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Legal English (British English, English Law)

I practised as a lawyer in England, in private practice, as a partner in a firm in South London, and in the "3rd sector". I managed cases of a various kinds and at all levels of the legal system. I taught law as a Senior Lecturer at 2 Universities in London; I wrote 2 legal dictionaries, one of which is still available for students.

I am currently teaching law (comparative and international) to students at a leading private Paris Business School. This has required the creation of the course, the materials, including presentations, examinations and assessments.

I have been teaching Legal English in Paris to (French) qualified legal professionals one-on-one in their office. The sessions are prepared to suit the needs and requirements and levels of the student. Written material may be provided for preparation and written work and oral work is undertaken in class.

Each session is timed to last one hour.

I am willing to teach on an individual one-to-one (one-on-one) basis or in groups.

My fees are negotiable in appropriate circumstances.

Extra information

You should have a laptop available to enable written work to be done in the class when required, (using MS Word) and TeamViewer is suggested to enable real-time supervision if tuition is via the internet.


At student's location: Around Paris, France

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Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

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English, French

About Me

Former practising lawyer in England, and former Senior Lecturer in Law at university in England, and recently employed as a teacher of law at an école de commerce in central Paris and in private lessons at a firm of avocats with a French and international commercial clientèle, providing lessons at their office in the 7th arrondissement.<p>
As a practising lawyer I worked in private practice as partner in South London with various kinds of cases, and in law centres, doing social and community law. The work ranged all levels of the legal system, and included appeals to the House of Lords (Supreme Court), the Privy Council, from certain foreign countries, and that including but not only death-row cases.<p>
As a lecturer I was responsible for courses for undergraduates on law degree courses (LL.B). post graduate students preparing diplomas and research papers, and professional vocational qualifications, particularly the LPC (Legal Practice Course).<p><p>
I have written 2 legal dictionaries, one of which is available to students now, called Plain Latin for Lawyers and Law Students. <p>
I have a particular interest in the English language and culture, and founded (in England, before moving to Paris) the George Orwell Festival. I have also established the The George Orwell in Paris walks. Orwell is famous not just for the quality of his own writing, and its significance well beyond his own time, but also for the quality of his advice and criticism about the use of English. He also had strong personal links with France which I am exploring.<p>
Many years ago I followed a Cours de Vacances en Littérature Française at the Université de Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.


LL.B. (Bristol)

Experience / Qualifications

Solicitor of the Supreme Court (England & Wales), Privy Council Agent, Visiting Lecturer in Law, South Bank University, Senior Lecturer in Law (Westminster University, London),
and occasional teacher at the Workers Education Association in London In France I have been a teacher of law at an école de commerce in central Paris and in private lessons at a firm of avocats.

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Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Cours d'anglais par franco-américain bilingue de Boston
J'ai la double nationalité franco-américaine, Bac+3 de Tufts University de Boston, actuellement à Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne en tant qu'étudiant de Cinéma en programme d'échange. Je suis bilingue et je suis expérimenté en suivi technique et en développement du projet. Question mobilité, je n'ai pas de point d'attache à partir du mi-mai donc je suis ouvert à tout déplacement national ou international.

Cours particuliers en Anglais (niveau scolaire ou autre)
Je propose des cours particuliers en anglais. Le cours est destiné soit aux collégiens ou les lycéens qui rencontrent des difficultés en cette matière, soit aux adultes qui désireraient une remise à niveau ou des cours de conversation en anglais.

Compétences en Conversation Anglaise et écriture. English conversation and writing.
Salut! Originaire de Londres et travaillant à Paris, je propose de donner des cours d'anglais afin d'aider l'élève à améliorer ses capacités à l'oral ainsi que ses capacités de rédaction. J'ai constaté, en apprenant moi-même des langues étrangères, que rien ne fonctionne mieux que l'intervention d'un locuteur natif dans le processus d'apprentissage. Apprendre à partir d'une personne native augmente les chances de l'étudiant de mémoriser et d'appliquer correctement non seulement la grammaire de la langue mais aussi et surtout la prononciation, ce qui facilite une plus grande intelligibilité de la parole. L'acquisition d'une langue seconde est en grande partie une simple imitation!

