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Halyna - Sant Manden24€
Trusted teacher: Interested in Russian? Do you already have a little patience? a lot of passion? of curiosity and love for learning? all you need is to find a good teacher? You are in the right place :) I find it remarkable that my first student, starting 14 months after our first meeting, knows how to hold a good conversation in very difficult Russian and on various subjects and does not need to speak French at all to make me understand his ideas! It's a miracle? Or just the result of our work ?! Since then my teaching methodology has been enhanced by the chance to meet students from different countries, literally from all professional backgrounds and ages, with different interests, dreams, hobbies, needs. This year, one of my students was able to catch up with 2 years of learning Russian in 2 months and there he follows courses at the college with other schoolchildren for whom it is the 3rd year of learning the Russian language at school. So, are we breaking new records together? :) I'm not going to teach you these 'robot' phrases, my real intention is only to make you love the language, our culture, our traditions, to make you understand our logic, way of living, of seeing things and much sure to teach you to speak the language! And to achieve this, I carefully prepare my lessons drawing inspiration from different sources such as Russian textbooks as the foreign language (all levels from A1 to C2) grammar books, videos, songs, articles press, exam models, I myself make little 'surprise' cards or I imagine little games to make my students revise and reinforce the knowledge received and of course, why not a little Russian literature. Let's learn some wonderful quotes from the poem of the great poet Marina Тsvetaeva or why not share some wonderful lines from Gogol's creation 'The Dead Souls' and of course, if you are not afraid, let's get lost somewhere on the ponds of the Patriarch of Bulgakov in 'The Master and Margarita' :) I would very much like my students to consider my lessons as a pleasure where they can receive solid knowledge while having fun :) I would be grateful and happy if you could share your time with me , your interests and the way you learn other languages and maybe together we could discover new learning methods that will be effective :) PS I speak French and English so I can provide you with the necessary explanations in these two languages, I have no problem with that :) See you soon!
Trusted teacher: Good morning ! Let's get acquainted! My name is Alexander. I am a teacher of foreign languages, especially English, Russian and Spanish. I have been teaching for 10 years now and during this time I have developed my own teaching methodology based on the techniques of foreign language schools. I have found that many people are not properly taught and are offered confusing methods with convoluted names just to make a sale, but with no substance behind them. This led me to develop my own style of teaching which was formed through trial and error, but it was well worth it as I now have a solid approach to education. I use textbooks for native speakers because it helps to deepen the language faster. My lessons also involve reading classic literature from the British, Spanish and Russian times of prosperity, when their books sold in large numbers and became world classics. With children, we prefer to read comics, manga and fairy tales. In addition, we create our own books and study vocabulary and grammar through them, with adults as well as with children. We spend a lot of time watching movies, cartoons, anime, listening to famous compositions of music performers who entered the music classics of the countries mentioned before, writing our own songs which we then study . Also, during our lessons, we create computer games in Unreal Engine 5 or Unity to learn languages for computing and learn creative skills to create worlds. We also incorporate other modern technologies, including virtual reality glasses, where immersion in the language environment happens quickly, using various language learning apps to learn new vocabulary words, correct pronunciation , artificial intelligence as an aid and interlocutor, an unlimited encyclopedia of knowledge, electronic books to facilitate reading and translation. I will prepare you to take the international exams for all these languages, including DELE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. At the end of the course you will be able to: Fluent in english Take English to the next level Dramatically improve your English pronunciation Easily construct grammatically correct sentences in English Learn tons of English words and phrases on many different topics Feel confident speaking English Easily understand native English speakers The same for Russian and Spanish: At the end of the course you will be able to: Fluent in Russian/Spanish Level up in Russian/Spanish Dramatically improve your Russian/Spanish pronunciation Easily construct grammatically correct sentences in Russian/Spanish Learn tons of Russian/Spanish words and phrases on many different topics Feel confident speaking Russian/Spanish Easily understand native Russian/Spanish speakers
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Certified English, French, Russian tutor in Paris and ONLINE (Paris)
I have been working with Andrey for about 2 months now, and I have to say he has been instrumental in my language learning journey. I have been working with him in different time zones across the world, and he has always been game to make something work -either taking appointments in the early afternoon, or the evenings. His understanding of French grammar and pronunciation, as well as his second to none note-taking skills, have allowed me to work on the parts of the French language that I struggle with most. He does all this while maintaining a relaxed and comfortable environment, where I feel ok to take things slower when I need to and transition back to English when necessary. It is honestly a pleasure to work with someone who understands how to teach the language to a native English speaker and has the materials to offer during the learning journey as well. No comment he gives, goes without thought, and I am thrilled to be working with someone who cares as much as I do about me becoming more comfortable with French.
Review by ROBBY
Russian Language Classes (online/offline) for adults, students, kids - easier than you think! (Brussels)
I'm so happy I found Mariia to help me learn Russian. She is extremely professional and friendly, she manages to make it fun and easy to understand - the hours are passing so quickly! After only a couple a lessons my understanding of the Russian language has already improved a lot. You can see Mariia works hard to prepare the lessons and adapt to the level of the student! Definitely recommend you learn with her!
Review by SARAH
Learn Russian with a lot of fun and a good result! :) (Paris)
Halyna is a very organised, thorough, determined and above all else passionate teacher. Also patient and encouraging, which makes learning Russian with her a privilege and pleasure. I would highly recommend :)
Review by SAMANTHA