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Trusted teacher: Formation's goal : - Master and combine the most advanced features of Excel, - Discover new tools and new very useful functions, - Prepare, organize and control the data to facilitate analysis, - Exploit the potential of Excel to automate and make calculations more reliable, - Master the creation of advanced calculation formulas, - Use data lists with management and summary tools, - Prepare dashboards via PivotTables… The training will be enhanced with examples and practical case studies… Training content : ➢ General and Reminder on Level 1: Excel introduction, ➢ Simple functions then advanced functions, ➢ Calculation audits and advanced graphics, ➢ Excel databases and Management of large workbooks, ➢ PivotTables and PivotCharts, ➢ Hypertext Excel links, ➢ Sort / Filter and Advanced Filter options (Advanced), ➢ The validation rules and Conditional formatting, ➢ Import, export or link data… Training program: Reminder on Level 1: Excel introduction: • Discover the Excel Ribbon, • Name cells, ranges and tables, • The options to hide, display, insert and delete, • Concept of workbook and Excel sheet management, • Insertion of comments. Using time-saving tools • Create custom formats. • Define conditional formatting rules. • Facilitate and control data entry with data validation. Build simple and elaborate calculation formulas • Master the copying of formulas: relative and absolute references, • Make calculations more reliable: name cells or ranges of cells, • Set up simple, complex, nested conditions: IF, OR, AND, • Calculate statistics: NBVAL, NB, NB.SI, NB.VIDE,… • Relate data with the VLOOKUP function. • Calculate dates and times: MOIS.DECALER, FIN.MOIS… • Manipulate text: LEFT, RIGHT, STXT, NBCAR,… • Protect the sheet or filing cabinet. Using a data list • Put the data in tabular form. • Apply multi-criteria and custom sorts. • Query, extract data with automatic filters. • Filter one or more tables with segments. • Remove duplicates. Illustrate your data with graphs • Generate a graph from a data table, • Modify the type: histogram, curve, sector, • Add labels, • Adjust the source data. Lists / Sorts and filters • Create a list, • Use the lists with a data grid, • Sort the data in a grid (Sort orders, sort by columns), • Sorting and Filtering, • Personalized sorting, • Group the data in a list, • Display the subtotals of a column, of several columns, • Filter the data. Validation rules and Conditional formatting: • On drop-down lists • On numbers (integer, decimal) • On dates, • Conditional formatting. Set up pivot tables • Set up pivot tables in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions. • Group information by period, by tranche. • Filter, sort, hide data. • Add ratios, percentages. • Insert a cross graph.
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Statistical Analysis with Python and R (Rstudio) - Intro to Data Science (Casablanca)
I contacted Amin to help me with data analytics using R studio. Amin was very accommodating and quick to reply. Thanks to his flexibility we were able to fix a time and date easily. He is a thorough and highly knowledgeable tutor. He took careful measures in helping me grasp statistical concepts that I had forgotten. I have learned a lot even after one lesson! With clear explanations and a friendly approach, I can wholeheartedly recommend him
Review by SARAH
Learn how to use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word at work and at home.
Excellent teacher! Irina is professional as a teacher and also a very nice person. I am a beginner excel user and I needed to improve my skills for work. Irina has helped me a lot very fast and efficiently explaining clearly every detail and using clear examples. I highly recommend choosing Irina, it is a pleasure being her student.
Computer courses in Office automation (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced): "Word", "Excel", "PowerPoint"
Hajar is the best tutor I’ve come across here! She is extremely helpful, kind and patient! She communicated clearly all throughout and is extremely knowledgable! I highly highly recommend her! Genuinely one of the nicest people imo :))))
Review by ÁDI