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Trusted teacher: This is a Great Training regarding English or business English for all levels, reasons, age groups and Global Management skills, Intercultural Communication, Soft Skills, Managing diverse groups (all groups wherever you are in the early are diverse). English is the language that connects us all! You will learn Everything about how to Communicate easily genuinely with everyone Globally, travel, work with & understand others and express yourself effectively; be a Great, Inclusive Leader and Manager, you will learn Diversity Equity Inclusion, Global skills🌈🌏🌍🌎, English Culture & Interculturalism, Great Management Strategies, Teambuilding, and talking with people from all over the Globe, both native and English speakers as a 2nd language in general, so you will grow your social- emotional skills, multiple intelligences💪🧠, Mental Flexibility & Mindset and learn Everything regarding Psychology & Counselling which is the secret to be not just good but Great & Globally successful Communicator, travveling, working, creating, enjoying, doing genuinly Great for you & others, all generations and groups Globslly. You can be choosing just 1, some or all of the topics! I'm a M.Sc. Educational Psychologist and Coaching & Teaching Specialist & English Teacher, coming from Greece (I can teach you Greek too if you want) and have been living, travelling and working as a Manager and Teaching Managers Globally so you are in great hands! I'm personalising the lessons according to your learning style and needs, making it interesting so you're learning while enjoying!😍🤩🥳🎉
English · Management skills
Personal Statement: My motivation for pursuing a career in sports science stems from my deep-rooted connection to my family. Their influence has shaped me into the dedicated individual I am today. From my parents to my siblings and close friends, their support has propelled me to constantly evolve and push my boundaries. Now, with my fiancée and children by my side, I am driven to excel even further. This drive is evident in my work, where I consistently see through every project I undertake. As a professional in sports science, I embody determination, strategy, and attention to detail. I provide clear direction and set high standards, while maintaining transparency and trustworthiness as core values. My presence brings calmness and stability to groups, enabling long-term sustainable performance. With a strategic mindset, I plan for the future and establish real-time, realistic goals for high-performing teams. What sets me apart is my diverse background in professional sports, expertise in decision-making under uncertainty, and proven ability to successfully lead and coordinate high-performance teams in complex environments. Testimonials: Felix Jones, Springbok Assistant Coach, acknowledges my exceptional work ethic and personal investment in the teams and players I work with. He highlights my consistent delivery above and beyond expectations in various high-performance roles. Damian Mordan, Head of Physiotherapy at Munster Rugby, attests to my impact on standards, driven by my energy, expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to building strong relationships. He emphasises my leadership qualities and ability to unite people across departments, making me a valuable asset in any high-performance environment. Anthony Watson, a British & Irish Lion and England International rugby player, describes my communication as clear, infectious, and accurate. I have a talent for setting clear expectations and distinguishing between what is acceptable and what falls short. Key Achievements: Throughout my career, I have achieved expertise in various areas of sports science, including the development of multidisciplinary teams and individuals. I have successfully established unified rugby programs, focusing on creating an environment conducive to success. Holistic development of professional athletes is another area of expertise, where I prioritise the well-being and growth of athletes on all levels. In high-performing, complex environments, I excel in decision-making under uncertainty, leveraging my knowledge and experience. I have a deep understanding of organisational learning and knowledge management principles, which allows me to foster continuous improvement within teams. Additionally, I possess expertise in designing structured, systematic, and individualised approaches to the professional development of multidisciplinary teams. Overall, my personal statement reflects my passion for sports science and the impact it has had on my life. Supported by testimonials and key achievements, it is evident that I possess the skills, dedication, and expertise to make a significant difference in the field of sports science. I offer a wide range of masterclasses tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're seeking knowledge in sports science, elite coaching techniques, interdisciplinary collaboration, or leadership development, I am here to help. By reaching out and scheduling a consultation, we can work together to create a bespoke package that addresses your unique requirements in the field of sports science. I am committed to delivering high-quality and personalised guidance to enhance your understanding and application of sports science principles. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock the full potential of your sports science endeavours.
Sport coaching · Leadership development · Management skills
My name is Theresa, I was born in Lesotho. Lesotho is located within the Republic of South Africa. I ‘m an adult educator with a Bachelor of Education Degree (Adult Education) from the National University of Lesotho. I also am a holder of 120 Hour TEFL Certificate. I have a Diploma in Business Studies and the Certificate in Personnel Management. The philosophy of learning is that education changes life. My Bachelor of Education Degree program has empowered me to apply experiential teaching methods because learning has a positive impact only if it is relevant to the learner’s needs. My degree in Bachelor of Education (Adult Education) includes the following: • Adult Literacy Teaching Methods • English Language Practice • Adult Education and Development • Mass Communication in Adult Education • Curriculum Design & Development in Adult Education • Psychology of Adult Learning • Sociology of Adult Education • Practicum in Adult Education Seminars and Conferences. I have a neutral British accent (Lesotho was a British Colony) and my voice is easy to understand. The 120 Hour TEFL course emphasized the need to note and be sensitive to different cultures and their native languages challenges with regard to learning English language vocabulary and pronunciation. This course has therefore empowered me to readily tutor international students of all ages. My experience in facilitation of workshops on behavioral change communication strategy against HIV and AIDS enabled me to design goals-focused lessons. I can provide conversational lessons which includes tutoring grammar, vocabulary, and all four English language skills. My learner-centered teaching approach enables learners to be confident in formal and informal English language proficiency. My hobbies are reading and listening to personal empowerment books and video. Over the years I upgraded my counseling skill on psychology subject, strategic management and project management. I am also learning lyrics poems writing.
Tutoring · Management skills · English
Management skills · Leadership development · Human resources
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Super professional. Great Communication. He just opened the words on my mind and shoed how could be easy to do some assignments if you just really know how. Thank you so much Younes.
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