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    Legal English (British English, English Law)

    I practised as a lawyer in England, in private practice, as a partner in a firm in South London, and in the "3rd sector". I managed cases of a various kinds and at all levels of the legal system. I taught law as a Senior Lecturer at 2 Universities in London; I wrote 2 legal dictionaries, one of which is still available for students.

    I am currently teaching law (comparative and international) to students at a leading private Paris Business School. This has required the creation of the course, the materials, including presentations, examinations and assessments.

    I have been teaching Legal English in Paris to (French) qualified legal professionals one-on-one in their office. The sessions are prepared to suit the needs and requirements and levels of the student. Written material may be provided for preparation and written work and oral work is undertaken in class.

    Each session is timed to last one hour.

    I am willing to teach on an individual one-to-one (one-on-one) basis or in groups.

    My fees are negotiable in appropriate circumstances.

    Extra information

    You should have a laptop available to enable written work to be done in the class when required, (using MS Word) and TeamViewer is suggested to enable real-time supervision if tuition is via the internet.


    At student's location: Around Paris, France

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    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    120 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    English, French

    About Me

    Former practising lawyer in England, and former Senior Lecturer in Law at university in England, and recently employed as a teacher of law at an école de commerce in central Paris and in private lessons at a firm of avocats with a French and international commercial clientèle, providing lessons at their office in the 7th arrondissement.<p>
    As a practising lawyer I worked in private practice as partner in South London with various kinds of cases, and in law centres, doing social and community law. The work ranged all levels of the legal system, and included appeals to the House of Lords (Supreme Court), the Privy Council, from certain foreign countries, and that including but not only death-row cases.<p>
    As a lecturer I was responsible for courses for undergraduates on law degree courses (LL.B). post graduate students preparing diplomas and research papers, and professional vocational qualifications, particularly the LPC (Legal Practice Course).<p><p>
    I have written 2 legal dictionaries, one of which is available to students now, called Plain Latin for Lawyers and Law Students. <p>
    I have a particular interest in the English language and culture, and founded (in England, before moving to Paris) the George Orwell Festival. I have also established the The George Orwell in Paris walks. Orwell is famous not just for the quality of his own writing, and its significance well beyond his own time, but also for the quality of his advice and criticism about the use of English. He also had strong personal links with France which I am exploring.<p>
    Many years ago I followed a Cours de Vacances en Littérature Française at the Université de Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.


    LL.B. (Bristol)

    Experience / Qualifications

    Solicitor of the Supreme Court (England & Wales), Privy Council Agent, Visiting Lecturer in Law, South Bank University, Senior Lecturer in Law (Westminster University, London),
    and occasional teacher at the Workers Education Association in London In France I have been a teacher of law at an école de commerce in central Paris and in private lessons at a firm of avocats.

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    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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    cours particulier d'anglais -soutien scolaire-aide aux devoirs
    Bonjour, Actuellement; je suis une étudiante en 3ème année LANGUE ET TRADUCTION spécialité anglais/français, français/arabe, je propose des cours particuliers d'anglais pour tous les niveaux. Mes études m'ont permis de maîtriser parfaitement cette langue ainsi que mon expérience en tant qu animatrice. J'utilise des méthodes adaptées pour chaque niveau. Pour toute autre information n'hésitez pas à me contacter . Je vous remercie et bonne journée.

    English conversation and grammar classes in Paris - beginners, intermediate and advanced
    I am an exchange student (studying in the UK at Durham University) currently working as an intern in Paris. Last semester I studied at Sciences Po Aix. I am happy to help anyone who is struggling with spoken or written English. I am friendly and approachable - expect interactive classes! I offer the following courses: - conversation - academic writing - English exam preparation (IELTS, Cambridge English, etc.) - helping with school homework

    Cours d'anglais tous âges/ tous niveaux / au domicile de l'élève
    Les cours varient en fonction des besoins de l'élève et de son niveau. Je fais un point avec l'élève sur ses objectifs à court et long terme puis j'adapte mon approche. Je suis patiente et passionnée. J'aime que les supports varient et soient modernes (extraits de films, de séries, étude de chansons, de discours, role play...)

    Professeur Natif d'Anglais
    Cours via Skype - J'habite en Espagne (Grenade). Je donne des cours centrée sur l'amélioration de votre niveau de conversation et votre fluidité. Tous niveaux. Avec expérience de préparation des examens officiels. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'informations. Chris