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6 leadership development teachers in France

Trusted teacher: This training allows you to learn about the concepts of emotional intelligence & empathy with the aim of better recognizing and understanding your own emotions and those of others. Being aware of emotions allows better management of behavior in human relationships, both in the professional, private, entrepreneurial framework (...). For example, as a key to management, it makes it possible to: • Measure the impact of emotions in team management. • Analyze your own mode of operation to get the most out of it. • To be able to put in place strategies to regulate his own emotions and those of his collaborators. • Know how to approach delicate interviews taking into account the emotional factor. • To be able to understand, recognize and name his own emotions as well as those of his collaborators. • Discover the emotional process. • Manage the team (the impact of emotions on communication and decision making), the emotional quotient and leadership styles. • Motivate and mobilize its employees over the long term, and in particular in the context of interviews "to strong emotional potential "(reframing, motivation, problem solving, tense sessions, conflicts etc). Emotional intelligence is a process of personal development over time. This training allows you to initiate the process, with concrete tools that can be applied on a daily basis. This training combines group activities, individual reflections, videos and scenarios. From theory to practice with simulations. It is a question of putting in place rational and professional tools to achieve the objectives set together and overcome the blockages initially defined. Controlled, the techniques allow: • to rely on emotional intelligence and capitalize on the empathy communicated to better ensure that his message is better received his message or being. • improve credibility, self-confidence and ease (verbal-bodily) with public speaking and a more fluid sense of repartee. • defuse conflicts and enter your comfort / safety zone. In particular simple and logical techniques, which make it possible to resolve and manage violent situations in a harmonious, effective and lasting way, for example through NVC (Non Violent Communication). • better manage negotiation situations (contrary to the stereotypes conveyed, negotiation is not only financial, but it can be small everyday events). • Match the content and form of your message while improving the use of your emotional intelligence. What you will get out of it: • Better control of emotions and therefore of your way of communicating • Better understanding of the feelings of others and the ability to lead them successfully • Better relationships in personal and professional life thanks to superior emotional intelligence • Less stress thanks to a better understanding of one's emotions and those of others • Greater determination and results-oriented mindset • Ways to develop and apply emotional intelligence in the workplace Statistically, the progression following these private sessions is quickly noticeable, from 2 or 3 sessions *. (* study 2020) Trained in Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League university in the United States, specialized and has been working for more than 15 years, in Europe and North America, in the field of communication , in reputable international public and private establishments, intervening in forums and conferences, and oriented on two axes: training and coaching, with pedagogy and careful methodology as key words. ➤ PLACE, TIMETABLE, - Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Friborg-Zurich-Neuchâtel-Lugano-Montreux-Bâle-Neuchâtel-Berne-Lucerne-Bruxelles-Luxembourg-Paris-Lyon. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid, this format also unanimously suitable for those accompanied. -Apart from the classic advantages of videoconferencing (time savings related to travel, eco-responsibility, increased scheduling flexibility, etc.), the quality of the session & the interaction remain the same. In addition, the notes taken during the sessions are immediately transcribed on the session chat and are automatically transmitted to you so that you can browse them during and after the session if you wish. -Sessions in English / French -Program: adapted to each need
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If you are frustrated because you do not have the choice in your love life, if you are alone, you have no control and power over your love life and you can not have the women you want. If you do not have the confidence to go talk to the women you meet in the street or you do not know what to say to them or you feel intimidated. If you're going to be rejected or even worse, ignored and humiliated by the women you want. If you want to get rid of that ball in the stomach that frustrates you and devours you inside every time you see a woman to whom you would like to talk. If you want to kill that feeling of "I'm not enough". If you want to have the "choice", then this message is for you. That's why: There is a way in which you can meet more women on a weekend than most men in all their lives and make them fall madly in love with