something that interests you, let me know and we will incorporate it into the course. We will see how to apply colors according to the person's eye color and skin tones. I have a degree in Visual Arts with a Painting orientation from the National University of the Arts of Argentina and a theatrical makeup artist at the Theater Complex of the City of Buenos Aires and I am happy to be able to share my knowledge with you. If this is what you were looking for, welcome and I hope we start a very nice working relationship! See you in class, Camila.
Painting · Art · Arts and crafts
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Artistic lessons: Online tutoring. Drawing, sketching and painting.
I have had two lessons with Noemi and I am looking forward to many more. We spent a significant amount of time in the first lesson discussing and clarifying my goals as well as the artists I admire. She asked great questions, really digging into what I am seeking to do and be. I could tell right away that she wanted to understand my motivations and what I am looking for in a tutor. Noemi has been easy to talk to, open and responsive to my thoughts and concerns. She spoke to me as a peer, a fellow traveler seeking to understand more about art. I appreciate this, as it has not been my experience with other teachers. (They were not interested in what I already know). Noemi has been enthusiastic, insightful, intuitive and has set clear expectations. I appreciate the thoughtfulness she has put into creating follow up documents that detail what we reviewed in the previous lesson, including print screens of examples of art work to help me along. She is great!
Review by KHELRI
Drawing and painting lessons, help to prepare portfolio (Stuttgart)
The experience with Xingying was one of consummate professionalism, acute attention to detail, and warm efficiency of time. I was not only impressed but feel extremely lucky and privileged to continue my son’s lessons with her. - She answered all questions and concerns with ease - She provided a detailed list of all the tools needed for a successful lesson - She provided a good space for learning - My son expressed great enthusiasm and excitement for continued learning with her I most of all appreciate that her presence brought out a commitment in my son to desire his learning. I recommend Xingying’s services with the the utmost confidence and faith.
Review by EDWARD “E.C.”
Photoshop and Digital Image for photographers and artists (Athens)
My 16 year old decided to pursue a career at n fashion and art early on We found Emer and she was exactly what we were looking for and more when Theo applied for fashion Academies Her first extensive background and calm and friendly approach brought out the best in my 16 year old son Together they created an original portfolio crammed with original and artistic work Enthusiast and patient I have no reservations recommending Emer for any art driven personal or group learning sessions My sons testimony says it all She is simply amazing
Review by TONIA