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3 qi gong (chi gong, chi kung) teachers in France

Trusted teacher: Teacher for 10 years, trains more than 200 students per year in group lessons and several students in the year in private individual lessons. Practicing since 30 years the martial arts. Our most advanced students also became black belt and some even became teachers in our club or founded other martial arts and energy arts associations. -ATT 3 in Wing Chun FFWUSHU -ATT 3 in Tai Chi Chuan FFWUSHU -CQP Federation EPMM Sport for all Wing Chun Black Belt and Tai Chi Chuan -Instructor in Chin Na Self Defense Yang Jwing Ming (YMAA International) -Many medals won in Cup of Ile de France, Coupe de France and France Championship fight and technique in Kung Fu Sanda and Wushu artistic. -Psychomotor and specialist in psychosomatic relaxation, intervening with health training organizations (contribution of martial arts in psychomotility). -Perfect participant in business seminars for introductory workshops and also demonstrations of martial arts and techniques of well-being. -Made in chi kung and internal martial arts with masters Yang Jwing Ming (for 20 years) and Mantak Chia (for 10 years) Welcome to those who wish to learn one or more fields of martial arts that I teach and share with heart, passion, patience and determination. It certainly takes time to learn a martial art but by regularly practicing directly with an experienced teacher your progress will be faster and more solid and therefore more sustainable. I adapt to each student and each specific request, for me, there is no secret, and I will be proud that one of my students understands in a course what I sometimes took years to understand . Your personal efforts will also be the key to your progress! My pedagogy is progressive and covers different aspects of the art: taos (forms), displacements, the work of reaction, the work of the strikes and specific blockings, the study of the keys, the study of the combinations, the coordinations , the fundamentals of each style, kicks, projections, ground work, energetic and internal martial arts). I teach and can teach Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan Yang, Chin Na Self Defense, Silat, Chi Kung, Handling traditional Asian weapons at short, medium and long range. -Courses individuals or collectives all levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced). Graduated with a CQP in EPMM, holder of ATT 3 in Wing Chun and ATT 3 Tai Chi Chuan FFWUSHU. - Professor and co-founder for 10 years of a Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Academy (AAMTC). - Former student and assistant (adult and children's classes) of Master Didier Beddard in Wing Chun Kung Fu (10 years of apprenticeship, then 10 years of teaching at a large Chinese martial arts academy AAMTC) . Master Yang Jwing Ming and Pascal Plée in kung fu Chan Chuan (Long Fist) and Bai He Quan (White Crane), as well as in Tai Chi Chuan Style Yang (Forms, Tuishous and Sanshous) and Chi Kung (20). years of teaching, 10 years of teaching). -Higher YMAA international instructor in Chin Na since 15 years. - Former student of Jean Paul N Guyen for 8 years (Kung Fu Sanda and modern Wushu), competitor in technique and fight (has won several titles in the Coupe de France, Coupe de France and French Championship). -Initiated to Chen style fundamentals in Tai Chi Chuan - Also practiced South East Asian martial arts: Kali, Silat (Penchak Silat) and currently in intensive training with great masters such as Alvin Guinanao (Silat Buka Lingkaran) Maul Mornie Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD). - Appreciates and learns from all forms of martial arts!
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