English Grammar and Conversation Through Popular Culture
1 hour tutoring sessions in English grammar and conversation tailored to the needs of each student. We can engage with popular movies and books. I am a PhD graduate student a the University of Virginia living in Paris, originally from New York City. I specialize in eighteenth-century French sculpture. Une cours de une heur pour le grammaire and conversation d'anglais. Je vais adapter chaque cours pour l'étudiant. On peut lire et regarder les films et livres populaires aux États-Unis. Je suis une candidate doctorale de l'histoire d'art à l'Université de Virginie, où je me spécialise en la sculpture français de le dix-huitième siècle. Je viens de New York City.

English Tutoring (Any Language Level) for French Speakers
I specialize in tutoring English to French speakers. I first begin by deciphering one's level of proficiency in English, and then work from there to construct a curriculum around one's comfort level and interests. I find it is easier to learn a language when the studies are centered around a subject that peaks one's interest. I welcome all ages! Ma mère est française, donc je peux commencer les leçons en français pour les personnes qui n'ont jamais appris l'anglais.

Do you wanna learn Arabic? You're a beginner, student or adult then thats for you
do you wanna learn arabic? then really i made this for you All what i need to know just if you have any background about the language or not. and i'll do the rest based on your requirement i can help you i can help you do that with the good pronunciation and writing and even give you background about the culture and so on. I promise it will be so much fun :)

English Conversation and Lessons by an American Legal Scholar
The tutoring session can cover any level of English, from basic to advanced/academic. I am a native English speaker from California and have experience as the director of an English as a Second Language program in New York. I also lead an English conversation class in Paris and have been published in various legal materials in the United States. I would love to help a student in preparing for English exams. I have experience with LSAT, SAT, and GED tests. I am also very open to working with adults who have various levels of English. I think it is important to both have fun while learning a language and to challenge one's self to communicate in a way that feels natural. Excited to meet you.

Private Tutoring from a Native English Speaker (all ages)
Hello, how do you do! My name is Steve, and I'm an Expat from England now living in Paris. As a native English speaker (and intermediate French speaker), I can offer fun and constructive tutoring of the English Language at all levels and ages! I have experience in teaching absolute beginners, coaching students at a college level, up to advanced linguists who require more help writing specialist documents such as academic articles. I can help with homework, school tests, college exams, university coursework as well as preparing work documents, drafting messages and proof reading. I have a master's degree in engineering, and so am happy to additionally offer more specific language training for science and math related subjects. I look forward to hearing from you :)

English/Turkish/Romanian lessons for second language learners
English is a worldwide language that is very important to know. We will learn together! Not only with theory but also with a lot of practice! Learning the language consists of 3 important elements: reading, speaking, and listening. Wihout having all of them, learning will never be completed fully. In my lessons, I will use the International Cambridge system of teaching English as a second language.

English Tutoring From Friendly Australian English Teacher
Hello! My name is Harley and I would love to be your tutor. At home in Melbourne, Australia, I work as a high school English and Drama teacher. As well as this, I have done tutoring for primary and secondary students as well as adults for the last nine years. In my spare time, I make theatre shows and do a lot of creative writing. Last year, I wrote a novel, which I published a few weeks ago. I have also written quite a few plays and films. While I have a strong passion for poetry and artistic uses of language, I am also highly skilled at essay technique and formal writing conventions. If you need assistance with crafting quality essays, or want a greater understanding of the mechanics of English - all of the rules and exceptions of grammar and syntax, I would enjoy helping. If you'd like to improve your conversational English, or add more flair to your expression, I'd love to join you on that journey also! This year, I'm based in Paris and hoping to improve my French. Working as an English tutor is my ideal choice for employment while I'm living in Paris - I'd be keen to get to know students and plan interesting and productive lessons suited to them. I believe that a positive and warm environment is best suited to learning most effectively. I'm equally happy to teach groups or individuals, and I have experience working with people from age 5 to 45. Please get in touch if you'd like to ask me any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks so much, Harley.