you quickly and replicate this process until the end of your life. Gain absolute certainty in your manhood and become an irresistible magnet for women to have a choice of dozens of beautiful women. And you have to understand that there is a cost to not solve this problem If you change nothing, it'll just get worse What most men do when they do not have the love life they want is to use dating sites or their social circle, but for the most part it does not work: 1.For even if they manage to meet a woman, they do not know what to say to him so no appointment and even if they have one by chance it goes no further than a "hug" 2.Those who appeal to the social circle are limited by their choice and they do not know how to naturally attract women so their chance of finding someone is infinitely small 3.And even if by chance they get to find someone ... did you know that one man in three is raising a child who is not his, why? Because women go to bed and make children with men by which they have not attracted to men who "love" him. Do you want to have someone "lucky" just to finally know that she is cheating on you or do you want control, power and choice over your personal life? And what happens if you change nothing? You continue your life as you have done so far ... You keep dreaming when you can have a beautiful, sensual, intelligent woman who will love you, support you, be beside you and help you, until you a moment when reality will hit you and you will wake up every morning alone in your bed and you will go through the months and years alone or even worse, with a woman by which you do not even feel attracted, obese, with a painful or even boring personality, disgusting ... How I discovered the secret of seduction that actors how Leonardo DiCaprio use For years I was very shy, very introverted, I never had "success with women" every time when I saw a woman who attracted me I was terrified to go talk to her because I did not know what to say and how to act. I had enormous difficulty in showing myself and being comfortable in front of the sensual girls, I was Tense to approach a girl, frozen. I was caught in a whirlwind of confusion and frustration. I wanted a girl with whom I could spend time, a girl who would understand me, a girl with whom I could be myself. All I wanted was to feel accepted, loved and respected. I tried everything, like you. And one day I discovered the IFCA method which defines the four pillars of seduction: intentione Floating Control Amused The 4 pillars on which all "techniques" are based and on which all "secrets" are created, is an unfair advantage over other men. My results completely changed, the women I approached started to write to me and invite me to go out, I could captivate their attention in a few seconds, even to hunt and pray to go out together, I lying with new women every week and I finally reached an abundance thanks to this method. I then started studying and learning from the creators of IFCA, the best in the world, without jokes, the best coaches and seducers in the world, men who slept and went out with thousands of women who approached hundreds of thousands women. Men who have cracked the code and who know exactly what's going on in their minds at all times. I spent years studying these men and their work then I went to meet them in person to learn from them, to embody their secrets, I discovered and they unveiled to me things that most men do will never have the opportunity to hear, things that for the most part are unimaginable and after a few months of intensive work I started to get the results I wanted, the women I wanted, the sex life that I wanted then one day by chance, one of my friends wrote me this message: "Damn, you really have to coach men to know how to approach women, it's a disaster" And she was right, even the few who have the courage to go talk to women do it badly, it's Hiroshima ... so I made the decision to share the IFCA method with other men so that they could develop the same results and I let you read what they said: It worked for other people, and it will work for you "A good coach in seduction is on the one hand a good seducer (who has good results with women) and on the other hand a good pedagogue (who is able to transmit clearly and adapted his knowledge to the student for that he can progress at best as a result of coaching). Valentin is at first an excellent seducer: He is not afraid to approach girls in all situations! He continuously approaches girls in bars, clubs, on the street alone or with their parents or mixed groups of friends. With him, you will meet dozens of girls in record time! Her charisma and tenacity capture the attention of all girls, even those who are not interested. This allows him to be used to making many numbers that will lead to future appointments, instant appointments, kissing girls during his meetings, and see them back home or go home; and this with fun and lightness. He also succeeds all his dates, the women find him irresistible. He currently lives in an abundance of women that he likes. On the other hand, his analytical mind has allowed him to acquire all the knowledge required in seduction to be able to explain clearly and in detail each principle proper to this personal development. This