Private English Tutoring and lessons for all ages in Paris
I specialize in private English lessons for all ages! I have experience with ages 5-adult. I can come to your home or meet in public places all over Paris! I am American with 2 University degrees. I hold degrees in Psychology and Music with a concentration in Child Development.

English tutor seeking students in Paris! All ages welcome!
English tutor seeking students to teach! Available weekends and Wednesday evenings. All age! I can either come to your home or meet in a cafe to practice english. For younger children, I can tutor them at home or take them around the city on weekends and speak in English. I enjoy baking very much and we can speak in English whilst baking in the kitchen!

Cours d'anglais, d'allemand et de français langue étrangère
Titulaire d'un bachelier en droit et en traduction, ainsi que d'un master en traduction littéraire obtenu à l'ISTI en 2015, je me propose de vous donner des cours particuliers d'anglais, d'allemand et de français langue étrangère, mais aussi de vous aider à préparer vos examens (qu'il s'agisse du DELF, du TOEFL, du Goethe-Zertifikat ou de simples tests de vocabulaire), vos devoirs, vos entretiens d'embauche, vos lettres de motivation, CV ou encore vos mémoires de fin d'études. Je relis, corrige et traduis également vos documents dans ces trois langues de travail. Forte de huit années d'expérience dans l'enseignement de l'anglais, de l'allemand et du français, j'ai eu l'occasion de travailler avec des élèves de tout âge (de 7 à 55 ans) et de toute nationalité, à un niveau débutant comme avancé. J'ai notamment donné des cours de français et d'anglais pendant un an dans un lycée allemand, tout en travaillant comme examinatrice du DELF au sein de l'Institut français de Mayence. Je donne ainsi des cours particuliers de conversation, de grammaire, de version, de thème et de culture étrangère, mais aussi des cours davantage destinés aux élèves en difficulté. Passionnée par mon travail, j'aime tout particulièrement apporter mon aide aux élèves rencontrant des difficultés dans leur parcours scolaire et m'efforce, autant que possible, de m'adapter aux besoins et à la personnalité de mes étudiants afin de leur permettre de surmonter leurs blocages et les obstacles qui se dressent sur leur chemin. N'hésitez donc pas à me contacter pour de plus amples informations ou pour planifier un premier rendez-vous. :)

English conversation and tutoring classes from Cambridge student
Cambridge student with years of teaching and tutoring experience offering English conversation classes and English tutoring classes. I have had experience teaching and tutoring adults, university students and children as young as 5 years old. I can tailor make the classes according to your interests or, for students, their school curriculum. My classes are always engaging, fun and full of though and effort.

English - conversational English and practicing everyday speech
A passionate lover of the English culture and lifestyle, I have acquired official certification equivalent to Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) level, corresponding to level C2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (the highest level possible). After living in the United States for two years, I am currently pursuing a double major Anglais/Etudes Internationales at the Sorbonne University in Paris. My experience in France has taught me that due to the specific nature of the English language and the limited time to practice it, there is an issue when it comes to conversational English. This is what my lessons will focus on - everyday conversational English, correction of accent, learning about stress and sentence dynamics which help you to sound more natural and understanding of phonology and the IPA transcription. If you are shy when it comes to expressing yourself in front of others; if you find yourself lacking the "proper" expressions or tools to engage in everyday conversations; or if you just want to learn what does "hitting the books", "to lose your touch", or to "pitch in" mean - this class is probably for you. And I promise you we'll have a lot of fun while learning! Note: This class focuses mainly on American English.