allows him not only to correctly diagnose the level of seduction of his students but also to explain to them how to progress effectively by themselves during and after coaching. He will give you the keys to become autonomous after coaching. Finally, it is a nice person, methodical and professional with whom we enjoy spending time. In short, he has all the skills required to move you towards achieving your goals in terms of relations with women. " -Pierre "I'm 26 years old, I've been talking to girls in the street for 3 years, and yet Valentin, although much younger than me, has made me feel good about some of the problems I had with girls, in just 2 sessions. I saw him approaching me, attract really hot girls thanks to his magnetic personality. Just spending a few hours with him is inspiring as he is motivated to progress, in seduction and beyond. " -François "Valentine has a great understanding of social dynamics and personal development. He has a deep recoil - he will really seek to understand who you are and what you want to help you move forward. He will help you clarify your goals, give you the right frame of mind and take control of your life. " -Mani "He's the most incredible gamer I've met. I had the chance to do sessions with Valentin. His level is not comparable to most gamers I met in Paris: During the session: -It approaches without hesitation. Even the first 2/3 sets where he fights with fear. He does this very instinctively. -It connects the approaches, 10aines each session. -It approaches groups 2/5, or if there are parents or a guy next door. -It makes several moment date BY SESSION Technically: -It has the fundamentals perfectly acquired: eye contact, body language, he speaks in a tone of leader. -It is tactile very quickly. -He's having fun ! It's quite impressive to see the theory as well implemented live ... In speaking with him I understood that he is not "born" talented, on the contrary it is from very far away. He has a very strong determination due to his personal history. My experience on the field with him: -Gamer by his side clearly pulled me up -He pushed me to do approaches that I did not do yet like sets of 2. He was coming with me, s' engaged in conversation when I freezed and by dint of doing so I desensitized. -He helped me get rid of limiting thoughts. For example, he was going to see sets that I had just screwed up, and most of the time came to get something out of it. It taught me to see that I was ejecting too soon when it was only messed up in my head ... -In general, given the steps he himself had, he has an empathy to understand and knows how to find the words that push to correct themselves and take back the hand. -And above all he is very optimistic, and gives strength on the ground. An energy that influences a lot in a session ... The craziest thing in all of this is his age and what he has managed to accomplish as young. " -Georges Imagine if you too could meet 20, 30 or even more women every week, a list of dozens of numbers that you can contact at your will to organize one or more "dates", if you could have women Beautiful, sexy intelligent, sensual you want. If you could become as confident, stable as a rock with as much power and control over your love life as you want. If you could be impactful and irresistible in the ability to successfully approach anywhere, anytime women than 99% of men do not have the courage or the ability to do it, on the street, in the subway , in a bar or box, in a café or at work. Become naturally attractive with the ability to find you a girlfriend in less than 48 hours anywhere in the world. To become simply "unstoppable" You'll discover how to have the crazy experiences you've always dreamed of but never thought possible ... For example, you'll understand how to bring girls back in the evening, approach girls in the street and bring them back to you. to see me conclude in inappropriate places ... In short, these videos will explode your limiting beliefs in terms of seduction and will allow you to have this kind of experiences in real life ... 100% OF THE MEN WHO TAKE A TRAINING WITH ME FULFILL TO GET TENS OF GIRLS Now, it's your time! Describe the sentimental life of your dreams and I will show you how to make it happen When you book a discovery session, you will immediately have access to all the knowledge and skills I have acquired for years, I will be your wikipedia alive during the hour we will spend together: 1.You will discover the IFCA method and how to apply it in your life TODAY 2.You will discover and understand what attraction is, how to know exactly what attracts a woman and become irresistible 3.We will identify your difficulties and accurately scan the points you need to work on, an X-ray of your seduction skills 4.We will accurately identify your goals, your dreams and create a plan to reach them FAST 5.You will be able to ask all your questions, doubts, challenges and you will have the answer instantly 6.You will discover how I went from an anxious introvert to a man who dates 3 to 6 beautiful women every week in 6 months. 7.We will determine together whether or not we are a good match to work together and set a plan to achieve your goals
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